Soldier on Stuart Wilde,the fringe dwellers hold you in their hearts

Well I was going to write about Venus becoming visible now as the beautiful evening star since May 6 and how she came from her journey in the underworld and emerges  at 25 degrees TAURUS conjunct the Pleiades.  Similar to the May 20 Solar eclipse from 2012. So Pleaiadian and Venusian energies are at their strongest in Taurus  be alert for messages coming through right now.

I was going to write about what a wonky day it was energetically  May 7 with Mercury in Taurus conjuncting Mars. I had a non stop day and was feeling sad about my Aunt passing away in the States.

Then I get an email saying that one of my fave spiritual teachers, author and lecturer  STUART WILDE had passed away on May 1st from a fatal heart attack while driving through Ireland. I was shocked and feel sad.

I’ve been a fan of Stuart’s work for about 12 years now and found his writings to be brilliant, off the wall, totally original. He thought in ways that no one else had and asked the questions and went searching for the answers. Unbelievable funny, Stuart was a total character, drinking, swearing, taking the mickey out of pompous false governments and people.  He was a fearless spiritual warrior. He boasted that he didn’t pay taxes in New Mexico, Why pay a corrupt government? He taught about seeing the Morph, the Aluna worlds, other dimensions for the last 12 years.  He called people who thought differently FRINGE DWELLERS.

Stuart Wilde Tara Greene psychic

After dropping out of the public for three years Stuart recently came back in 2012 as he said he would and did hands on healings for people all over the world over the last years channelling the purple celestial light. Many people attested to the help he gave them. He talked about thousands of visions he’d received when in Trance or meditation which he’d be in for 20 hours a day. Many of his visions were acurate and came true over the years. He’s recently been posting daily and had gotten quite popular ranking on Alexa.

Stuart wrote one of the earliest books on affirmations in the late 80’s and Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer studied privately with him. He wrote 20 books which sold millions of copies and also wrote song lyrics and produced music CD’s which were all hits. Lately he’d been producing recordings of Hindu Mantras with a composer which are quite beautiful.

He became dissed by many as going off the deep end talking about the ghouls and the dark side entities and the Fat Controllers that are behind the corruption of the world’s powers since he first discovered the Morph in 2001. He also promoted ayahuasca the South American sacred medicine plant of spiritual healing saying that it was the fastest way to get rid of your ego. Here’s a sample from one of Stuart’s early books.

We have to embrace infinity inside a mortal body.
We have to believe in a god we can’t see.
We have to learn to love in a dimension where there is so much hatred.
We have to see abundance when people constantly talk of shortages and lack.
We have to discover freedom where control is the state religion.
We have to develop self-worth while people criticise and belittle us.
We have to see beauty where there is ugliness.
We have to embrace kindness and positive attitudes when surrounded by uncertainty.
We have to feel safe in spite of our concerns.

~From Weight Loss for the Mind by Stuart Wilde

Stuart talked about love and compassion, about healing your shadow and being humble. Treating animals with respect, he was a long time vegan. He talked about the Christ Light returning, that Gaia, the spirit of the earth and Nature was returning to punish the nasty cold soulless earthlings. He spoke about the earth as the prison planet, that we were here doing time for crimes committed. There were many other more beautiful dimensions of peace and respect, and honouring the Feminine to  be in. Camelot was a favourite metaphor for him. Chivalry. His original teacher was a Taoist and he often referenced the Tao. Stuart instructed his students and readers to be reverent and have manners and be grateful. All good things. You would really have to read his books or listen to his CD’s to understand him.

I am saddened by his passing at 66 years old. I feel a deep loss as of a friend. I saw Stuart’s workshops three times in Vegas and received two hands on healings where he transmitted the purple celestial light last September 2012. I also studied his Redeemer’s Club lessons.  He leaves behind a son Sebastien who was in University in Vancouver.

I know his legions of fans will have a public wake to celebrate his life teachings and wisdom. His colleagues will undoubtedly carry on. But Stuart was a true original. Thank you Stuart for your beautiful insights, for being a warrior and leading people into the Light. I know Stuart is sailing on the multidimensional Aluna worlds with the sacred White Lion and the Christ consciousness and the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. His work is done on earth for now. He spoke of this. He is more vast now and available to those who tune into his energy. Stuart had a great speaking voice. Just ask him to come to you.

Here are the word’s to Stuart’s warrior’s prayer and a  lovely video of it


I am what I am. In having faith in the beauty within me, I develop trust. In softness I have strength. In silence I walk with the gods. In peace I understand myself and the world. In conflict I walk away. In detachment I am free. In respecting all living things, I respect myself. In dedication I honour the courage within me. In eternity I have compassion for the nature of all things. In love I unconditionally accept the evolution of others. In freedom I have power. In my individuality, I express the God-Force within me. In service I give of what I have become. I am what I am: Eternal, immortal, universal, and infinite.

And so be it.

9 thoughts on “Soldier on Stuart Wilde,the fringe dwellers hold you in their hearts

  1. very sad indeed to hear of Stuart’s passing. and I’m sorry to hear of your Aunt’s passing. sigh… I look at myself, and my doggies, my husband, and well we’re all getting old. my Mother in law is 91, however I don’t see her living forever either. Life is a blessing and a curse.

    Have a good week Tara. I’m always looking forward to your emails. keep them coming 🙂


    • thanks you Marie for your kind thoughts. Yes its funny I was thinking about Stuart a lot the last week or two. Hadn’t always gone to his site daily. I was feeling sad and depressed when I thought about him but wasn’t sure why. He did say he knew when he was going. Yes we need to appreciate life and live it to the fullest. Yes I try my best to keep it coming Daily. Stuart was a very disciplined fellow.


  2. I’m in shock. I thought he would be around for a long time to come..

    That man guided me well and did me many favours. I spoke to him briefly back in Easter. I feel out of place now that he is gone…

    This is a very sad day… but his power and presence will be stronger then ever now. No doubt his spirit lives on…

    ‘Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force’


    • Hi CAmeron thanks for sharing. you knew Stuart much better than I. Yes I was crying and sad and felt very in shock since I first got Tom Lishman’s email yesterday.
      But I did tune into STuart and he was vast and radiant and happy.My friend in Rome who also used to see Stuart a lot is devastated. I just spoke with her. She said Stuart changed her life and how much she loved him. It will be interesting to see his followers compare their channelled Stuie messages. Yes be not sad. I am sure Stuie would want a huge party wake in his honor. His fans will be closer now, more of a real tribe.


      • Thanks for replying. Yes Stu changed my life too. I’m a young man that was labelled an ‘Indigo child’. Before I found Stuart, I was lost and didn’t understand many things (and was wondering if the energy I could see was my own insanity). I am 29 now and was guided by him for 10 years. Without him I would be lost…

        There was a video I made for him which he really loved and he posted it on his website. I dedicate to him. If you have time (10 min) feel free to check it out. If you are busy, that is ok.


  3. Great to read all your words-thoughts. Stuart lives on in our memories and deep within our hearts 🙂
    I look forward to watching your video Cameron when I’m on a device that let’s me.
    Love and strength, andria


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