May Day eve, Walpurgis Night, bawdy Festivities, Astrology

Its time to go romping in the woods this Walpurgis night The night before May 1st, Beltane..

Tonight’s the night, when the VEIL BETWEEN THE WORLD’S ARE THINNEST

it is 1/2 way from Hallow’een or Samhain and the energy is poised the same.

The Faery Queen goes out a riding in the woods tonight.

It’s  a magical “no time” or TWILIGHT.

This is the night when Maidens would go wander in the woods, as FLORA, the flowers, NATURE SPRUNG newly born,

maiden has nothing to do with virginity, they are simply young, and eager to mate, as they are in touch with Nature’s rhythms, to give themselves to a stranger in the woods, the Green Man, also called PAN to the Greeks,

the Horned Stag, called Cernunnos, in Latin, he is raw male phallic, sexual energy and virility, he is youthful, 

Here is his ODE

horned God beefcake

If a man had been created in

the horned God’s image

he would be free to be wild,

without being cruel,                                                                                                                       

angry without being violent,

sexual without being coercive

spiritual without being unsexed,

and truly able to love. – Starhawk, The Spiral Dance


So this night is considered at night SACRED SEXUAL LIASONS. The ancient had no morals on life’s necessities. Children conceived this  night are considered to be magical and to belong to the realm of FAIRY as in The MISTS of AVALON. The maidens do not know the man they mate with in the sacred Marriage ritual.

Couples would also take vows to be in relationships for a year and a day, sort of test driving a relationship  to see if they are compatible.

It is considered unlucky to marry in MAY as this month is dedicated to the wedding of the GOD and the GODDESS  alone.

 Another important custom is bathing in dew gathered before dawn on Beltane Morn, your beauty will flourish throughout the year. Sprinkled with the dew insures you of health and happiness. Or drinking from the well before dawn of Beltane is also good luck.

 Left over Food from May 1st eve should be left out for the fairies.

 This is the banishing of WINTER, the SUN grows stronger to ensure renewed life, food, abundance on the earth.

 Mercury enters TAURUS at 8:37 am to ensure we are thinking DOWN TO EARTH.

 a serious tone to this day, MARS opposes Saturn see previous article

Moon enters AQUARIUS in the a.m. to lighten your emotions with your mind, detachment is the mood of the day

SUN TRINE PLUTO also very beneficial earthy 11 degrees Capricorn TAURUS, also VIRGO gets the blessings

AQUARIUS Moon squares Saturn later in the evening

 reality check, you can scrutinize your deep emotional upheavals easier in this objective mood

Moon squares Mars in Taurus PDT 

urge to act for the common good, organizing to support the earth’s resources


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