Inspirational Card of the Day,Sagittarius moon weekend,animal wisdom cards

Because the Moon will enter Sagittarius April 27 

I was inspired to use Jamie Sams & David Carson’s Animal  MEDICINE CARDS first published in 1988


So what do we have? 

How’s your reputation these days?

Your reputation,

Don’t laugh or hold your nose. 

SKUNK MEDICINE is a very powerful gift

Skunk medicine- meaning wisdom, is here today to remind you about RESPECT. Yes that Aretha Franklin song.

Skunk Medicine is POWER, REPUTATION, the  imprint or smell you leave behind or before you arrive.

Skunk’s are really sweet shy creatures, and only use their infamous scent to scare away enemies when threatened. They don’t go looking for trouble or fights. They are quite harmless little critters. They make good pets.

Learn to assert WITHOUT EGO who and what you are. SELF-RESPECT follows, and therefore respect for all life.

SKUNK MEDICINE is a powerful lesson, if we don’t respect ourselves we don’t respect others or the earth,

Look around, what does the state of the earth have to tell you about most humans, rather the humans in power, self-respect?

Need a reading to gauge your own Self-respect?


Pepe Le Pew Warner Brothers

Pepe Le Pew, remember him? The romantic Maurice Chevalier of Skunks?

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