Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, Shadow and Soul survival guide Astrology Tara Greene

The SCORPIO Lunar Eclipse April 25 Full Moon will initiate for the next 6- 12 months, a  tumultuous, intense, emotional vortex with many upheavals, vast changes, endings and new beginnings in relationships, finances,  sex, world markets.

The eclipse affects  the areas where the eclipse is visible the most. All of North America will not see it.

This eclipse is a  faint, shallow, only a tiny part of the moon is in shadow,  wisp of an eclipse.

Called a syzygy. 

Eclipse occurs at 5 degrees + Scorpio on April 25 @ 12:58 pm PDT/ 7:58 pm GMT

on the 26th in Beijing CHINA at  maximum at 4:08 am

The eclipse path over the earth from NASA 

world map of eclipse

Although it may be faint from an Astronomical point of view.

FAINT is NEVER a word one would associate with anything SCORPIO!

Where’s 5 degrees SCORPIO in your natal chart? That’s where the Trouble/sex b-bomb is about to go off. What aspects is it making? Pay attention.

Deep, long-held shadows in sex/love/power  manipulations and secrets on a personal and world collective  level will be a major theme over the next year.

Big government power positions are coming out of their shadows, the recent BOSTON Marathon police state tactics chilled me to the bones. I do believe it was  a test to see how citizen’s reacted. They applauded.

Get ready to dive soul deep.

raven Scorpio  lunar eclipse

New and very powerful deep sexual relationships will be seeded at this time. BE FORWARNED!
This eclipse is all about attachments to money,  prestige and shared resources. Power, control, the shadow government, plutocratic manipulations and the like. You may feel like you are going stark raven mad.

 Mars ruler of the ECLIPSE is in Taurus conjunct the Sun. That’s HEAVY WEIGHTED LIGHT there. The masculine is in VENUS’ territory. The sacred marriage and TEMPERANCE is what’s occuring.

This very watery emotional partial eclipse boasts a beautiful GRAND TRINE  with NEPTUNE & CHIRON  in PISCES- all about compassion, forgiveness and  healing. 

Moon and SATURN  in the Trine are conjunct. This indicates karmic emotional and soul/body restrictions. THESE ARE SERIOUS TIMES folks. Wake up! Grow up. Brake those old ties that bind. We see things for what they are. REALITY Check. 

This is a karmic emotional testing period.You need to be able to let go of your old life preservers and TRUST the RIVER OF LIFE. 

 A Grand water trine forms with CERES the Great MOTHER conjunct Vesta the Goddess of sacred sexuality in early degrees of CANCER to The Moon/Saturn- the Patriarch in Scorpio and Neptune, oceanic bliss in PISCES.

 The Christian Mother/whore split and the Patriarchal inbuilt cultural control over  all women’s sexuality- a SCORPIO theme- is being brought front and center now because of the rapes of women and children in India in the media; women being stoned for being raped in Muslim countries; Eve Ensler’s One billion V day rally.

The old PATRIARCHAL rules days are over.  

This SCORPIO LUNAR ECLIPSE will pop women getting it. That they alone own the rights to their own bodies and sexuality and will burst through the long held culturally  bound perspectives. Porn will become enemy number 1. Its not about sex but power and control.

This is a NORTH NODAL Lunar Eclipse symbolizing our highest collective spiritual goal.

Change is the name of the game. Sun Mars and Venus are close in Taurus and the SOUTH NODE, that is practical, fear of change, holding and defending our territories and what is ours. It’s too literal and pragmatic, like religious dogma, believing only in the physical.


You will need to set an alarm to go off after a half hour. To make sure you come out of the meditation.

Lie down. Take some very deep slow breaths. Get comfy, Put on an eye mask so that it is very dark. Watch your breath and relax deeper and deeper with each breath.

Imagine that you have died. Visualize your death. What is it like? Who is there with you? How do you feel as you leave the earth plane?  

See yourself leave your physical body and immediately expand into your heart and auric/etheric body and into the LIGHT. Feel how much more expansive you are when not confined to your 3D body consciousness.

From this perspective, from the spiritual world, make a realistic assessment about what really was/is important to you. What was really important. Was it money, power, wealth, hard work? Was it the people in your life, the love you gave, the creative things you left? Define it clearly.

If tears come up ,allow them. Scorpio is death and change, grieve. This is what this eclipse is supposed to trigger.

Stay in your etheric body and witness your past/present life. What is it you need to say? Do? Wish you would’ve could still can do? Yes it’s why A Christmas Carol is always so popular.

Allow your HIgher Self and angelic guides to comfort you. Deceased relatives, pets, friend’s may appear to help you and offer their advice. It is OK.  There is no death, only eternal life.  

Gather whatever information you need at this time. If you have gone as deep as I feel you will, tell yourself you will remember it all. Then  return to your present physical world and body you are still alive. Drink some distilled water.

Write down what you felt. If you think to much, that you saw, heard nothing. Then trust that you just went through a metamorphic experience. Write down what you image it would be like to die. Ask yourself all the questions in this article.

Be gentle with yourself. There is much change and upheaval going on. 
On May 9-10 is the Bigger Solar Eclipse

let your energy wain down with the Full Moon over. Keep a journal. BE good to yourself.

Share your truth with others.

 This GRAND WATER trine is the first of more of the same in JULY when JUPITER enters the picture and stands at 5/6 degrees CANCER.

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8 thoughts on “Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, Shadow and Soul survival guide Astrology Tara Greene

  1. I really enjoyed reading your perspective on this Scorpio Lunar eclipse.

    You fleshed a lot of truth out in just one short post and I really, really….really appreciate a soul who has the capacity to 1) Shoot from the hip, and, 2) Bring seemingly disparate elements together under one sky. Just breathtakingly beautiful to witness.

    I came here because two of my sons have Scorpio Ascendants as does my husband. One son has the Sun in Scorpio and a Taurus Ascendant. I have Scorpio Moon conjunct Venus and Neptune in Scorpio…so a lot of Scorpionic issues in my life. Battles abound with men. They are immovable and probably so because they feel a sense of entitlement …as you astutely pointed out.

    “Change is the name of the game. Sun Mars and Venus are close in Taurus and the SOUTH NODE, that is practical, fear of change, holding and defending our territories and what is ours. It’s too literal and pragmatic, like religious dogma, believing only in the physical.”

    You must know my husband and sons! Much Taurus/Scorpio energy in their charts and they cling desperately to this misogynistic paradigm as though they are the creators of it. They are willing to fight me over it and I will explain what I mean.

    I have been blessed to have my guides work very close with me all throughout my life and this has afforded me an understanding of future events. I was shown my future as well as Earth’s future…it is bleak…on a cellular level…but not a quantum level. I was directed to take my sons out of this society and move to a more remote area when they were very young but I did not due to the lack of support in such an endeavor….and probably fear.

    As my children grew I could see that this world was corrupt and a corruptive force for my sons and this was something I was angry about…especially seeing that most people did not mind wallowing in someone else’s filth. I was angry 99 percent of the time and now I am even more angry. Angry that I did not listen to my guides. They were right. It cost my second born his life
    I am angry that I did not listen to them when time after time they gave me information for the benefit of not only myself and my family but for humanity as well. I blame myself and no one else for the choices I have made in life so my love for humanity remains intact. I can see clearly that we have only “kept the fires burning” of a system that was handed down from one generation to another.
    Some of my guides railed against the detrimental effects of pornography ( yes, they too show emotion but in a more balanced and effective way ), deception, greed and ignorance. After showing me what would happen to Earth and it’s inhabitants I tried to push that out of my mind…I thought that I could not trust what they told me or showed me. Boy was I ever wrong.

    As I go about my life they speak often to me of where this will all end and what must be done to make the necessary changes for our evolution, but, I feel I am speaking to myself as I relay to others what I am told. Two weeks ago I happened upon a site ‘’ and what I read reaffirmed what I was shown in 1988 by my guides. Here it was …the reality that I was trying very hard to ignore because my family does not want to hear about it as they have a ‘belief’ system rather than a system of understanding.
    They will not be moved to ‘change’ anything about their perceptions…no matter how ignorant or erroneous they are. They need to ‘defrag’ but hold dearly to their old hard drives and out dated software.
    After 2,000 years of religious dogma we now are faced with a new kind of dogmatic system. This system operates from an insular and arrogant ego that has shuttered itself from all new information and holds it’s opinions in high esteem…rather than wisdom and research. How did this happen?

    While it is evident that people are becoming conscious of the reality of the Asymmetrical Power Structure what is more important to note is that they still do not grasp that, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz who always held within her the inherent power to return home, they, the people, had the power all along to create a different world WITHOUT the approval of those in positions of supposed power. We just have to want a different world to create a different world…but, so many are enamored of the vulgarity and endless stimuli that it provides that it has become not unlike an addiction.

    This Eclipse in Scorpio you say will bring change but I have a sinking feeling that it will be more of “business as usual” as men chant for a revolution in the streets, fighting over a system that holds little to no value for women and children. It never did have any value. None, nada, zip, zilch.

    So as people continue to do the same thing over and over…expecting different results…we will all be sucked into this battle of wills for the spoils of a cult of death and depravity.

    Fight for this “value system”? This Asymmetrical Power System that demands an obedience to it’s infantile institutions which have their foundations firmly rooted in misogyny…and entropy?? A system that has no respect or reverence for life?
    I would not urinate on this “value system” it if it were engulfed in flames! Let this mother effer burn to the ground I say and let us build something extraordinarily divine…a reflection of our true essence and inherent beauty! Something so diametrically opposed to the one we currently flounder in that we could never find our way back to this pornographic world.

    Yes….I think this Lunar eclipse is going to be profoundly jarring mentally, emotionally , physically and spiritually…..for the greedy, the ignorant, the selfish, the vain and the shallow.
    If Scorpio knows anything , Scorpio knows how to get to the root of what ails man. She will dig and dive to the depths required to flesh out the dis ease. She is relentless in her pursuit of truth and leaves nothing in her search unaffected. May we hope for such an outcome with this energy.

    Scorpio Moon/ Mars in Taurus/ Chiron and Neptune in Pisces?! It is as if the Universe is shouting to our souls; “Physician, HEAL thyself!”

    Thank you for being HONEST …something extraordinarily rare in this paradigm.


    • Wow I am moved honoured and amazed. Thank you so much for connecting with me and revealing so much of yourself Jamie. Yes we can be angry at the ignorance and greed, and demonic patriarchal,call it what you will, New World Order, Asymetrical Power System.
      We need to be able to feel it all- SCORPIO, move with the power to bring death to what does not serve the SOUL, that is Scorpio, and rise from the fire and ashes like the PHOENIX.
      I am so sorry to hear of your pain. All we can do is keep diving deeper within ourselves, and as NEptuneis in the beautiful Grand Trine forgive, have compassion, with CHIRON heal ourselves first.
      We can’t change the others but we can change ourselves. SO just start now. Be Scorchingly SCORPIONIC. speak your truth.
      This is the AGE OF the DIVINE FEMININE returning. I was just interviewed for a WebTV show yesterday right after the eclipse and I spoke about this. Yes GAIA may indeed burn it to all to the ground as KALI, earth changes, all we can do is find love and peace and caring and respect and give and create.
      As for being honest, as a Sagittarius SUN conjunct Moon and Mercury how can I ever lie? Even with a Scorpio Ascendant at 18 degrees, and 4 planets in Libra, I really have to see that opposition duality reality of the LIGHT and DARK and speak the truth and inspire people.
      I am aware of the Ascention Light Bringers, and the Dark Side.
      Keep in touch and I am sending Many Blessings to you.
      WHere are you BTW?
      I am doing more Goddess empowerment rituals and ceremonies.


      • Hello, again, Tara. I will share my birth chart with you so you know from where my thoughts and words emanate from. I think it an honest thing to do.

        Anger ( a very Scorpionic attribute ) is a very maligned and abused emotion in western culture. Psychology has made it the “red headed step-child”, the ” leper” of society. When a person shows this emotion others around them recoil in horror…as though they were assaulted by the show of emotion and I find this response is the real problem…not the person showing anger, but, everything is inverted in this world misogynists have created.
        Why is a surgical procedure to remove a woman’s uterus called an ‘hysterectomy’?
        It was thought that a woman’s uterus caused her to be “hysterical” and “irrational”….um…I think we can see where this is going.

        A mother loses her son to war and rails against the system that took her son from her. The men who create war, breathe war and are war need to marginalize the mother so that her emotions do not infect others with her passionate love of her child. What better way to silence a woman than with psycho babble?
        Julia Ward Howe did not write this epic treatise from a place of “reasonable deduction”.

        “Arise then…women of this day!
        Arise, all women who have hearts!
        Whether your baptism be of water or of tears!
        Say firmly:
        “We will not have questions answered by irrelevant agencies,
        Our husbands will not come to us, reeking with carnage,
        For caresses and applause.
        Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn
        All that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience.
        We, the women of one country,
        Will be too tender of those of another country
        To allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs.”

        From the bosom of a devastated Earth a voice goes up with
        Our own. It says: “Disarm! Disarm!
        The sword of murder is not the balance of justice.”
        Blood does not wipe out dishonor,
        Nor violence indicate possession.
        As men have often forsaken the plough and the anvil
        At the summons of war,
        Let women now leave all that may be left of home
        For a great and earnest day of counsel.
        Let them meet first, as women, to bewail and commemorate the dead.
        Let them solemnly take counsel with each other as to the means
        Whereby the great human family can live in peace…
        Each bearing after his own time the sacred impress, not of Caesar,
        But of God –
        In the name of womanhood and humanity, I earnestly ask
        That a general congress of women without limit of nationality,
        May be appointed and held at someplace deemed most convenient
        And the earliest period consistent with its objects,
        To promote the alliance of the different nationalities,
        The amicable settlement of international questions,
        The great and general interests of peace.”

        “Hysteria”, “Irrationality”, “Hormonal”, “PMSing”, etc, etc, etc.
        All throughout history men have cheated on their wives ( not all men …just most ) by taking a mistress or concubine ( lusting for other women is cheating as well ) and women have had to accept this arrangement due to lack of autonomy in a misogynistic world. Not a very loving or balanced action on the part of men.
        So, to subdue the outrage and pain of the female they design a method of further subverting her righteous rage, causing her to turn on her own person; enrage. Slowly she begins to take on her partner’s misogynistic systems of belief and becomes his co-creator. She not only accepts war, pornography, the incest of her child, cheating, financial oppression, sexual slavery and, in some cases, brutal violence upon her person, she begins to align with the sadomasochistic mentality of her mate as a means of survival. I know about this to the core of my being as I was born into it and then married into it.

        My mother was a closet Astrologer, Tara, and one of the most talented I have ever come to know; talented in that she mastered the language but not the message within this profound science/art. Many Astrologers share this problem.
        She was so oppressed and subverted that she spent most of her time trying to control her environment. She was obsessed with controlling her environment for purposes of financial security, so much so that she would annihilate anyone that prevented her from securing this illusion….even her children. So, I have been a very good student in life and spent much time observing behavior and then looking to the roots of those behaviors.

        I, too, Have a Sadge Sun separated 10 degrees from my Scorpio Moon! Lying is not something that is part of my nature, I cannot even lie to myself which makes me feel really safe with Jamie. 🙂
        I remember as a child listening to the song ‘Windy’ and a particular verse resonated with me…a vibration or chord that struck deep within my soul…that I have carried this verse like a torch throughout my life. I don’t know if you have ever heard this song but it speaks to me so, being a Sadge Sun and Scorp ASC you might also resonate with this particular verse.
        Here is that verse: “And Windy has stormy eyes, that flash at the sound of lies”…..

        Yes, I do love ‘Windy’ and her stormy eyes that flash at the sound of lies…and this world that men have created is a big, fat lie!!
        Can a Scorpio Moon/Sun or ASC have anything but stormy eyes?? 🙂

        My anger is reasonable and righteous…but never indignant. It is appropriate and loving in that it wants for everyone, especially those who have no voice in creation, the right to be safe in all ways. I am most angry with my apathy and silence and I need to work on forgiving myself…that I know….but, maybe that is just more psycho babble…forgiving oneself. What does that mean? What does that look like? How can one forgive their actions when they are reaping the fruits of those actions through their children or the world at large? That sounds like a lot of denial to me. I find it difficult to accept that I caused my children harm through aligning with this aberrant “value system”. I actually think it insanity to rationalize ignorance and idiocy. In all actuality, Tara, I am very at peace with my self anger. It prevents me from ever repeating the negative thoughts and actions that caused the suffering….and my children and grandchildren suffer…..ALL children suffer in this world!

        What is “controlling anger”?

        What if we women were so angry that we would not allow our persons to be used and abused? In our anger we would not allow our sons to be conscripted into institutions of entropy…of self de-construction? In our anger we would not accept this putrid vision of life that men have foisted upon our tender hearts? In our anger we revile all acts of subversion and intimidation? No…..they would just take us by force and physically subvert our autonomy as they have always done. What am I thinking? What world am I dreaming up? Possibly Utopia.

        What vision that lives within the heart of man is that which he/she is. I know that I am Utopia.

        Controlling anger is like cutting someone and then asking them not to bleed on you. The same can be applied to cutting one’s self. When we cut ourselves off from our natural emotions then aberrant behaviors develop. I am bleeding profusely and there is nothing to staunch the flow other than ‘care’. It is this word that can heal what ails us. Very possibly this is why the high priests perform their “Cremation of Care” ceremony in the highly secretive Bohemian Grove. It is reasonable to assume that they are making man in their shallow image. They are succeeding.

        Forgiving others of their ignorance or willfulness is easy when we understand that we, too, are sometimes willful and ignorant but I see that the atmosphere here in America is extremely dangerous. Projections abound. Forgiveness a tragic victim of the mentally, emotionally and spiritually imbalanced sociopath’s ceremony of “kill dull care”.

        Scorpio cares deeply, passionately, devotedly.

        Perhaps this eclipse will crack those stone walls that forcibly hold back the flow of life…of water…the fluid body that carries within it’s movement structural and emotional change? A movement that allows for the freedom of expressing real emotions…not those displayed by the Sandy Hook parents.

        Well, I have written a book here and will take myself off to build a nesting box for my hens and tend to my garden of life.

        I live in Michigan.

        It was so very nice to ‘meet’ you, Tara. A true and honest occultist
        …one after my own heart.


  2. P.S. What radio show are you featured. I would like to listen to this interview.

    Thanks greatly for the blessings. I share your generous heart and return blessings to you as well. 🙂


  3. Thanks for finally talking about >Scorpio Lunar Eclipse,
    Shadow and Soul survival guide Astrology Tara Greene | Tara Greene,Tarot, Astrology, Psychic & everything you need <Liked it!


  4. Hi, Tara. I do hope you are feeling much better. Blessings to you.

    In my response on the Scorpio Lunar eclipse I stated that I thought that nothing would change in the way that men go about resolving social issues and it appears that I am not incorrect from the looks of the article above.

    This is a clear illustration of the misogynistic system on this planet. Men call for things that cause undue harm and destruction to women and children.

    It is common knowledge that DHS has purchased nearly 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition ( who the hell needs hollow point rounds??), coffins, body bags and has installed, on American soil, FEMA internment camps. With these types of systems in place it does not take a rocket scientist to guess how this will all end.

    As I had stated in my previous post, I would not urinate on this system if it were on fire. It is time to build a new one that looks and feels nothing like this current one of emotional, physical and spiritual depravation. If only Adam Kokesh understood this as well .

    I do not think it a far stretch to bet that Adam Kokesh was affected deeply by these eclipses as he is playing to the lower vibrations of them. He draws his bow across the Asymmetrical Power System’s violin hoping to change their tune. It will never happen, and, such a childish fantasy only prolongs our suffering.

    Looking on the Wikipedia page on Adam Kokesh it states that he was born February 1st, 1982. I have a son who was born in that year as well and several planets were making conjunctions ; namely Saturn, Mars and Pluto. This is a very difficult aspect to carry without misusing these powerful conjunctions. It is also a very refined energy as well with Saturn applying it’s weight to the hefty Pluto and fiery Mars. So much positivity could be reaped from such a placement within one’s birth chart….if the soul is so inclined to use it for the good of all. It would be interesting to look within his birth chart……but, I think that I can see it by just looking at his thoughts and actions.

    I won’t fight for a system that holds no value to those with little to no choice or voice in creation. I won’t fight for any system. I will just go and create a new one that better suits the needs of all creation to the best of my abilities with little to no cooperation from others.

    The next eclipse will be in our Sun Sign, Sagittarius. I have the Sun @ 3 degrees so I am sure to feel the effects of this eclipse. I know that I felt the Scorpio Lunar eclipse to my bones.

    How do you think the Astrology of these eclipses is playing out through Adam Kokesh and what do you think we can expect from his armed march on D.C. in July?


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