Kristen Stewart Birthday Astrology predictions by Tara Greene

Twilight actress Kristen Stewart Turns 23 April 9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

I have been asked by many followers of  this blog what will happen with Kristen Stewart and her beau Robert Pattinson in the future?

Lets look at Kristen’s astrology chart on her SOLAR RETURN that’s astrology talk for Birthday

Kristen Stewart astrology by Tara Greene Toronto

click on the chart to view larger

NOTE: I am not reading her actual Solar Return chart but the transits on her birthday to her NATAL CHART.

2013=2014 will be a year of many NEW beginnings for Kristen,

as Jupiter planet of expansion will conjunct her Natal Jupiter which happens once every 12 years for everyone.

Jupiter will cross her ASCDENDANT in early September 2013 after it conjuncts her Natal Chiron-the wounded healer before then.

JUPITER is the Good luck and happiness bringer, in Cancer this is expansion of FAMILY, HOME children, security for Kristen.

ROb and Kristen will probably move in together at this time if not before- see below.

Jupiter has been transitting Kristen’s 12th house of secrets, self-undoing, unconsciousness since last year when she went through the entire CHEATING SCANDAL with film director Rupert Sanders in the summer of 2012. It broke up his marriage, she was reviled by her TWILIGHT fans, and the media and separated from her beau of 3 years Robert Pattinson as he was publicly humiliated.

But now things are looking totally up. Jupiter will be connected to her natal NEPTUNE planet of SUPER ROMANCE as it crosses her Ascendant. Neptune rules HOLLYWOOD, film photography, soul mate romances but also  illusion, delusion, drugs, glamour.

Jupiter will square her NATAL MOON at 15 degrees LIBRA in her 4th house. Squares apply pressure. She will be more open, Moon in the 4th house makes one intensely private, you know she scorns publicity, ironic for an actress. She is also very close to her mom and family with Moon here. She needs relationships with a mid degree LIBRA and they will be more peaceful and balanced with Jupiter spreading his happyenergy here.

NEPTUNE, the planet of SOUL MATES,

higher love, romance, creativity, illusion, is CONJUNCT to her NATAL VENUS at 3 degrees PISCES

 this will go on all year. It can be totally over the rainbow, HEAVENLY love but there is also a danger of things being unreal.

Definitely a danger to escape through drugs, alcohol. It could be a very spiritual creative transit. For a young actress this can mean getting caught up in the illusion of other people’s projections and her own ego. For the fans Kristen is  the real and total projection of her make believe character Bella Swan. This can be very hard for anyone to handle. It’s why so many Hollywood stars self destruct.

Neptune conjunct her Venus will trine her natal Jupiter so there should be some very romantic good news happening in the first week of JULY for Kristen.

Jupiter will also be squaring her ARIES SUN in October and into 2014 the young lady will definitely maintain her centre of the Galaxy place.

Saturn the great tester crosses her NATAL PLUTO in the 5th house of LOVE in Dec 2013 and into 2014 this is will mature her at a very young age.

But this is also a power struggle aspect. SATURN is reality and  literally like its rings SATURN PUTS A  RING ON IT.

in Scorpio its also facing one’s deepest fears of death, being alone, power struggles, it is intense soul sexual experiences.

It occurs in her 5th house of love affairs, giving love, children, creativity so she could channel it through a very intense acting role.  I predict  she will be chosen to play the lead Anastasia Steele in 50 shades of grey with Robert Pattinson opposite her as Christian Grey. She could also unconsciously get pregnant.

Saturn will oppose her Mercury her thinking in Taurus December 2013, she is one obstinate woman and will be even more  so. She can be much more serious.

Saturn will also square her NORTH NODE or highest spiritual Goal in November 2013 in the 8th house- of sex money power in Aquarius the sign of detached emotions, individuals and freedom fighters. This is a very karmic critical turning point in her life. It amplifies her fierce need to be free to be herself at any cost.  Saturn makes one pay their past life dues.

Uranus in Aries and Pluto continue to do their tumultuous best in their ongoing squares and they will be close on MAY 20 at 11 degrees plus to oppose Kristen’s Chiron, where she is most vulnerable and cross her Ascendant Descendant another sign of  rebirth in 2014.

PLUTO was another chaotic troublemaker for Kristen last year also involved in the secret not so secret sex-cheating scandal. Pluto conjunct her natal Uranus in Capricorn at 9 degrees last year is what did it. Pluto rules the Unconscious and Uranus wants freedom. She thought she could get away with it. We will see if she has healed her own inner rebellion or not.

PLUTO AND URANUS will certainly cause huge changes in Kristen’s life in 2014 as they square all her Ascendant/Descendant house of Marriage cusp and square her moon.

Pluto conjuncts her Neptune- she could be the world’s biggest movie star at that point but she must be very careful to stay grounded. Could be big addictions issues. She must be careful. This could be another repeat of her unconsciously acting out her own shadows shadows as happened n the last cheating scandal.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen have some strong similarities in their astrology charts. I have written about Robert’s chart  on my website see

WHY things are healing NOW between Kristen and Rob?

 Jupiter is exactly crossing Rob’s CHIRON at 13 degrees GEMINI in his 11th house of wishes hopes and dreams.

 Jupiter will continue to bring happiness to Robert as it continues to conjunct his NATAL VENUS @ 20 degrees GEMINI in June. BIG SWEET LOVE

Jupiter will cuddle up to Robert’s natal Moon at 10 degrees CANCER in his 12 house of secrets privacy self- undoing, Moon is his mom, in August 2013 BUT

PLUTO directly opposite to Rob’s natal MOON will again oppose it. This is also what caused the cheating scandal from Rob’s point of view last year.

Can he heal the past? Can he be secure enough in himself?

Jupiter crosses both Rob and Kristens’ Ascendant’s at exactly the same time as they both have the same degrees- 14 degrees CANCER.

This degree is Conjuct FIXED STAR SIRIUS. The brightest star in the heavens. The place where the U.S. SUN is. July 6 is when the Sun exactly crosses their Ascendants watch for some BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS that day for both of them.

I do believe they have past life karma. I remember reading that he initially only auditioned for the Twilight role because he was attracted to her.

They are larger than life archetypes for millions of young impressionable fans.

They are both still young. If they do decide to marry I think it’s still into 2015.

I will discuss Robert’s chart and the eclipses and more

Let me know what you think…

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44 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart Birthday Astrology predictions by Tara Greene

  1. Marry? He deserves better than her. She is no good for him…do you see them eventually parting ways and robet starting new with someone else?


  2. ahhh Tara you going to give me acid reflux!! Please don’t tell me he is going to marry/have a baby with this girl. 😦 He is too good for her. Any better predictions for him? Will he move on?


  3. hi, hmmm … I was visiting the website and I could not help but notice that the hour of her birth (9:21 AM) is different from what you put in this chart, which completely changes everything… correct me if I’m wrong or saying something stupid, please.


    • hmm that is strange. I had done her chart before. Yes then when I went to look now she has a GEmini Ascendant yes it changes things somewhat. I will have to go back and look. Thanks for the alert. This often happens with stars they have a not accurate birth time which then must be corrected as accuracy appears.


    • Yes Taurus and Virgo’s are good matches as would be Capricorn’s. ALl are earth signs and understand practical, hard work,necessity, building. They are pragmatists, reliable, although TAurus of course have their lazy sensual side. Its really way more complicated. to really access a good match you would need to have an accurate astrology chart done then compare it to another individual. How they communicate, their instincts, their family background, sexual compatabilit. All karmic connections show up in those charts, past lives, obstacles, career, family etc. IT’s all their in the charts and in the stars.


      • Tara can you tell us if Rob will find a new girlfriend? Some of us want to know if he will ever wake up. Will he move on? if so when?


      • my dear, Rob is totally in love with Kristen, he always had been, he’s forgiven her, for “cheating” on him. she is why he even tried out for Twilight because he wanted to meet her. They are past life soul mates. Personally I don’t know what he sees in her.


      • I guess he has to be in love with her to brush off her infidelity and the public humiliation he suffered when those awful photos were released. He’s still being labeled as a doormat and cuckold. And here I thought that Taurus men don’t forgive cheating. Is she truly in love with him? Maybe her revised reading will provide more insight into that.


  4. Can you at least d a tarot card reading on rob to see if this relationship will last? Or will Rob come to his senses at some point?


  5. I dont believe that with so many bad things happening in the world people still think of distilling more venom and wish sad things happen in the lives of two people you dont even know. you all have a very important thing to learn from Robert P: forgiveness… this is a very nice gesture and only fools open their mouth to call him cuckold or doormat, because ladies, it’s called REAL and ADULT life, where nothing is black and white, relationships require a lot of dedication, and people have the right and duty to make mistakes…

    if I’m not wrong it’s been almost a year since the incident and it seems that he decided to forgive her because all the good things she has done in his life and forget this one thing that went wrong, but apparently the guys who come here will only be satisfied when Tara Greene call Kristen S of all bad names that exist in the world, curse their relationship and sign his letter of manumission.


    • Personally I am not involved in whatever happens in the lives of these two young people. Who really aren’t and should not be any more important than anyone else. Everyone projects their own likes and dislikes onto movie stars. When one is famous, a movie star and even worse, illustrating fictional characters, some people think that Kristen and Rob really are the fictional characters they portray in TWILIGHT With immortal love. They are only actors, real people, just like you and I.
      We are in the Neptune in Pisces age now, which makes this kind of illusion delusion, total fantasy, projection even worse than ever.
      Actually I find it disheartening that they are acting out their love story from the film by falling in love in real life. Yet it happens, movie stars fall in love with each other through working together, like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Liz Taylor and Richard Burton and more.

      Rob is free to do and love however and whomever he likes. These people are not others’ wish fulfilling play things. I personally don’t find Kristen Stewart all that attractive and find her acting to be horrible. There is a price actors and actresses pay for doing that job. It is not having any privacy and always being scrutinized by the world. She gets $20,000,000 a movie at 22 years old for dealing with fans venting their emotions at her and at him too.

      You have brought up a good point it is more mature to forgive. The whole thing was probably blown way out of proportion by the media.
      So she kissed him her director or so they had a little fling. She is immature, an Aries. She didn’t think she would get caught.
      I don’t need to call anyone a bad name. I try to be objective. I would never ever curse anyone ever anytime. That is black magic. I do not do that. EVER.


  6. Hi Tara! Can you please give us a hint on what these big news coming July 6 will be about? Will it be something regarding them as a couple or separate news for them both? (You also said there would be some “Very romantic good news happening in the first week of July for Kristen.” Are these news the same as the July 6 ones?) Thank you!


  7. Hi I truely admire your work and what you have said seems to be coming true. I love both Kristen and Rob both as actors and as the people I had the chance to meet them and they are good people. It’s sad that people pick them apart like they do just because their actors and make millions people think that gives them some right to tear them to pieces. I relate to them in a crazy way I felt this connection with them that I cant shake I havebthat love in my life before saw it in them what I had. I truely believe they love each other and will be together. What’s going on now had to be done in order for whats about to happen. Maybe July likenyou have said. Let’s support them and give them the respect we would want people can be so unforgiving and mean just really horrid I’ve been around them when media was around they are horrid I’d be a mess if I had to go through what they do. Just because you make millions doesnt give us the right to tear them to shreds cant we just wish them the best and go to their movies and just keep our anger in check. Their young and learning just relax and let them be. Laurie. I’ll be so happy to see them together with a beautiful baby


    • Thank you for your lovely words. Yes when I tune into them it must be so hard to be the focus of everyone’s energy, demands, focus. Having millions does make life easier in some ways but in others it’s truly hell. I do Know Robert Pattinson is going through HUGE changes, just as so many of my clients are. IT’s also fodder for fans to eat up and sell more mags.
      I wish them both the best. I find Robert Pattinson to be an interesting person, he has some depth to him. ON again off again is also a style of relating that some people do.


      • You’re not the only one saying that. I’ve been reading some readings and people say they’re are having some hard time now regarding trust and jellousy. However ,they also say the up coming months will be great. Something very special will happen… It’s funny people say they are apart, cause Kristen is been photografed wearing his items ( t-shirt, sunglasses, cap) and the last time he was seen and pap’ed was entering her community gate using her car.


  8. Tara, Your reading sounds great but at this writing, Rob & Kristen have split. And he did it very publicly which I found very surprising given he’s so private. What do you make of all this? What do you make of the rumors of him being with Katy Perry and that she is possibly the cause of all this?


  9. To the commenter Lizzy: Where did you read about those psychics saying the upcoming months will be great and that something special will happen? I would really like to read it, can you please link it or name the site you read it on? Thank you, I would appreciate it! 🙂


  10. Tara, it really seems you got Kristen birthday time wrong as what is going down right now is quite different from what you predicted. Rob and Kristen broke up and they’re making it pretty clear. Could you update on them soon? Thank you!


  11. Hi Tara, I read that Kristen birth time is 9:21 am and Rob said he is triple Taurus in an interview. Wonder if this will change your prediction. Want to see how their separate lives will go on. I love them together but seems like Kristen is not mature enough to cope with her love live, career and her not-so-good friends yet. I think she need to grow much more otherwise she will continue hurt herself and whoever she is with. Therefore probably i should focus on them separately.


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