Epic launch,best Astrology dates,accentuate the positive

Timing is everything. Divine timing is even better.

If you are looking for one of the best dates to launch any new product, project, venture, lifestyle- its coming right up @ April 10 NEW MOON.

BUT  ALSO 5 ALARM FIRE  WARNING–North Korea-ARIES is IMPULSIVE and we’ve seen Kim Jong Un

Acting definitely ARIES MARTIAL -War mongering IMPULSIVE – trigger happy, firing and threatening nuclear missile launches since the planets began lining up in ARIES  mid March.

THIS IS very dangerous . I had predicted war starting from North Korea at this time in my 2013 predictions in 2012 which were published on the web.

Also can be more volcano explosions like the ones that have started in Russia recently

Volcano Russia Astrology Tara Greene

Russia Volcano explosions 2013

ON the positive side-  YOU gotta ACCENTUATE the positive -see link below

All New Moons are great beginnings but a quadruple ARIES conjunction is 4 times as powerful.

April 10 NEW MOON -Sun & Moon at 20 degrees Aries @ 2:36 am PDT 5:35 am EDT 9:36 am GMT

where Venus and Mars were conjunct April 6/7

The New Moon is now taking that sexy Sacred Marriage energy into

the VOID -the Dark Moon

where all Magic and mystery are made- the cauldron, the Womb pure Potential.

This is conception time.

later this day New Moon conjuncts Mars & Venus to bring the DIVINE FEMININE Energies to it.

A very fertile Moon, although in Aries this is a masculine Fire sign – new inspiration

Uranus is in Aries too. A rad conception, revolution urge for freedom.

This would be Day 5 of working with the VENUS MARS energy Conjunction.


Where is 20-22 degrees ARIES occur in your natal chart?

It’s in my 5th house, on the cusp of my 6th house. For me it pertains to creative self-expression and new work. I am working on new CD’s and on-line classes and tours.

Does 20-22 Aries conjunct square or oppose any other planets or angles in your chart? Does it quincunx anything -that’s a 150 degree difficult angle with two different elements not speaking the same language.

That is where the new energy is being conceived.

This is a powerful year for all ARIES  born April 9th-13th of course who get hit exactly with the energy

Works well for Libra’s born opposite Oct 13-17th

and Capricorn’s born Jan 10-14 get the pressure of the square

and CANCER’s born July 12-16 also get squared

SUN will conjunct MARS on April 17 at 28 degrees ARIES

so you have a whole week to work in the dark then SUN MARS energy like a Divine spark begins to move it out.

Let me know how you are feeling this energy.

Personally I am feeling  exhausted on some level. I have pushed forwards and gotten quite a few deadlines met last week.

Need help to choose what your new path is? Get a reading? http://taratarot.com/id78.html

Accentuate the positive  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xJlyxygLh4

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