Snow is crystal pure energy,as above Pisces water overload Astrology

Let it snow  let it snow  let it snow.

6 pointed stars Tara Greene

That HEAVY snow storm Feb 8th is  inundating New York, Boston, all the North East coast and right here in Toronto Canada  where I am living. I am sending prayers to all of the thousands of people in the cold and without electric power especially to the poor Hurricane Sandy victims who havent gotten their homes back together even now, months later. Thousands of flights were cancelled.

Right now Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron and the North Node are ALL in WATER signs

Moon enters PISCES on Feb 10 at 1:20 pm PST.making 7 planets, points etc. in WATER element.

I am not surprised that all that water as above has manifested as LOTSA SNOW down below. 

I know it is hardship for some, but even so, slowing down from  being snowed in  can be very rewarding.

Appreciate the IS-NESS of the time. PISCES energy is BLISS, surrender, dream with the snow.

Snuggle up to your cat, dog lover, husband, kids or just yourself. Put on many layers of clothing. Natural fabrics are best. Drink lots of hot liquids,  a hot water bottle can feel like HEAVEN. always wear your socks to bed and keep your head covered.

There is a pristine beauty to fresh fallen clean snow. The air is cold but smells wonderful. 

Snowflakes, each 6 sided one as unique and individual as each and every thing that exists,  are pure crystalline energy.

Things that are alike in shape carry the same energy signatures, they are smilies, and form follows function.

Crystals are known as the holders of consciousness to the Indigenous people’s, in North & South America

honeycombs are 6 sided 

the shape of the Star of David- symbol of Israel, adopted by the Jewish people, is the balance of the Heaven and Earth

Israel 6 pointed star symbol

in 3D the star of David becomes the MERKABAH, a gateway to stellar consciousness, a time travelling mechanism used by Drunvalo Melchizedek 

which uses traditional  breath work and imaginative trance work to enable one to travel anywhere in any dimension.

Stuart Wilde says the actual MATRIX is a 6 sided honeycombed shaped web of dark consciousness which has sealed individuals away from attaining higher consciousness.

Moon is in Aquarius

Moon trines Jupiter in Gemini PST and EST tomorrow

an optimistic aspect, stay near your computer and games, you will feel restless 

Moon and Venus meet in Aquarius so the airy individuals should be feeling some emotion,

It is always COOL  time with SUN  and VENUS here, CHILLIN literally…..enjoy staying cool, DANCE to keep warm

otherwise  its the winter of your DISCOntent- shake your BOOTY to keep toasty

Be safe be well



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