How to attract your Dream Lover on New Moon,Valentine’s day Astrology

Yes we all know Valentine’s Day is Feb 14,  Planetary energies for the BIG day will be HOT, WET &  Detached

Moon in ARIES, Mars is passive in Pisces and Venus is cool in Aquarius. Women will be dominant this V- day.

ARIES and all FIRE SIGNS will be especially cookin’- or should I say cockin?

Johnny Depp sexy manJohnny Depp Gemini

LEO & SAGITTARIUS  get on well with AIR SIGNS especially as VENUS Goddess of LOVE in rebellious sign

Moon SEXTILES VENUS and the SUN on the 14th, GEMINI and LIBRA  will get trined.

What happens if you are an EARTH or WATER SIGN?

only ONE planet is holding us onto the ground these days and that’s PLUTO- Mr. Hades will be the one stalking us and dragging you off into the Underworld.

WOMEN DOMINATE TRICK OUT  on Valentine’s day

Most of the planetary energy is in WATER signs -Mercury Mars Saturn Neptune Chiron and the North Node. The Sun enters Pisces Feb 18 and Venus will enter PISCES on the 25th on the Full Moon, totalling 8 planets in WATER signs!!!

With MARS in Pisces, men are being Baptised in the sweet water’s of Feminine Bliss.

MACHO goes MYSTIC, spiritual love, soul mates is what his SOUL is craving too.

the masculine must learn to be more receptive, we are evolving to a new age of Female Strong relationships.

Ladies you need to tickle his fancy, feed him chocolates, massage him, oil him down with sweet aromatherapy,

musk, his favourite scents. You know..

Best day to attract your dream lover is on  Feb 10 New MOON

always the best time to start anything new and because the Moon and NEPTUNE -ONENESS, are conjunct.

sexy man TAra Greene psychic 

Channing Tatum a Taurus

If you’re a single lady or a single guy, do this ritual- YOU WILL NEED

I don’t do attracting spells, But I do know you can attract what you need YOURSELF you have the power

You will need to create asacred space.  Use smudge for cleansing,  it’s Native American or

Incense will do, the purer the better. You need 4 candles, ,all white or white, red, black, yellow.

A pot of earth, a cup of water,  a feather.

a notebook, paper, a pen

aspect is exact @ 5:29 pm PST 8:29 pm EST 

Cleanse yourself with smoke first, then from the centre of the circle light your 1st candle- yellow and start in the EAST

call in spirits of fire, illumination, then move South and light candle for WATER, put water here, this is emotions, protection of inner child,

then move to West, light black candle, call in EARTH element, place earth here, this is the goddesses, bear, intuition, death and rebirth,

then move to NORTH, light white candle and call in AIR, use feather here, angels, higher teachers, winds.

Use your imagination, let spirit speak through you.

then sit in centre and focus on breathing, till you slow down and are centered.

CALL IN THE Spirit of your BELOVED

sofia Vergara sexiest womanSofia Vergara sexiest woman dream lover is a Cancer woman

Think about your beloved , feel him/her holding you, breathe in his scent, feel his warm arms around you.

Go over all the details, feel it.

Then when you feel ready write down your thanks that You and your beloved are together,

write it as if you have experienced this , with your heart fully engaged, the more you feel the joy, bliss,

the sexual communion, the better. Your desire makes it real. 

Make sure you don’t omit a detail, such as he is always faithful,or available or unencumbered.

the Universe always sends you exactly what you ask for.

Your are writing a LETTER Of GRATITUDE to the Universe,

then read it over, take as much time, refine it. 

Next make a shorter list with 12 things that covers all the details.

You will use these as affirmations of your relationship and read it ever morning and evening out loud with true joy. 

 After you close the circle the longer letter of gratitude will be sealed in an envelope and put away as a sign of Trust to the Universe.


here is an amazing poem written by the Master of LOVE poetry ever in the world RUMI- a Youtube video

Love Came by Rumi –

If you need further LOVE COACHING, at any stage of your relationship ,get a reading

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