Feedback in February time


 I know everyone is very busy, but I would treasure YOUR  feedback about my Blog,

I notice if I am not able to BLOG  daily that my stats go down- and then I miss you

I am in the process of making over my old fashioned main website

and a new blog here too, Saturn is in Scorpio, the BIg makeover time,

BUT I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK I want YOU to be satisfied happy

I want to know what you like and dont like

 what you are more interested in, 

I love to hear from you, dont be shy now

3 thoughts on “Feedback in February time

  1. Hi Tara! I miss you when you don’t post for a few days… I notice that after you sometimes post a few articles in a row… would it be possible to space them out so your posts are dailies? You have a unique voice and vision that I love to swim in… Thank you for sharing!!


  2. In NyC looking after darling daughter with a small health challenge. Will send you most grateful and full some feedback next week! Marion
    Sent from my “contract free” BlackBerry® smartphone on the WIND network.


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