12 12 12 the Divine Feminine a New estrogen universe- lighter side of Numerology

12 12 12 – 3 3 3 that’s 3 Queen’s the Holy Trinity  the divine feminine is returning these are all the symbols

so what will happen after 12 12 12? and Dec 21 2012?

the Divine feminine will be transforming the world to a feminine relationship based, non dominator model, that is the only way we will survive.

Feminine values of relationships, nurturing, expressing emotions, honouring the sacredness of menstruation, sexuality, sensuality,

honoring mothers, children, natural birth, nursing from birth till at least 2 years, family beds, child centred spiritual education,

the old factory mentality school systems which sprung from Germany in the late 1800’s is obsolete.

a reverence for nature, mother earth and ALL her relations,meaning all the animals will be treated as the conscious souls they are,

we do not have to dominate the earth but surrender to taking care of her in return for the way she has supported all her children,

no fossil fuels, no mining, no raping MOther earth, no changing waterways, building dams,

no rigging of money  and manipulating people to comsume more, and keeping them tied to constant barrage of information so that they have no time to rest, to reflect to have real conversations, to intellectualize, to respect history, the ancestors, the elderly,

Dec 21 2012

Dec 2012 When the Divine Feminine ascends

work is what one loves to do. and is good at

doctor’s are paid to keeep one healthy.

no products which have synthetic anything in them, no fluoride, no infant vaccinations,or  drugs prescribed to keep a patient hooked for pharmaceutical company profits, the fact that it helps contain one thing at the expense of the rest of a patients body is unsustainable.

no more false research to stop cancer when the effects are pollution bad food, GMO food, stress, karmic,

no intervention with a woman’s birth unless it is Absolutely necessary usually only in 1% of the cases

smaller communities,local food growing, less cars, free electricity, clean water, inventions to really free us up,

create free energy resources for all, no hierarchies of money earning

honoring of woman’s sacred bleeding times as the nexus of all life,

values of support, non competitive, but also encouraging women’s strengths once they were warrior Queens

and much more,

imagine a life built on spiritual attainment, friendship close bonds between all people’s, peace, the Golden age

we will speak with the animals again as they used to speak to us…

what would you think is valuable in a Feminine/Masculine honouring Her world?

and for a lighter side as humor is always so  important

watch this video- and who is that playing Spock?

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