take it easy-post coital Eclipse Venus Mars Astrology Tara Greene

Venus sextile Mars

wow that Gemini Lunar eclipse packed one hell of a punch I must say,

well of course it fell right on my Sagittarius Sun and today November 29 is my birthday

and as The Beatles sang in their Birthday song- they say it’s your birthday

 its my birthday too yah, so Happy Birthday to you too

will have to check out my Solar Return chart for the year ahead,

a Solar return chart shows the exact moment the Sun returns to your birth degree once each year

My solar return 2012

you can look at that as a stand alone chart

and of course it is the transits of the planets on that day

there is also Solar Arc charts and that is another type of chart to decipher.

My solar  return chart falls 1 day ahead of my actual birth date

Post Nov 28 Lunar Eclipse – aspects today are the Waterhouse painting

VEnus sextile MArs – take it easy, you deserve a break today, etc etc.

yah be a Lounge lizard

Here’s some Lounge Lizard ‘s music John Lurie


for those of you who know your astrology

what’s your view on my upcoming year 2012-2013?

I am also a double metal rabbit in the CHINESE horoscopes.

Blessings TARA

Book a reading of Your solar return http://taratarot.com/id78.html




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