President Obama re-elected! psychic astrologer Tara Greene predicted win,Eclipses, Astrology

Yes President Obama has been re-elected. I was one of the many psychics and astrologers who did predict his re-election.

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V for Victory Obama re-elected

Well it was a bit of a nail biter last night, but President Obama clearly won many more of those electoral votes than needed but didn’t score in the popular vote.

The U.S. is clearly a country divided, between moving into all-inclusive humanitarian view or fear mongering all white men patriarchal stance.

But as the Uranus in Aries in square to Pluto in Capricorn continues over the next 3-4 years.

PROGRESS, FREEDOM and a break down of the old PATRIARCHAL – Republican type policies  is unfailingly going to happen.

I do respect Obama’s social health policy, and his backing of freedom for gays and women, even in his acceptance of re-election speech last night  he mentioned his wife, his two daughters growing up smart and beautiful, and another little girl who had leukemia that his health policy had helped.

Yes its true people are being slaughtered in Syria daily to get a chance to vote to be free from tyranny.

I was amazed that the election went so fast with no recalls, considering the Mercury Retrograde on Election day.

I think this was the fact that Mercury in Sagittarius, even though Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius,

being opposite the Sign Mercury rules, Gemini

Sagittarius is the sign of Truth telling, of philosophy, higher law, as opposed to man-made law

Sagittarius aims higher, it is a fire sign,so Mercury Retro in Sagittarius means there is still more honesty

as well Jupiter Sagittarius’ ruling planet is also Retrograde in Gemini now

BUT Jupiter is lingering over the VENUS/SUN Eclipse degree of 14 + of GEMINI which occurred June 5 EST

which obviously favours VENUS/Women over the patriarchal SUN.

And the MOON representing the emotions and mood of the people on election day was in Fiery Leo last night

sign of passion, courage, creative self-expression, will power.

The Moon did square the SUN in Scorpio last night

Moon in Leo is women=the MOON,  leading in this election , as predicted

Mercury will be RETROGRADE till November 26.

Neptune goes DIRECT on 11:11 Remembrance Day

so remember that now is the time to go ahead with all the dreams you have been incubating since JUNE 4 on the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

which again happened the day before the Venus/Sun Eclipse when Neptune was at 3 degrees 9 minutes of Pisces

Saturn is now just past making a Trine to Neptune at that degree, so Saturn will manifest all those big beautiful compassionate,

all-inclusive, dreams. Which is another reason why I feel President Obama was re-elected.

which co-incidentally fell 2 degrees away from the “Sibley chart” the most agreed upon birth chart for the U.S.

which has a 12 degree Sagittarius Ascendant.

We are up for two upcoming eclipses November 13 TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE at 22 degrees SCORPIO

which  I will write about very shortly

and the November 28 Gemini Lunar Eclipse at 6 degrees

hmm that eclipse falls right on my Natal SUN. It’s my Solar return day

Have you ever had your Solar Return annual birthday chart done?

The day the Sun returns to exactly where it was on your birthday,  can be one day before

is the snapshot of your upcoming year ahead.

I need to write about art and artists

get reading

Blessings TARA


5 thoughts on “President Obama re-elected! psychic astrologer Tara Greene predicted win,Eclipses, Astrology

  1. great article, I’;ve been following you for awhile, and you’re very good. I loved your assessment on how women were going to be the race to determine this election. and Obama is the right choice.


  2. FYI Hi Tamara….correction….he DID win the popular vote. “According to CNN’s tally, which is still changing as the final round of votes continue to be reported, Obama is ahead of Romney in the popular vote by about 2.6 million votes as of 10 a.m. Wednesday. The president garnered a total of about 59.7 million votes, while Romney took in approximately 57.1 million.


  3. well.. latest update with the house still have major control of the house, and still presents an obstacle. I am thinking that Obama will pass the Canadian keystone pipeline project that would make the republicans happy, and hopefully Obama can get his tax reform by raising taxes on the top 1 percent. Some of them just love to stir up drama.. what is really up with these young draconian politicians Boenhner, Cantor, McConnell? Government can’t go on not paying thier bills, and must create revenue somehow. I am disappointed and as well as the democrats did, that we could not have up seated many more house republicans.


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