lucky stars, sexy lady, Gangnam style Libra, Sagittarius Astrology notes

Oct 28 2 planets change sign and the Moon too today

Mars in Sagittarius opposite Jupiter Retro in Gemini early a.m.

This is high hopes Mars, aiming for the truth, Higher Justice as opposed to man-made laws and justice; defending and acting from that place of philosophy, education,breaking through limitations – sounds like President Obama opposed to Retrograde= backwards motion, Gemini-two faced, two-sided, Mitt Romney has  a Gemini Ascendant, big gas-bag, planet Jupiter. Note all the hyphenated words in this paragraph…

How as above, so below is that? Love it

Anything that Jupiter touches or that touches Jupiter is positive, lucky, expansive.

Mars in Sagittarius puts the boxer, the fighter, the warrior astride his high Horse-y sign,like PSY Korean pop star woop woop woop Gangnam style

PSY horse dance planets Astrology

Jupiter Retrograde is powerful, we need to revision Retrograde planets they are not bad, they are closer to the earth and in Feminine mode.

Think REtrograde = RE ceptive. So Jupiter Rx is Receptive to your flip-flopping, ambiguous, can’t make up my mind which lover, car, dress, know this one…don’t you?

Mars in Sagittarius opp opp opp opp opp Gangnam stype opposite Jupiter in GEM.  helps the Higher TRUTH to come straight out of the horses’ mouth.

2  planets change sign today and Moon does too!

Venus, the SEXY LADY goes home to Libra Oct 28 – November 21

Peace Balance Beauty Harmony ART

It will be easier  to stay balanced for all signs.  RELATIONSHIPS! are IT! parties, events, Hostess with the most charm time,

just in time for a Holiday season whirlwind; go to art galleries, -see links below- bring more beauty into your life,

yes it will be hard to make up one’s mind, stay centered, let the Goddess bring you peace.

Sing, Venus rules the voice, alright when she is in Taurus, but the Moon is in Taurus today too.

Moon enters earthy sensual Taurus Sunday late at night PDT-Oct 29 EDT

MERCURY enters SAGITTARIUS Oct 28 -Dec 31  

thinking becomes higher minded, more philosophical, honest, EXACTLY what is needed  on ELECTION DAY

The candidate who lies the most, looses.

Mercury turns RETROGRADE smack dab right in the middle of election Day Nov. 6 for the 1st time in U.S. History. Yes Mercury Retrograde always causes communications kafluffles, but go to the high side of this. Mercury is in Sagittarius and Jupiter is also Retro in Gemini, so they are both very strong, very powerful and helping each other to not divide the truth, yes it will be a very close race, and be careful and observant about  cheating ballots, voters being bought, lies and unscrupulous behaviours, the winner may not be decided on November 6.

Mercury in Sagittarius is weak as it is in the opposite sign of  its’ rulership which is GEMINI. Venus has just left Mercury’s earthy Virgo sign today. Jupiter, Sagittarius’s ruler is Retrograde now and in Gemini. So Mercury and Jupiter are now in Mutual reception. Same as Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are also in mutual reception.

Along with Venus in Libra this feels like a powerful,  wonderful, cosmic balancing, hosting, peace-offering, you are me and I am you, energy.

Let’s take this Peace offering of Venus in Libra and all this comradeship at its highest level between the planets as a true blessing.

On the Full Moon Oct 29 really give thanks for all the blessings in your life.

On a Taurus Full Moon, again big opportunities for big blessings. See the world smothered in earthly delights, chocolate,  silk, incense or chicken soup; or just appreciating the real beauty of this earthly plane. Stay centered.

GO SEE and buy ART with VENUS  in Libra –

Blessings, TARA

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