Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart back together for real? Soul Mates? Astrology can tell from Tara Greene

Well if you listen to the tabloids Robert Pattinson couldn’t live without his cheating Twilight girlfriend Kristen Stewart and has decided to forgive her and take her back. Some news stories say they are in a trial reconciliation. Meanwhile they are under contract to appear to promote their mega billion dollar earning last Twilight film scheduled for release in November. Are they “getting together” because they have to?

Is it real or isn’t it?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

How compatible are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in spite of the fact that they have been in a relationship for about three years and were living together before Stewart admitted that she had an affair with her director.

Who are they really behind their glossy mega film star personas ? I have already looked at Robert Pattinson’s planetary transits previously see

First let’s look at each char briefly and then Robsten’s combined astrology chart  where we see the two separate charts shown against each other.

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart astrology chartsthis time I have posted a big chart.

Robert Pattinson is a faithful, stubborn Taurus,with a very sensitive, emotionally needy Moon in Cancer, in his 12th house of karma and self-undoing, opposite Mars in Capricorn, hard working, ambitious, and a Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius and Pluto Retrograde in Scorpio as well, that is where his very sexy charisma is.

A telling thing about Robert’s love interests is that he  has Venus in Gemini this always means someone who is attracted to women who are ambivalent, there but not there, because he is to, can be immature in love, AND Rob has Chiron conjunct LILLITH in Gemini too!!  He is vulnerable to very powerful independent Lillith type women, who do what they want and who belong to no man, this is a fatal attraction for him.

He is very close to his mother with a Cancer Ascendant which is right on the Fixed Star Sirius and  the U.S. Sun indicating much of his success comes from America and with Americans, hint hint..

Robert has Neptune Retrograde opposite the Moon in Capricorn which means he is a practical romantic but doesn’t see women cearly, he sees them through the lens of his own projections and big time, Squared by Jupiter in Pisces. Anyone with Jupiter in Pisces is very compassionate and usually a martyr of some sorts until they learn some boundaries. Jupiter in Pisces at the top of his chart at the MC gives him extreme charm, charisma, success in film- Neptune rules film and his MC.

Let’s look at Kristen Stewart –She is a very fiery independent domineering angry “me first” ARIES Amazon warrioress,bored, reckless, a thrill seeker with the Sun in the 10th house of career and worldly fame. Not a feminine sign. This is the casually dressed Kristen.

Her Moon at 15 degrees Libra is directly opposite her Sun, indicating she has two totally different sides of  her constantly at war within herself. Moon in Libra women need to  be in relationships and cater to others. She is emotionally detached and private.This is the dressed to the 10’s Kristen ruled by Venus, but still airy, detached.

Kristen’s Ascendant and Robert Pattinson are exactly the same! 14 degrees Cancer! WOW that’s pretty phenomenal-both their persona’s public masks are conjunct SIRIUS, the U.S. SUN, both are emotional sensitive and need security. In that they are very compatible.

Kristen has Chiron the Wounded Healer on the Ascendant, in her 12th house, a past life karmic signature along with Jupiter and Ceres the Great Mother. These 3 are opposite Uranus -planet of chaos, freedom,revolution, independence in Capricorn and Chiron is opposite Neptune planet of illusion, dreams, high romance, movies stars, addictions, glamour. She can be shooting herself, or someone else in the gut as the 12th house is the house of secret enemies, yourself.  She is also vulnerable to being wounded through the public’s {her persona} projections {Neptune} onto her- on her descendent.

Kristen has a lot of planets in Cardinal signs and on her angles. She is a dynamic, self driven initiator. Kristen has Saturn in the 7th house of marriage, relationships. All of her serious love relationships are karmic, from past lives. She will have difficulty in marriage. Wherever Saturn is that’s where it’s the hardest lessons. Saturn in Capricorn is very conservative, unemotional, hard, ambitious,serious, cool, all business, professional. She also has Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn as do all people born within 7 years of her. Capricorn is  ambitious.

Her Mars and her North Node are in Aquarius in the 8th house of sexual soul mates, transformation, Scorpio like. She is a rebel, a free spirit, independent, strong willed,unpredicatable. Her South Node { not shown} is in LEO in the 2nd house. She comes from royalty, she is a true princess type, who is driven unconsciously to have power, money, prestige and act like Marie Antoinette, however she pleases. She needs to be the center of attention and can toy with and use MEN especially to fulfill her own ego needs.

Now the real crux for Kristen Stewart, why she is such an archetypal fascination is because of the placement of 2 planets in her chart.

Kristen has PLUTO at 17 degrees Retrograde in Scorpio which is the modern ruler of the sexiest sign. EXACTLY conjunct LILLITH.

She is LILLITH! INCARNATE. Known as a succubus, like a vampire,it is interesting don’t you think that she got the role of  Bella Swan, the vampire lover, who isn’t afraid of the monster? Because she herself is one. the LILLITH Archetype  gives her enormous seductive appeal to all men, her independent indomitable allure, she posses great archetypal sex appeal and will allways refuse to give in to any man. Robert is fatally attracted to Kristen. Mars rules her Pluto as well in Aquarius, a fixed independent sign. This is a woman who refuses to be tamed yet deep down craves relationships, who is torn in two herself and is detached emotionally.  Scorpio’s  when undeveloped are ruthless, users, cheaters, power hungry,secretive, manipulative, who often sting themselves too..

Kristen has Venus in Pisces, so she is a total chameleon, will become whatever anyone projects onto her, that makes her a natural actress. She is ultra sensitive, moody, can be a martyr. Can have addiction issues, could be sex, drinking, drugs or workaholism.

Kristen is interesting as her Moon in the 4th house makes her extremely private emotionally which may be why she seems so wooden as an actress, with 2 facial expressions in the Twilight movies.

That Moon rules her Ascendent. Mercury is in Taurus she is a sensuous thinker, money motivates her.

 THEIR combined charts where’s the connections?

First off they have a past life connection.

K’ Jupiter Ceres Chiron in CANCER is in Robert’s 12th house – the karmic house-conjunct his MOON- the unconscious, instincts. She was his mother in a past life. He feel’s unconsciously instinctualy attracted to her for emotional nurturing and safety, yet that is also opposite his Mars, conjunct her Neptune – the relationship is an addiction, an illusory attraction in their shared  7th house of marriage and square to her MOON in Libra. There is cardinal conflict attraction and repulsion, unconscious anger in their relationship.

His Saturn Retrograde -{karmic signature} in Sagittarius squares her Venus in Pisces. He seems more mature, dependable, solid. She is a anima woman, a woman who becomes what any man wants. She is changeable, doesn’t know who she is.

His Venus & Chiron in Gemini which is itself is a symbol of being a hermaphrodite,he has a very feminine appearance and manner, is wounded and vulnerable  is in K’s 12th house. They are both unconsciously meaning to hurt and wound each other and if they can become conscious, great healing would come out of their relationship.

They also have an exact Vertex conjunction. The Vertex is a karmic intake spot, like a vacuum sucking in people you are meant to be with.

They have a PLUTO in Scorpio, her VENUS in PISCES his MOON in Cancer conjunct her Chiron TRINE between them. That’s a menage a trois between them. That’s a very powerful sexual hypnotic fascination, they are in collusion in their soul and  emotional needs.There is unconscious power, control, needyness and manipulation between them. It’s somewhat of a sado-masochistic relationship.

Fatally attracted, more from Robert’s point of view, they are so different in temperament. Robert’s North Node is in Aries he needs to be more independent and assertive.

K’s Mars in Aquarius squares R’s Taurus Sun. There is attraction and friction between them. She wants freedom he wants stability. She will find him kinda boring.

This is not an easy relationship. When people speak of soul mates they think that means a perfect match. Soul mates are people,in my opinion, you have known in the past and that’s why you are inextricably drawn to each other,why they seem so familiar, because they are!

YOU know what this feels like if you have experienced it for yourself.

Soon, the real unconscious, past life memories come flooding through the emotions and in sex. It can become very hurtful and dysfunctional. The higher purpose is for the two individuals  to get aware enough of their patterns; of how they are acting out unconsciously; what their projections are. By being honest, vulnerable, supportive, mature and non blaming, they can heal their past unfinished business and have a happy supportive healthy loving relationship cleared of karma. Will they? Only time can tell.

Need relationship advise?

ONE love we get to share it,we hurt each other then we do it again,

watch U2- ONE-

55 thoughts on “Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart back together for real? Soul Mates? Astrology can tell from Tara Greene

  1. Im dude and I find this rather hypnotic subject astrology that is. I also have saturn in aquarius in the 7th house. What concerns me greatly is that lilith in retrograde is also there. How grave is this?


    • Wherever Saturn is lies the difficulty, the test the karma. Saturn in Aquarius in the 7th house makes you seriously freedom loving. You may be attracted to older people. You are someone who needs freedom to express your own individuality in serious relationships. You are detached emotionally and could be erratic energetically. You love working in groups of people, are a strong leader but not egotistical. You are also attracted to quirky independent,different rebellious,strong individuals of all types and races. Lillith in the 7th house means you are totally attracted to super independent Lillith type women but may also be terrified of them. It would depend on other aspects and planets in your chart to get a bigger overview.


  2. Hey, tara
    just wanted to know that there was this thing going around that Kristen got in a car with rupert after she left malo cantina.

    What do u think, is she cheating on rob?


    • I read all your readings about them and I’m very happy about this healing thing done. The Thing I want to ask you is that if the new rumor they are apart is true. I’m a very huge of both and I want To know if they’re okay now. I want them happy!


      • I must have had my head in another Universe because I wasn’t even aware of this breakup. Given Rob’s current astrology transits, I am not surprised at all. I will have to take time and get into looking at them. He is going through a huge life transformation. That last eclipse May 24 was Karmic for him and would definitely make Rob take to the road. I know the Twihards want to believe the fantasy is real. They have never been well matched. I believe it is a karmic relationship and that’s why it is so hard for them.


      • I think you wanting them happy is up to them to decide ultimately. They are simply growing up and apart. Obviously Rob is a TAurus and stubborn and needs a lot of emotional security. HE needs to get his own feelings straight. Cheating, wether real or imagined is a huge TRUST issue. If that is eroded then it is very difficult for two people to get back together.


  3. Tara,

    Thks for the reply! It’s been a rumor since last week. We don’t know if It’s true. Can you see that in your readings? And if It’s true, are they going to get back together again in the future?



  4. April 11 you said they will get married they have a fight and a month later your saying knw way that he wants nothing to do with her. You said he was crazy in love now complete change that doesnt make sense. I’ll always hope.


  5. Tara, I am curious about Robert and Kristen’s relationship I see where there is all this negative reports about the both of them and am wondering after all they’ve been through do you think its possible that they will reunite and have a life together? I being a Taurus can understand the stubbornness and love Robert has for Kristen and I can also understand her wanting to be independent. Now there are sites saying she was setup by Rupard Sanders and she had no affair with him. However, the pictures are questionable. I am wondering if these kids really loved each other they would fight for their love or was this just a one sided thing to keep the Twilight Saga in motion? I personally want the best for them and I do like them together but I feel that Kristen wants to be with other guys although Robert is always being seen with other women like Katy Perry who I think is a friend…What a tangled web they wove. LOL


    • You know I had been working from an outdated birth chart of Kristen Stewart’s. I think part of this being over now is that they were both caught up in their own fairy tale which had to do with them projecting their own unconscious onto each other because of the uber successful Twilight franchise. I have explained Robert Pattinson’s chart. I need to go over Kristen’s and just had a quick peek at it. She was definitely caught kissing her director. It may not have been more than that but still she admitted it in public. Robert got humiliated in public. The powers that be, the Movie studios forced them back together because there are billions at stake. The fans want the fairy tale fiction characters to exist in real life and that is doomed to failure. They are not whom they portray on screen. They may have been “in love” and dating for 3 years but when the curtain fell, their relationship did too. They are too young,
      it is very difficult to have your every move watched. Their astrology aspects were never very good from the beginning. Rob is going through a once in a lifetime total change. HE isn’t even at his 1st Saturn return when he is 28-29 to even think of settling down. The PR is also a billion dollar industry so who knew what was going on anyways? It is over for them and that’s it.


      • You’re reading too much tabloids. You’re not reading cards and anything just giving your opinion. Come on be honest!!!! So they had a PR relationship???! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk dft you’re reading bst! Lol


    • Thank you for your answer Tara but for some unknown reason I do see them being back together and not because I am caught up in the Twilight Saga Theme but because I see something else about them…Guess I must be nuts. LOL


      • Hey don’t dis yourself. I am taking many sides in this because I am trying to get inside th heads of the two stars. I didn’t say it was all PR it was real they did fall for each other. Kristen screwed it up, they didn’t need that PR. Robert was publically and for real hurt and humiliated, they did do therapy and took a break and tried to make it work, hell didn’t he give her some expensive gift and they seemed happy around her birthday and then something happened. I believe that Rob could never forgive her, and under the planetary transits he is under it, this break was inevitable. I think they both need to find themselves as individuals, Kristen is still very young.


      • Thanks again for your input Tara and I can imagine your looking at this on all sides…I do agree with you Robert was publically hurt and humiliated and I think that is one reason so many turned against him because he did love her and she hurt him this way and he went back to her. Not following anything but my gut instinct I do feel something happened that made him so mad he left and it had to do with someone she is involved with emotionally or physically as I said I don’t know. I think she wants him back but is giving him a wide berth to forgive her again. I do see them back together maybe not soon but I do see this happening.
        Again Tara thank you for listening to me I have enjoyed your posts.


      • Yes she said or did something unconsciously that drove the nail in the coffin, so to speak, that was like the worst, So she is unconsciously driving him away. He is hooked on her.She is a “Scarlet O’Hara” type of woman. She is not very mature it is obvious. Always trust your own instincts Jen. If they do get back together it may be a dysfunctional relationship. Ultimately the wounding they are giving receiving is their own psychological and karmic substances projected onto the other. That’s why I said they have bought into the dream of their own screen roles. We all go through this, it must be very hard to do this with millions of people watching. I truly empathise with the two of them but such is the price of fame.


  6. Thanks Tara, occasionally I get these strong feelings about people and I’m usually right …NO I am not psychic or anything like that. I agree that Kristen is young and immature and also think she has been allowed to do her own thing most of her life and does it without thinking of consequences or the hurt she can cause…I don’t think she is mean she doesn’t understand the impact of her actions. I do think she is surrounded by people who are only interested in what they can get from her like some so called friends but I also get a strong feeling it’s people trying to promote her especially a woman and it’s about money. I wish she would back away from the movie business for awhile and do other things. I feel as you do that Rob loves her and she loves him and its not going away. I also see this bump in the road and I feel that Rob is very hurt and angry with her and many people want him to get rid of her once and for all especially a very close male friend of his who knows her and feels she is playing games. I think in time Rob’s anger will ebb and they will be back together and I feel very strongly about this it might not be for quite awhile but it will happen. I am not a dying twilight heart that has bought into the Bella and Edward saga its just these feelings I have had about them for a long time.


  7. Jen….and Tara…
    @ Jen….
    WOW….I felt your words roll off my own tongue. Like you Jen….I have ‘intuition’ and instincts about people. I assess their body language/non-verbals, and the congruency with their spoken words….and their EYES!!! The eyes are the windows of the soul…they speak the TRUTH!!!
    JEN… I feel people’s positive/negative energy.(aura). I like you,JEN…I believe THEY WILL GET BACK TOGETHER!!! I predicted/felt intuitively) in late april/may of 2012, that Kristen would “HURT” or possibly cheat on Robert!!!! And that Robert would forgive her!!!! I don’t think they’re completely broken up..EITHER!!! I believe they are giving each other time/space to find their “individual” identities. I just can’t place intuitively what made Robert walk away from her and “LOOSE” hope/confidence in their Bond. He deeply loves her and she reciprocally love him as well. Jen…they have a celestial “BOND” not a worldly “bond”….and I feel their love is highly unique, symbiotic and special. I believe God is using the Twilight saga as a instrument or medium to reach the masses about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE/GRACE. The world of HOLLYWOOD IS GODLESS,EMOTIONALLY BANKRUPT, NARCISSISTIC, “CONDITIONAL” and professes eye for an eye Energy…NOT LOVE!!! Love is there when least deserving, in the darkest hour…not when it’s most deserving or of equality.
    Rob will forgive Kristen…he’s a rare gem in Hollywood…that is capable of this type of REAL Love and forgiveness.
    Mark my words….Jen and Tara…..THEY WILL GET BACK TOGETHER AND GET MARRIED.(Kristen will be difficult at times…but, Rob has his dark, pessimistic side as well that often haunts him internally). Rob is his own worst enemy.
    These are my intuitive feelings/energy that I receive in my head when I see their images or think of them. I wish I could place “Why” they are separated…but, I just can’t….
    TARA…please help me with that void in my intuition.


  8. Danette and Tara,

    Thank you for your response and its always a thrill to hear from someone who doesn’t think I am nuts…Tara has been very patient with my rants and why I think Robert and Kristen will be together. I am not an Astrologer or Tarot Card reader or have those special talents. Like you I do have an “intuition” about people and can seem to read them without words. I do know other people like this and so its not just us trying to make things go our way because we are trying to impose our will on them but because its just there.

    Yes their eyes are definitely the windows of their souls although I think that Robert’s eyes are more telling and hers are more cautious but just as loving. I never felt that she might cheat on him and in fact am not so sure she did. I feel that whatever did or didn’t happen has left a deep scar on her and no matter how she blows it off or seems to be nonchalant about it I think this has hurt her more than we know and sadly she is going to carry this with
    her for the rest of her life…I think Robert may know how contrite she is about this matter but lets face even if they part the “Twilight Saga” is going to be revisited for many generations and the stigma will be latched to her only because the internet has 50 or so pictures of this on its sites and that is never going away.

    Like you I do feel they will reunite and that they have not broken up just giving themselves a break from the paparazzi and gossip rags as they have come up with more garbage than ever and that seems to be the case so far. I feel your expressions of them having a celestial “Bond” is highly possible only because of the way this couple, in a fictional story literally has brought the world into their lives. There is a chemistry between them that has yet to me seen by any young stars in ages…Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are the only movie stars I can think of who had this chemistry. Yes, you are right that their love is a lesson in Unconditional Love/Grace which is lacking among many of the people.

    Again I do feel they will have a future together and I do think they will hold each other up in their darkest hours and will know that they can’t be without each other. I do feel something that causes them both great pain is the attack of either one of them when they hear or read it…These are not fans just mean sick angry people who need to blame someone for their own misgivings.

    I don’t feel I am being stubborn but I really think they are together and if not will be soon. I feel that Kristen knows in her heart that Robert is the one for her but is young and is afraid to commit…Robert is ready for the commitment but is being patient.



  9. Thanks Tara as you know more about this than I do and I can imagine that Robert is undergoing come changes in his life which is good but I still see them together. I just do and as I’ve said I am not being stubborn or hopeful or a teenager etc…I just see this is my mind.


  10. So happy and relief to comment on here. Obviously you had a crush ob Robert Pattinson and you hate Kristen Stewart. One year after the breakup he is a mess going to LA bars, hanging out with douchebag people (alcohol, drugs related) and Kristen is focus in her career. Good for her. Bad karma if you wish someone unhapiness..;)


    • Hi Pamela
      I do think about the two of them and check the media info about them quite often. A very old and good friend of mine works with Director David Cronenberg in Toronto. Here she says Rob is a very nice person. Very shy and private actually.I am always surpized how nervous and genuine he is on TV when being interviewed. I think they are both focusing on their careers. DId you see her new short haircut? She is really young still. One should never wish anyone else unhappiness. Is it obvious I had a crush on Robert Pattinson? LOL. If I didn’t have a teeenage daughter I wouldnt have known much about them actually.


  11. Robert has spread his wings and after watching him in the Rover I see him getting better than ever. I think Kristen has sharpened her acting chops and will do very well in the movies she has coming out…I am not a teenager etc. related to or hang out with them but I do feel they are more together than we know and perhaps their secrecy is because of the media backlash. As I mentioned a year earlier its a strong feeling I have in my mind and its not wavering at all.


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