Naked Truth, Prince Harry Astrology,Royal Stars from Tara Greene


The partying Royal Prince was photographed by a cel phone as the Prince pranced around with the crown jewels exposed as his security were royally asleep at the wheel in Vegas. The photos appeared on TMZ on Tues. Aug 21.

Everyone’s wild about Harry now! Except the Royals who  are pretty pissed off.

So what’s up with Prince Harry? Rumours of cocaine snorting now enter the picture.

Let’s look at the Royal Ginger’s Royal Stars shall we?

Prince Harry Astrology tara greene

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Prince Harry, 3rd in line to the Royal Throne of Britain is a Virgo born September 15, 1984. Virgo’s are usually pretty humble, hard-working, meticulous, intellectuals,perfectionists. Does this sound like Harry?

Harry has his Royal Virgo Sun in the 8th house with Mercury and his Part of Fortune- the circle with a square in it, does  just what it sounds like. The 8th house is of course the house of SEX, power, control, death, rebirth, transformation.

Harry’s instincts and feelings, his Moon r1is ight at the bottom of his chart on the IC at 21 degrees of Taurus. The IC. begins the 4th house  @ symbolizes, roots, home, family, childhood, the unconscious.

He is one super SENSUOUS, Royal dude. Very earthy and stubborn, he lives by the dictates of his body. OK it’s starting to make sense already.

except that the Moon practically glued to the IC means he is unconsciously tied to his Mother, Princess Diana who was actually a moon Goddess who never married and was very free. She protects children. Well she will have to protect her partying son.  Harry also has the Asteroid Ceres- now a planetoid or whatever, right next to his moon.

Harry has his North Node -his highest spiritual goal at the last degree of Taurus the critical degree close to the Pleiades, aka the 7 weeping sisters.This degree was activated on the May 20 Solar Eclipse at zero degrees Gemini.

Harry is a totally sensuous man, he may make the Royals weep indeed and that could be his karma.

 Chiron, the wounded healer is close by in tight conjunction to Moon. Chiron is in the 5th house of  LOVE AFFAIRS- oops.

Chiron is opposite his Uranus at 9 degrees Sagittarius- which means- EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED  from dear Harry. Really?

ROYAL STARS- Uranus is on ANTARES- one of the 4 Royal Stars. Rival of Mars. Very masculine, he’s a warrior.

And speaking of MARS, the martian and Uranus are cheek to cheek, so to speak. Mars at 16 degrees of Sagittarius -both in the 11th house of wishes hopes and dreams. The  11th house is about freedom, revolution, individualism. Harry won’t be easy to corral he walks his own way.

He does have a serious 11 degrees of Capricorn Ascendant. Not too emotional. His traditional demeanour is ruled by Saturn, his father, the Royal line for sure and it is astonishingly placed in his chart.

Saturn at 12 degrees of SCORPIO- he is one sexy guy, also symbolizes his dad Prince Charles. Saturn is the highest elevated planet int he chart on the MC which is the world stage spot.

Harry’s party antics also come from Venus at 17 degrees of Libra also in the need relationships, socializing, passion, obsession sector-the 8th house.

Harry also has party animal JUPITER King of the gods in Capricorn- serious partying! in the 12th house of ADDICTIONS!

Harry does have some serious demons in his psyche, as well he must from the death of his mom who I believe was murdered by his father and his Grandmother. It is just so very obvious to me.

Poor Boy, I really feel sorry for him. I don’t know how any of the Royals can actually sleep at night. They are demoniacally possessed.

Harry is a real person, caught in a Royal-Jupiter in the 12 life trap. He will never be on the throne so he is off the hook sort of. But that Capricorn Ascendant will ensure that he must bridle his passions and be more discreet.

Neptune at 28 degrees of Sagittarius is on the Galactic Center, he is a metaphysical dreamy, super romantic guy searching for an out of this world soul mate.


The boy can’t help it almost. He is controlled unconsciously by Jupiter conjunct Neptune to party, get wild, no boundaries, drink, drug, take risks.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in the 12th house indicates someone with addictions, could have serious drug or alcohol/sex problems, wishes to be behind the scenes. Jupiter Neptune in the 12th indicates an advanced spiritual past life,he was a monk, cloistered.

Harry has his South Node, his past at 29 degrees of  Scorpio in the 10th house, of fame. He already was someone of power and influence in the past. Someone who was familiar with passion, obsession, secrets, sex, death.

Harry’s Pluto in the 9th house of philosophy, travel, foreigners, higher learning?  at Zero degrees of Scorpio. His Soul represented by Pluto is intense, He lives life at 200%. Harry has all the power anyone could have in the world. He is rich, famous, titled -but is he happy?


Because in August 17, a New Moon when the fateful party happened in Vegas.

Mars was conjunct his Pluto-with MARS  exactly crossing his Pluto – 2 days after the photos came out on TMZ.  Saturn was also conjunction his Pluto.

Which means being caught- Saturn the cosmic cop, with your pants down- Mars in Scorpio.

PLUTO- death,rebirth is in his 12th house, has been there since 2007, and is about to cross his Ascendant.

Neptune is squaring his North Node, a bit fuzzy with boundaries are we, these days? Chiron is square to his Chiron and opposite his Part of Fortune.

Venus is sitting next to his Descendant. Harry is on the prowl for women.

Harry’s gonna have his 1st Saturn return in 2013 so his Dad and tradition may weigh in very heavy on him at that time. If he could opt out of the family business he would. When Uranus and Pluto square each other again May 21 at 11 degrees 14 minutes of Aries/ Capricorn exactly on you know who’s ascendant. He will rebel!

Already he is being supported by British army supporters on FAceBOOK Page called SUPPORT PRINCE HARRY WITH A NAKED SALUTE

 Do you wish to have a Royal chart reading?

10 thoughts on “Naked Truth, Prince Harry Astrology,Royal Stars from Tara Greene

  1. Hrh Prince Henry was setup by Katherine Middleton’s jealous bone …Not being able to comply with Royal laws requirments.She feels she can change his grandmother and force her to bend to her teenybopping spoil education ..She got really jealous that Hrh Prince Henry would be choosen over his brother if or when he chooses a monarchy women from the royal house to wed.That he and Prince Andrew would be the better hier to rule .Verses william for marrying beneath requirements and Charles beneath and sin reason for his divioce.Removes him as head of the church persay…


  2. I’ll predict Hrh Prince Henry will marry a princess and wed in 2014.She and Hrh Prince Henry will be King and Queen of uk…They together will revelutionrize the world standards and position to lifestyle.Govern fiercely and understanding of the people….Yes, i’ll try that prediction ….


    • A real princess in her own right, or a qualified young lady who becomes a “princess” through marriage to HRH Prince Harry? I’ve consulted my Tarot about this and I believe he will follow William and marry a non-royal, not a princess in her own right. I don’t see 2014, but I think it will happen within 7 years. I agree with you about the revolution. He would be a fierce leader, but have a great deal of empathy and compassion.


      • I too Have consulted God Almighty and as i predict another revolution like his great grand father who took over after his brother married a workingclass .To lose his rights like William and Charles will also abicate for marrying a sinwoman of nonroyal blood camilla bowels.Hrh Prince Henry will marry a royal and Princess high power and become Km .Henry and his coronation with his power princess will make a high promindance to his position…..


  3. I predict that Parliament will rule over William’s want to retain in the royal wealth and life.He and Katherine spoil attempt to destroy values in the family with deciet will never be crown ruler of Uk..I predict Katherine ,William and workingclass baby will be remove from the title of monarchy for Consutty as last name with living as the workingclass life of $25,000.00 a year.No titles ,no family and no return to the crown for William +Abication for marry workingclass woman with no royal hier rights to the monarchy crown lifestyle….


  4. I belive William and Katherine new name will be Consutty to retain in the workingclass birth of Katherine.Because Parliament and the Queen took charge.Both William and Charles will be dethrone out of succession and place in workingclass standards to achieve life needs to live.New law of Roman Catholic monarchy hiers will be able to be title and retain to the crown.Workingclass unions will forever be abolish by the crown..Past consort who married monarchy will be striped of monarchy history and titles.EX. Edward and Wallace Simpson Consutty is the only name in life.Edward and Sophie Consutty,Louise Consutty ..Charles and Camilla Consutty,William and Katherine Consutty,future baby William and Katherine Middleton have is Consutty.Demark hier Consutty name.Sweden ‘s Victoria and Daniel Consorty.Madelaine and HUSBAND TO BE Consorty…No unroyal union can bear royal term and life exspentures……


  5. I believe the crowns finances of removing faux term nonmonarchy will end the unrust of money in Britian..The new laws of Royal Roman Catholics into holy Royal unions will end the angry of relgion and place the Queen of England as the great royal for bringing royalty back with fierce meaning and givining the purpose back intact of monarchy……Because workingclass to monarchy marriages will be outlawed and removed from the crown to place the full hier with their workingclass mates for the life out of the royal pomp and ceremony life…The ecomonics for Britian will reduce to half the taxes with better living for the workingclass.All the faux terms will never be acknowledge as monarchy or ever retain a purpose to the crown.Regardless of children with thier mates.They will not hold a title to rule….Hrh Prince Henry will learn from his past ancesteries who didn’t weakend on the royal laws of no workingclass can marry a monarchy AND RETAIN WITH THE CROWN RIGHTS AND PRESENTS….Hrh Prince Henry and Hrh Prince Andrew and his daughters will be Hrh Prince Henry new fresh air.Hrh Prince Henry will be Km.Henry .He will marry a full royal Hrh Princess who will be his future Queen of Uk.They will bring Britian back to Gallances from the undirection of the past..Hrh Prince Andrew will also marry a royal hier .This will bring the fire in the furnace to remove the unwanted attention of unrest in homelife of monarchy and subjects..Hrh Prince Andrew’s second wife will be a lovely addition.His two daughters will marry groundup hier to the throne and have a new look on life.Both woman i precieve marrying monarchy count or baron titled hier…New members of the family will come from the exile royal monarchy hier who got thier titles back for never sinning on the crown….Mostly 100% low term titles place back with royal hiers and not the abolished nonroyal…


  6. Here what i precieve in over hearing ,Hrh Prince Henry is inline to wed a Hrh Princess of Russian sovierty and Hrh Prince Andrew marrying a swiss Countess or Scottish Countess birth royal…Both will bear the next royal hiers to the crown and not have the soughts..Queen of Uk will have a family party which only the royal hiers who married monarchy will retain in presence life of monarchy.Queen will enjoy her new grandchildren that Hrh Prince Andrew will have .Along reterming him as his title Prince or King of Scotland,his second wife will be a strong force for him and his prevous royal children from his first marriage.His First wife will enjoy her new life in France with her new term as Hrh Countess when she marry’s a second time with royal Count of some french title…..Her daughters will be so happy with the new direction as royal figures ….A singer(royalty) marrys Hrh royalty.Her marriage with this public figure takes the place of loses…Both retain Hrh Count and Countess TITLES AFTER SO MANYS YEARS SINGING, SHE IS FOUND OUT TO BEING MONARCHY HIER will planning for the wedding….


  7. All the exile children onced just famous for being wealthy and having blood to the crown.Will be titled and marry monarchy..Three i saw well known marrying to keep the royalty royal.This grandchildren of exile hier who didn’t have workingclass blood in them become rename with royal christian names and placed with the remaining titles..These royals were onced known as wealthy hier to a belief of just wealth. Are by blood 100% monarchy..They wed in glammour being influenced by Km.Henry wife….She is soo heavily royal connected that she is illquestionable ….Km.Henry and his Qm wife. will have three children …His uncle Hrh Prince Andrew will have two with his second wife(boy then girl or two boys)…..Making the Queens last days soo enjoyable,she will be known as the greatest because she is female and infalliable to the crown stern laws….A real closeness will the monarchy houses will encurr. When all the unroyals leave to produce thier future workingclass children….


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