RIP Neil Armstrong, Astrology of a Moon Walker from Tara Greene

Neil Armstrong the first man to walk on the Moon, a man whose footprint on the lunar surface, literally, may be long in surpassing, has passed away Aug 25 2012 at 82. He has transitted from Moon walker to true Sky Walker, Star Walker, stuff of legends.

“That’s one small step for man, a giant leap for mankind” the whole world, or as many televisions or radios sets as could receive the signal from space that July 21 1969 was watching. An estimated 450 million people were listening.

So how were the stars aligned when Neil Armstrong was born? Lets look at his Astrology.

Are there indicators of a man who would go down in history ? Born August 5 1930 at 12:31 am in Wapakoneta Ohio.

Neil Armstron Astrology by Tara Greene

click on chart for larger view

YES I would say Neil definitely signed on to being a legend being  a LEO, he was a natural HERO and leader, fond of being the center of attention, one who likes the drama of being on the worlds’ stage is certainly a quality one would need to accomplish such a task.

The Moon at 25 degrees of SAGITTARIUS is conjunct the GALACTIC CENTER showing him to be a man who aims higher, seeks freedom, knowledge, wants to understand purpose and philosophy, the higher truth is what his Moon signifies. The G.C. Moon confers a special connection to GALACTIC Source energy. Literally it is an emotional yearning to return to the mother, source, the Unconscious, outer space.


and Mars at 14 degrees Gemini in the 1st house shows Neil’ s “fly boy” persona. Charming, curious, quick minded, fast learner.

MARS is drive ambition, and he definitely had that. His ambition, his machismo was powerful. Mars is speed, risk, and thrills. In the 1st house it’s all about “ME.” He most likely had that infamous dual nature. Could be shy and retiring but also sought the spotlight and fame.

Mercury – thinking capacity is  conjunct NEPTUNE {spirit, dreams, and fantasy} in VIRGO. He was highly intelligent meticulous, organized as one would have to be back then as it tool a lot of  skill  to operate relatively simple space craft  by humans. He was a dreamer on a vast scale. Neptune rules creativity and actors, He was playing a role, the role of explorer, hero, pioneer. His thoughts created dreams.

Neil’s Venus was also in Virgo; he loved and valued precision, order, organization, being detached and most of all being of service.

Jupiter was in Cancer {family man, traditional, sentimental, close to his mother} is opposite Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn in the 8th house of transformation, power, secrets, control. This is a strong work hard, play hard aspect. It must have been difficult for him to worry about dying on a  mission and not being able to be there for his family if anything happened. It was a very risky mission.

Saturn Retro in Capricorn indicated that his karma was one where he already knew how to assume worldly power, hold the mantle of authority from previous lives.

Jupiter and Saturn form a T-square to Uranus at the 15th degree of ARIES. Aries planets like to play wth fire. The 15th degree is always the most powerful and Uranus is the planet of firsts, pioneers, revolutionaries, inventors, and freedom seekers.

Pluto is in Cancer , old fashioned American values, serving his country as his duty. Never questioning or rebelling against established authority. Pluto in Cancer rules the stomach and Neil died as a result of stomach related operation.

Pluto squares Uranus so his souls’ mission was to change the world.

His MC or highest career goal sign is of course AQUARIUS, the sign of inventors, pioneers, technicians, freedom seekers, unique individuals.

  The north Node his highest spiritual goal at 27 degrees of Aries     {pioneering} in the 12th house house of space, literally, the unconscious,  secrets, karma, bliss.

Mr. Armstrong got to experience something that no man had or will  be able to experience, it was his and his alone and that is the 12th house. It is both the house of alienation, alcoholism, addictions and the connection with the Collective unconscious archetypes of all humans.

Neil’s natal South Node at 27 degrees of Libra {not indicated on the chart} is in the 6th house of work and service. Neil gave up his personal life to be of a greater service to the world. He gave up his need for personal relationships to relate to the whole.


Jupiter the planet that rules Sagittarius, airplanes, flight, freedom, higher learning, sacred law, expansion, understanding is transiting exactly on his Natal Mars indicating it is time for Neil to expand into the Galaxy and truly fly free.

Neptune planet of spirituality, dreaming, is also exactly opposite his Natal Neptune, again a very powerful image of a spiritual upload to the heavens.

Venus at 16 degrees of Cancer is exactly square to his Natal Uranus on the cusp of his 12th house, and close to Neil’s natal Pluto. The love for freedom and for his soul’s purpose is evident here.

Pluto is just passed his natal Saturn, and this is very karmic, the soul Pluto, and the physical body {Saturn in Capricorn} have united for the 3rd and last pass of this transit. Pluto is also opposite his natal Jupiter, a true expansion.

The transiting South Node has just crossed Neil’s Ascendant, and is square to his Natal Neptune. His past is done, he will wear a new form. The right place for Neil to be is in bliss in the Oneness.

Interesting  that the recent SATURN/ MARS conjunction fell exactly on Mr. Armstrong’s SOUTH NODE, opposite his North Node in indicating that his work on the earth in this lifetime was done.

Her’s a link to -what else? WALKING ON THE MOON by the POLICE


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