The calm BEFORE THE STORM, to do list Astrology from Tara Greene

August 13- One  touch of Venus  early afternoon

Touch of Venus astrology

Moon entered CANCER Aug 13

Her home sign where the Mother Goddess nourishes all her children, with her sweet breast milk, sings them soft lullabies, holds them close to her always, comforts cares for and nurtures them. Safety, security, emotional safety.

Ahh, be with this image,  feel it enter your memory banks and become an oasis in your heart and tummy.

Moon conjuncts VENUS  Aug 13 @ 4 degrees+ Cancer

Nurturing safety sex and Love come together @ 3;45 pm EDT

WOW a great threesome! Have a late brunch of your own sweet comfort food and make love with whatever turns you on sensually  Enjoy the way the universe sends this energy to you..


MOON opposite PLuto @ 6:41 pm @ 7 degrees CAPRICORN

The Moon Cancer /Capricorn  opposition = Good Mom vs. Shadow MOM,

Power struggles, fears projections from the Unconscious of the VAGINA dentata, the woman who eats men, LILLITH type of energy. Old unconscious memories may arise.  A positive response to this would be emotional food and nurturing for your soul.

Post coital depression is possible/ celebrating the dark and light sides of reality.

This is a prequel to Wed. when VENUS opposes PLUTO

Moon square URANUS @ 8:26 pm

something completely different MOnty Python

And now for something completely different, emotionally. Culturally, intellectually, spiritually, shift is happening!

Earthquakes and emotional upheavals highly likely.

 Uranus and the Moon square off @ 8:26 pm . You may find yourself ending up sleeping on a  park bench or your mother turning into a banshee or…

It’s a wham bang thank you Ma’Am kind a day.

SUFFRAGETTE CITY Indeed. video link at end

and RIP Helen Gurley Brown of COSMOPOLITAN passed away age 90 on August 13

She had her PLUTO at 8 degrees RETRO of Cancer and her North Node- her highest potential exactly on her MC her highest career point at 9 degrees Libra which is exactly where the Moon Pluto conjunction was square to today. I will go over her chart later.

so sit in shock and awe with all this Mothering emotional needyness, power love sex whoopee cushion all day MOnday and Tuesday because there are NO MAJOR ASPECTS Tuesday. quite rare.

REST, don’t get outta bed, or stay in bed with your lover,, soak up the lOVE

Aug 15 MOON will square Mars then Saturn. the 2 malefics! after midnight

VENUS  will oppose PLUTO @ 5:11 am EDT


it’s in the news!

Free Pussy Riot Venus vs PLUTO ASTROLOGY


Psychologist Carl Jung said there are only 2 emotions,

Love or FEAR, choose!

MARS & SATURN conjunct in Libra @ 6:35 am @ 24 degrees LIBRA

the masculine is jumping karmic hurdles, the Olympics will never end.

Moon enters Fiery LEO @ 2:05 pm

to add more fuel to the fire.

VENUS SQUARES URANUS @ 11:48 pm PDT – Aug 16 @ 2:48 am EDT

women overturn the usual flow and  take back the night,run wild and free!

carnival of love

suffragette city indeed! free PUSSY RIOT!!!


I’m Free 90’s cutesy pop dance by The Soup Dragons is perf

need some PSYCHIC spiritual Astrology guidance?

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 talk to me!

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