Gabby Douglas Gold Medal Astrology from Tara Greene- stars of an Olympic champion

The world is enraptured by the London Olympics, the ancient Greek athletic games that were resurrected in the 20th century.

Of course Mount Olympus was ruled by Zeus, the bearded God and head honcho,equivalent to the Nordic  THOR, thunderbolt throwing,and his infamy for chameleon like disguises to seduce and rape women with. Zeus is also a planet, can you guess which one?

Been some big Gold medal winners for the U.S. What makes one an athletic champion? Can we see it in their astrology charts?

GABBY DOUGLAS the pint-sized American gymnast who also won the individual all around Champion Gold medal in 2012

Gabby Douglas Olympic gold medalist astrology

Gabby Douglas Astrology from TAra Greene

The diminutive 4 ft 11 inch Gabby, born on December 31 1995 in Virgina Beach Virgina. No confirmed birth time for her yet, so a Noon hour chart is used for a famous person.Interesting she was born in Virgin Beach as this is where famed “Sleeping prophet” psychic Edgar Cayce’s foundation is.

Where is the Champ in Gabby’s chart? Quintuple Capricorn, Moon in Taurus very very earthy and embodied

Gabby is born under the hard-working disciplined sign of Capricorn and she is what I’d call a Quintuple Cap. having 4 planets plus one asteroid JUNO, which is the specific FEMININE form of Genius. Gabby has the Sun conjunct MARS – action, drive, athletes have strong Mars in their chart.

She also has her Moon is stubborn focused body focused TAURUS, That’s a lot of earth!

She has MARS CONJUNCT NEPTUNE, her dream and her drive, her will and her soul are combined.

Gabby has Juno, Mercury- {thinking} and Uranus combined. She thinks outside the box.

click on chart to view larger

Her birth chart is deceptively focussed and simple.

 Venus which rules  her loves is at 12 degrees of Aquarius. She wants to be her own unique  individual, she loves the world in a detached way. What better way than to have secured a Gold Medal at the Olympics. The world loves her too.

SATURN the ruler of all those Capricorn planets, also rules Aquarius in Ancient Astrology is at 19 degrees of Pisces, making  Gabby   a very spiritual girl,compassionate, kind. She will make a fabulous world peace ambassador.  Saturn in Pisces is karmic, Bodhisattva’s have this aspect. I believe she was a very enlightened being in a past life and has come back now to be a go between.

 Her North Node, her highest spiritual goal, is at 23 degrees Libra, it natally squares her MARS & NEPTUNE conjunct in Capricorn, the natural 10th house of fame and worldly power. Her highest goal is to act on her spiritual dream.

 Her South Node in Aries symbolizes that she was a man in a past life, a warrior, I see her as an Asian martial arts expert.She came into this world with innate grace and phuysical skills.

Gabby has Pluto at 1 degree and Jupiter at the 29th critical degree of Sagittarius. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. Jupiter is Zeus.

Sagittarius and Aries are associated with athletics, sports. Gabby has Jupiter in its home sign. Her Jupiter at the very last degree is a  SUPER JUPITER.  Her soul is that of a Sag. she is casual easy-going, optimistic, honest. She is an International soul.

August 2 2012

 ON the day she won the gold medals transiting SATURN< planet of KARMA was exactly on her NORTH NODE!


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