Dark Knight Rises movie massacre, Archetypal Astrology connections,by Tara Greene

Very sad to hear of another terrible gun massacre of innocent people at a movie theatre in AURORA Colorado at a MIDNIGHT debut screening of the latest Batman movie on  July 20 at 12:30 am in Aurora Colorado. AURORA means the dawn, so the dawn of the Dark Knight.

But the MOVIE TITLE is  so obvious archetypal it reminds me that it was almost like the 911 symbolism of th planets Saturn in Gemini opposite Pluto in Sagittarius which was part of the creation by the planets., Cant’ see the forest for the Trees? If we know how to read the subliminal yet very obvious signs of the times. we can be better prepared. That is my job.

How aptly named for this tragedy was the movie title. The DARK KNIGHT RISES is the first half of a phrase called the DARK NIGHT of the Soul.

The Dark Knight is the opposite of the good white knight, the Templars who served the Goddess. Batman is all about dealing with his own shadow.

The suspect, 24 year old James Holmes shot round after round with a semi-automatic military weapon,killing  12, injuring at least 50 people. He had recently purchased 6,000 rounds of ammunition over the Internet. He dyed his hair red and said he was The JOKER, one of Batman’s arch-enemies from the Comic book. Holmes set off an unknown gas in the theatre, wearing a gas mask himself began firing rounds into the movie theatre crowd.


It was reported that moviegoers didn’t know what was happening and some thought the attack was part of the show. It was reported that they saw a silhouette of a person in the smoke in the front of the theatre near  the screen, pointing a gun at the crowd.


Warner brothers who released the film have postponed midnight screenings in Paris and have increased security in New York.

Among the dead was Jessic Ghawi, a 25 year old U.S. aspiring sportscaster who had just missed being hit by gunfire in Toronto last month at the Eaton Center, where a  random shooting occurred in the downtown Toronto tourist attraction. Toronto, where I live at present  is the safest  for its size,over 4,000,000 in North America. Althought here have been a spate of many shooting here as well lately. I would say very sadly that death has been stalking her. Some people survive all kinds of near deaths, shootings, crazy catastrophe’s. Sad that this young woman is gone.  A number of young children were hurt and injured. What were they doing in a movie theatre at midnight to watch an ultra-violent movie you may be asking.

This tragic story is so fraught with Archetypal symbolism it is crazy.

Batman movie massacre Astrology

On July 16 in my article about the JULY 20 NEW MOON – https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/5-moons-for-plutocancer-new-moon-tsunami-astrology-womenrituals-from-tara-greene/  I predicted wild out of control terrorist, attacks, s & m energy. ” A lower level effect is also being overwhelmed by crazy sexual energy out of control, wild, unconscious, raping, torture, s & m,from being repressed for so long, be very careful.” 

The MARS PLUTO URANUS  T- square energy that was exact on the New MOON ONE DAY BEFORE, is exactly the type of energy which fuels these horrific kinds of massacres with sudden, unexpected, URANIAN -violent MAR S/ guns, attacks, PLUTO – the Unconscious the SHADOW, the JOKER, DEATH rebirth.

I had a dream Thursday Night on the New moon July 19, I told my husband about it because it was a very LUCID dream. where everything is hyper-real like super HD.

In my dream a young man was staging a theatre performance. He spoke to me of the spectacle, a surprise performance in the crowds. I walked through large staircases, and there was a big crowd of all kinds of people. The youngish man was wearing huge conch shells on his shoulders, with spikes sticking out, and he wore a vest made of large shells. I went by a TV monitor in the stairway which looked like an old 5–60’s type of monitor and the image on the screen was black and white, but it was a modern flat screen monitor. On the screen was the emblem of NEPTUNE, a trident. Everything else was in vivid color. I remember telling my husband about the young man, he felt very intense, absorbed in his role and his unique costume. The image looked like this.

Neptune, Astrology Tara Greene

I am a psychic by profession, I do often dream of things before they happen. I was of course upset to hear about such a  tragedy.

NEPTUNE in my dream, relating to this horrible tragedy and astrologicalyl now tells the sad tale. NEPTUNE rules images, photography, illusion, delusion, delusional characters, dreams, fantasy, addictions, fog, masks, HOLLYWOOD, glamour, no-boundaries, the ocean, spirit. Neptune was the Ancient Greek God of the oceans, but he like Pluto, rules the unconscious,in a different manner than Pluto.

Neptune rules the blurry boundaries between reality and illusion, the Twilight zone. Note the word TWILIGHT becoming so prominent in culture. Hollywood, is THE major  vehicle for subconscious imagery. All images are magical and powerful, that’s why Jews and Muslims were traditionally banned from making images, it is a GODLIKE power. An image is a representation of what, it is, an ancient “primitive” belief  very voodoo like. The ind doesn’t diffenrentiate but what is real and what is an image.

But it is clear in this story that the suspected gunman said he was the JOKER and was appropriating the archetypal role as a means to vent his own deranged psychological frustrations by shooting and killing a group of strangersas he embodied the movie character.

The JOKER is death. I don’t go see these kinds of violent movies because they are disturbing to me. Reading a comic book of Batman is not the same as a full fledged Dolby sound induced theatre experience these days. In quantum physics and meditation the mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is an illusion.

The Batman series has become darker and darker since the first reigniting in the ate 80’s. Batman is also not a super- hero. He is a human person, and therefore more easy to identify with.

Neptune is currently being squared by the North NODE in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules military pageantry on the one hand, it is a fire sign, one of truth, higher teaching, sacred law.

As a Canadian where guns have always been licenced and Canada coming from the British tradition where police didn’t used to carry guns at all I find the ability to so easily have access to guns in the U.S. outrageous.

Without guns this kind of thing would not happen. But it isn’t the guns, it is Hollywood itself perpetrating this violence,. It is the reality tv show, it is the loss of meaning in people’s lives, It is the overly technologized culture, it is a culture devo id of real meaning, sustenance, balance.

Young boys in the age group of the alleged killer have been spoon feb violent video games. They have been created to be violent, so that they can be dispensable drones in wars. They are just pawns in the game. Everything is  a movie.

Hollywood should be held accountable for perpetrating this violent culture. They are the god creators.  Hollywood is one of the U.S. largest earning corporations, this movie was one of the largest anticipated movies for 2012.

 As Neptune is Retrograde now  backing up to Zero degrees Pisces the sign it rules on November 11 2012. Ww can reset the Neptunian structures in our lives. Neptune will be reigning supreme in his sign until 2026.

America, Hollywood, the entire U.S. culture which leads the world in images, advertizing, media and therefore controls the world will have to deal with how Neptune is portrayed. Neptune like Batman or anything has an inherent duality.

 The DARK SIDE of NEPTUNE is The Dark Knight, violence and addictions. No sense of self, appropriate indentities.

The Light Knight Neptune rules is spirituality, compassion, oneness, forgivenss.

We are all the murderer, the violent and the murdered. Meditate on that and decide which was you want to vote.

Your comments are most welcome.

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