Solar Flare alert-Black Hole Sun-Full Moon, 4th of JULY,Tara Greene Psychic Astrology

We are in a very high CME Coronal Mass Ejection period. Very high magnitude solar flares  July 2 and more expected almost X-class, m3.8 have been reported.

see for up to the minute news

THE SUN is the heart,the Source of our solar system. If the Sun is showing sun spots which are visible to the naked eye, the Sun is  speaking to us VERY LOUDLY  in Solar Logos or solar flair pictograms.

FULL MOON July 3 @ 11:53 am PDT/ 2:53 pm EDT/ 6:53 pm GMT

and a very powerful FULL MOON at that. Ushering in the U.S. 4th of July BIRTHDAY CELEB.

The MOON is situated @ 12 degrees CAPRICORN, directly opposite is conjunct Fixed Star SIRIUS, and the U.S. SUN

the SIRIANS are a highly evolved spiritual group of entities who are overseeing humanities leap into higher dimensional frequencies.

Sirius was the Star of very bright magnitude which the Egyptians worshipped as OSIRUS.Sirius rising signalled the annual flooding of the Nile hence fertility and continued life.

PLUTO Retrograde is conjunct the MOON  making this a very SOULFUL deep, powerful and  intensely felt  full moon.

We are in the midst of the first Pluto Uranus squares which started June 24 XACT. These outer planets produce generational changing world events. ALways best to look into the past to check this out.

The last time the 2 planets squared off was in 1932-34 at 20-24 degrees Aries- Uranus to Pluto in Cancer. Note that Saturn is currently opposite to that Uranian placement and square to that PLuto placement, further highlighting the karmic intensity of what was shall be underscored now for deeper meaning. We are condemned to repeat the past if we don’t learn from our mistakes. That is KARMA plain and simple.

This time period saw the GREAT Depression, FDR’s New Deal, creation of FDIC,CCC and FCC.

The rise of dictators Hitler, Stalin and Mao- the great murderer of all time. Fascism is on the rise. Not just neo-nazis, or anti-Muslims, but the new NDAA law in the U.S. can mean anyone who mentions conspiracy theories or who speaks against the state, this is not CHINA, can be thrown in jail with out trial for up to 90 days. people could be disappearing soon. Hitlerian fascism is back. in Canada Stephen Harper has renamed Canada’s government in his own brand name! WTF!!!

ON a more positive note many important scientific discoveries were made in quantum mechanics and radio astronomy.

There could be a danger of Japan’s failed Nuclear power reactors being damaged through high tides on the this PLUTONIC full MOON.  Solar flares can also interfere with any computers. We are all very vulnerable with our dependence on new technology.

Just a few days ago Sun opposed Pluto with the Uranus Square and Mars entering Libra today will further amp it up.

This is all potential quite explosive.

The Sun OUR STAR, our LIGHT, our father, as progenitor, who art in Heaven, is speaking to us.

 The SOLAR LOGOS is just coming to me as I write this. It is something Stuart Wilde,a writer and spiritual teacher I have read, attended lectures and respect talks about, It comes from metaphysical visionary Rudolph Steiner. Stuart says the Solar Logos is the Returned Christ Light. This is a good thing.

People born during 32-34 who are now hitting 80 are going through enormous change and potential liberation. People who’s natal planets are being affected by these transits may be choosing to leave the planet.

I wrote this late last night. Was looking for something on the net and went to look at photos I took from almost one year ago  exactly at the MOCCA opening for This is Paradise in Toronto. I was looking at some great portraits, one was of an old friend of my husband and myself, artist Sybil Goldstein. I thought oh what a great photo of her we’ll have to go see her soon. She has this funky little country place at an old leftist Jewish Mother and babe’s camp callled Camp Nyveldt or new world, 

Artists Sybil Goldstein RIP photo by Tara Greene

Went to sleep. Woke up, went to FB only to find out that Sybil had passed away suddenly yesterday night! A big shock.

I send Sybil many blessings, she was a strong woman,a very talented artist, a devoted mother of one son.

We hardly know anything. For me to do my best psychic work I have to be in a state of not knowing, humility.

Life is always  unexpected. The sudden death of a friend punctuated with solar flares and on a Full Moon packs an even more powerful punch through our hearts. It is always a good day to die. One cannot live unless one confronts death and change.

then I found this

We hardly know anything. To be fully alive is to not know, allowing conscious awareness, and the Light in.

The URANUS PLUTO SQUARES and the SOLAR FLARES and you can rap it too. impacts each one of us with the fact that all we can do is love totally, live at 200%, be present, give, be conscious. Ask for forgiveness from our humanness.

Sybil painted the Cameron House Art Bar’s Queen West landmark hot spot’s ceiling wth cherubs. She was part of the Chromaliving collective and  a well known Toronto artist for 30 years.

Sybil Goldstein Toronto artist

I leave you with one of her paintings which seems to illustrate the Capricorn Full Moon.

With every death there is a rebirth.

I leave you with this song by one of my fave singers LAURA NYRO and when I die

blessings TARA

11 thoughts on “Solar Flare alert-Black Hole Sun-Full Moon, 4th of JULY,Tara Greene Psychic Astrology

  1. Hi Tara,
    Thank you for this very informative piece of information!
    I found it especially interesting that Sunday morning while I was undergoing a reiki drumming healing with my soul sisters, I saw many beautiful cherubs!
    Blessings of love and light to you and your dear friend and artist ❤


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  3. Thank you Tara, for this piece.

    It helps me to explain a puncturing of my heart yesterday.

    In my case, it was a different kind of loss. I’m a Leo and had a super tough discussion around money yesterday that sent me reeling just around the time that you indicated the moon went full on July 3rd.

    The issue was around payment of a bill for services. Very Capricorn. Last week, I had authorized services for surgery related to a sudden illness of my dog with my vet. Her illness was shocking and sudden. I had clearly told my vet that I couldn’t pay for her surgery until I received more income on Thursday (tomorrow). I am a long-term client of his, and he seemed fine with it.

    But then yesterday, when I told his front staff that I wouldn’t be paying until Thursday, he started yelling at me about authorizing him to do surgery that I could not afford, and in front of my children in such a way that made me cry. I was so surprised to be hearing this changed story, and it put me into such a deep, deep state of sadness that I felt like I couldn’t release for hours last night. I was crying in a way that just wouldn’t stop. Yet, even while I was going through it, I felt like I was revisiting a deep wound from childhood that had to do with trust, responsibility, and handling crisis situations. Fortunately, I have been doing enough spiritual work, that I could remind myself that there must be a lesson for me, including me having a better emergency savings account.

    The interesting thing was that it also made me think about how I run my own business, and how I never want to treat someone else the way that I was treated yesterday. Normally, my veterinarian is a very nice guy, so it made everything all the more shocking. Reading your post, I realize that I actually handled this explosive energy fairly well, because I didn’t respond in anger. But I have to see him again tomorrow, and I plan to say something to stand up for my self in this matter, that I couldn’t find the words to say yesterday.

    Last night, I had read another astrologer saying that Mars was moving out of Virgo on July 3rd into Libra, which should make it better for Leos at least in the next month. She mentioned that Leos have had to deal with unexpected expenses for quite some time and things should now get better. I so hope she’s right!. 🙂

    The funny thing is that I knew there was a full moon, and about the Uranus/Pluto meeting on June 24th, and still the experience felt like it pulled the carpet from underneath my feet. So, I know we’re in for some challenges in the next few years, but hopefully we can become stronger and wiser through them.

    This is a long comment, but I thought you might be interested in hearing my experience of the full moon and Pluto. Again, thanks for this post. I found it to be quite accurate!

    Many blessings for your friend Sybil. I’m sorry for your loss. She’s sounds like an amazing woman.



    • thank you for your kind sympathies and for your very long heartfelt opening you have shared. Keep commenting I love the feedback. YEs the astrology of Leos having extra expenses was from Jupiter in Taurus which loves to spend. Depending on when your birthday is in Leo, Saturn is going to move into Scorpio in the first week of October, so get ready to do your due diligence, responsability, testing, obstacles, growing up lessons with Saturn squaring LEO for the next 2 and a half years. I will write more about that Soon,
      Blessings TARA


      • Thanks for the heads up about the upcoming Saturn in Scorpio Square with Leo. That sounds like a rather daunting energy for 2 1/2 years, so it’s probably a good idea for me to do some preparation for that! 🙂


  4. I seldom leave responses, however i did a few searching and wound up here Solar Flare alert-Black Hole Sun-Full Moon, 4th of JULY,Tara Greene Psychic Astrology Tara Greene,Tarot, Astrology, Psychic & everything you need. And I do have 2 questions for you if it’s allright. Could it be just me or does it look like a few of the responses come across like they are written by brain dead folks? 😛 And, if you are posting on other sites, I would like to follow everything new you have to post. Would you list of all of all your community pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?


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