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How was Day 2. of  Jupiter in Gemini for you?

I had a fabulous day. I have been hired to read Tea Leaves at a Business Event Trade Show in downtown Toronto June 12 and 13th for 4.5  hours a day. Hotel chains, cruise lines, Tourism Boards, Las Vegas, Wineries, airlines over 450 suppliers are displaying their wares at this 2 day show with fabulous speakers, The Kielburger brothers of From  Me to We fame and David Chilton of the Wealthy Barber and more. So I am very happy to be at such a superb event.

In spite of other heavy energies going on today. An Aries moon ensured that the day moved very fast. I was busy reading cup after cup,non stop all day. The stressful Pluto Moon Chiron Retrograde, Uranus Mercury energy had people telling me how exhausted they were, how they haven’t been sleeping. Of course many peoples’ readings featured major career changes, reflected through the planets. 

Tea Leaf Reading Tara Greene psychic

 I love Tea leaf readings! It is a totally psychic art, a tea leaf Rorschach test. We were using  different types of tea as well so each reading was very unique and different looking visually. There was a Lovely Mango tea, a London tea, a sweet chai. mmm

 Do you have favourite tea types?   Maybe there is an astrological and tea preference correlation waiting for me to explore

A reader thanked me for putting  a positive spin on things with Jupiter in Gemini.

Here’s proof of how much easier it will be. My son Elijah, born with 4 planets in Gemini heard today, after a long delay that he was accepted into a College programme he is wanting to do.  Jupiter rules Higher education. If you are a mutable sign, Gemini, Virgo Sagittarius or Pisces higher education is a big theme for you this year and next.

Ditto travel to exotic locations.International relations should improve in general.

 Jupiter, Retro Neptune in Pisces & the North Node in Sagittarius are forming a T-Square by the month’s end.

Golden Compass Astrology Tara Greene

Reset your Spiritual GPS to the HIGHEST Hopes Wishes dreams Now

Activate your Golden Compass

Aim higher Jupiter always says. Neptune with North Node is a highly romantic optimistic intention, aiming flaming arrows up to the heavens, to the Galactic Center. The December 21, 2012 cross hairs alignment. What are your co-ordinates on the Galactic Highway? The Xibalba?

Feel deeply what your heart desires. Have faith in your dreams, in your innate spiritual remembering of who you  really are and where we all come from. We are Star Dust, We ARE golden. I have an innate knowing that we are spiritual beings having a temporary expereience/illusion that everything we experience on the physical plane is real. We are immortal, living libraries and mirrors of the Divine. 

Life is High way

Ethics, integrity honesty are all Jupiter trademarks. 

Gemini is the trickster aspect, the mind/duality/split. Symbolized by the Magician in the Tarot, very wise, originator of all creation. We can let the mind trick ourselves. But never when we are living from our Heart Center’s and that is Jupiter Neptune North Node.


Here’s what to do, over the next 2 weeks, ponder, write down, talk with  your buds  and list { Jupiter in Gemini} all your Highest, { North Node in Sagittarius}  most spiritual, compassionate, humanitarian dreams { Neptune in Pisces}. Also any creative projects, deepest desires, wildest adventures.

What’s your biggest best most Super Natural life ever?

Envision it, get really into this. Build it, plan it. Make a dream mandala of it, build a model.

Affirm it. Believe it. Make it happen.

This is how you activate your Golden Compass.

Need help to reset your Golden Compass? Get a reading:

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