Jupiter in Gemini preview,Starships are meant to fly,Astrology tips from psychic Tara Greene

Sunday June 10 as Jupiter exits Taurus today and my day felt like it was a perfect Jupiter in Gemini preview

I was at two, of course, Gemini birthday parties in one day today.

this is my second blurb about Jupiter in Gemini as well and my 300th post! I am obsessed with writing these days also a Jupiter in Gemini….

I haven’t been out to anyone’s birthday party since my Dad passed away almost 6 months ago.

The first party of the day was for a young 70 year old Englishman, who is also  Tibetan Buddhist Lama  and teacher,originally studied physics and math at Oxford and  a 32nd degree Mason. He is  a very special man and there were about 50 people celebrating him at the birthday buffet lunch. We are honoured to be able to receive his special teachings. Very eclectic.

Later that day my family and I went to the 2nd birthday party for a woman wh is a writer, actress, comedian which was in a park in the west end of the city. This one had lot of artists, actors, comedians, creative, metaphysical types . It was tres casual with a bon fire and we had a weenie roast, home made multi- national food, hidden alcoholic drinks in paper bags in the park. In Canada, in every province except Quebec, one cannot  legally drink alcohol in the open in a public park. There were many dogs { Jupiter is an animal lover}  and one little boy 3. 

 My daughter managed to get the Jiffy Pop to actually pop on the fire. An amazing feat. All the adults kept telling her that it could only be done on TV. Not in reality. My daughter with great optimism, patience and persistence { she has Venus in Capricorn BTW & a Virgo Ascendant} stayed with it in Jupiter in Gemini fashion. And it paid off.  She was very proud of herself as the spacey aluminum covering poofed up. The Jiffy Pop wasn’t too bad, a bit rich, not much actual corn there.

JIffy Pop Jupiter in gemini Tara Greene astrology

 JIFFY POP is a great metaphor for Jupiter in Gemini.

yah hangin’ out with a gaggle of folks that’s what Jupiter in Gemini is all about, socializing a lot,with all types, kinds and feathers, open.

Gemini is curious. What’s your story? 

Jupiter loves space travel. Jupiter in gemini spaced out

Nicki Minaj’s recent hit Starships are meant to fly is a perfect phrase to sum up that Jup in Gem. mode.

 Jupiter in Gemini is always uber optimistic and ready to gamble and trust. Jupiter is set to square Neptune in Pisces exactly over the next 2 weeks.

Jupiter in Gemini Neptune conjunction Tara Greene

Yes Jupiter’s optimism is great! in Gemini it will be 2, 2 Twice as powerful. But be forewarned.

Neptune in Pisces rose colored Astrology Tara Greene

yes wearing those rose or rather purplish rose-coloured glasses with Jupiter {purple is Jupiter’s color} will leave you very vulnerable to snake oil salesman, and anyone who may prey vampire-like on your innocent gullible trusting Pisces like naivety.

The remedy? stay open stay trusting have FAITH. Jupiter rules religion and it requires FAITH, in Gemini,it’s always a two-sided story. Faith also implies DOUBT. With Jupiter in Gemini this could be a good thing,

Do question everything from both sides as that is a reality check.

Is it real? Isn’t it real? Wow he/she seems too good to be true.. Does his/her story check out?

and if still in doubt. I offer  a mirror: Get a reading, http://www.taratarot.com/id78.html

Much more about Jupiter in Gemini. – the famous, the rich, the stars, etc, and individual horoscopes….

And musical accompaniment by George Michael FAITH  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu3VTngm1F0

and starships by Nicki http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vg5HAOvzsPU&feature=related

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