June 11/12 street fighting man aspects, Chiron goes Retro,Aries Moon more Astrology Tara Greene

3 beginnings start the week of  June 11,  Jupiter enters Gemini, Moon enters Aries starting a new cycle

 June 11 @ 8:21 PM PDT/ June 12  @ 12:21 am EDT

Moon promptly smashes into Uranus, joining forces with the rebels and freedom fighters.

Hugo, Jupiter Uranus Pluto Astrology

  Georges Melies  film Trip to the Moon 1902 featured in HUGO by Martin Scorsese

Uranus is squaring Pluto in Capricorn { Plutocrats, secrets cabals,} the two transpersonal planets are getting ready for their exact square the first of 7, count’ em on June 24.  These two planets created the 60’s cultural revolution folks. The BIG CHANGES are just warming up.

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.    The night before the Grail Lady faire begins.  

Street Fighting Man is the Rolling stones song to go with this energy musically.
Pluto in Capricorn is opposing Mercury in Cancer . A big Cardinal T-square with the Moon as well

Mercury is the planet that rules GEMINI and with Sun, Venus Retro and now Jupiter in the mutable sign for the next year. Mercury rules them all now. Cancer is all about emotional security and insecurity. What we need to FEEL SAFE, women, children, nursing, socialized medicine, real estate in general, roots, tradition, Feminine, endings.   Mercury in Cancer squares the Uranus/Moon conjunction.

Woman will also take to the streets, the FEMININE revolution is also beginning. the Divine feminine is not some pussy cat doll you know, not some virgin mary statue standing idly by simply crying. No the reborn feminine is  KALI energy

Kali Divine Feminine Tara Greene Astrology

and Maha Shakti

Shakti feminine power Tara greene astrology

so call in the power of the assertive, angry fighting for freedom,Feminine, Kali destroys all of the ego, all that clings,

The SHakti’s bring  redemption,clarity, spiritual ethical balance and honoring of the Feminine force.

CHIRON the wounded healer goes retrograde too. Old wounds and vulnerabilities will surface and most likely in your dreams.

pay attention to this. Treat your dreams with great respect. There will be tears, let them flow it is healing.

5 months of Chiron retrograde. Old friendships will end or come back together.

Jupiter in Gemini is easy-going compared to stubborn old Taurus.

go easy on yourself, all this mutable energy means things Are moving faster now than before.

stay calm, there is a deep philisophical energy about Jupiterin gemini, more later

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