May 11, 6 months after 11:11:11 Do you know where U are? Metaphysical musings from Tara Greene

I  realised that today May 11 is six months since 11:11:11 a sacred numerology pre-encoded memory trigger,for humanity

You’ve seen 11:11 on your clock for years now right?

That was a sacred energy Gateway and Portal.  I was in Sedona for the 11:11:11 with my friend Kabbalistic Astrologer Joseph Mark Cohen and Iala Jaggs doing a Kabbalistic Tree of Life Ceremony there at 11:11:11 am

11:11:11 in Sedona Tara Greene ceremony

Tara Greene and Iala Jaggs in Sedona Arizona for the 11:11:11 CEREMONY  with Joseph Cohen          

Time is once again moving very fast now that Mars has gone direct.

The number 11 has to do with memory

Years ago when I was a kid, the 11 O’Clock news from a local TV station from Buffalo, New York used to come on every night with the intro.

Buffalo New York Tv news anchors

 “It’s 11 O’clock, do you know where your children are?”

Six  months after 11:11:11  I remembered this admonition, this is one of the memories it triggered.

So, Do you know where you are?

Time is shifting…

VENUS WILL GO RETROGRADE May 15th @ 10:33 am EDT at 23 degrees 59 minutes of Gemini.

When Planets are Retrograde, that is appearing to move backwards to the naked eye they are closer to the earth and their effects strengthened many times. I will write about that later.

HINT:  it has to do with Love, relationships, values, money, copper, creativity, choices, duality, old flames burning into and out of your life, shaping duality from the Feminine, having balanced relationships, seeing through Duality from the perspective of LOVE and LIGHT,

I know it sounds NEW AGE but hey the symbol will be so powerful, so literal, and so mind bending ya can’t miss it when Venus occults the Sun June 5-6. A once in  a lifetime transit, you don’t want to miss it, you can’t miss it, even if you try.

Moon is in Aquarius today…. those solar flares have made me feel totally exhausted and I have been hearing that from many clients and friends.

Just for now, figure out where you are located, Why you are where you are, What choices you made, or didn’t make that got you to this NOW

WTF it is you are supposed to be doing.

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I am into kick-ass manifestation these days, so ….


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