Happy 108 Birthday Salvador Dali! Have a surreal day from Tara Greene

Salvador Dali surrealist artist

A very happy 108th Anniversary of your birth May 11 today Salvador.

You had a huge influence on me as a teenager, I adored Surrealism and I think Dali was a true genius. 

If you have never had the pleasure of seeing a real Dali painting in person they are meticulous, and some huge and Dali’s most famous painting  The Persistence of Memory is tiny only 24 cm × 33 cm or 9.5 in × 13 in

Time, memory Salvador Dali Art

It’s the paintings’ imagery which makes it so well…memorable.

108 is an auspicious number, I am riffing off of Numerology , 11:11.see  previous article…

108 is the amount of beads in a MALA, a Hindu Buddhist Jains and Sikhs all use prayers beads with 108 beads, the same as a Catholic rosary built on the older traditions.

 the # 108 = 9 x 9 magical numbers multiplied by itself.

108 in Euclidean space is the interior angles of a regular pentagon, 5 angles + VENUS,  measure 108 degrees each.

Virgin Of Guadelupe Dali

Dai’s Virgin of Guadalupe Panting  is breathtaking,taken after Raphael . Mary = Venus

FUN 108 facts:

Stonehenge is 108 feet in diameter.

An Official Major League Baseball has 108 stitches. A very spiritual all American sport.

BTW Salvador Dali was a Quadruple Taurus with not only his Sun but VENUS,who rules Taurus and the Arts,

Mercury and Mars in the earthy sensual sign.

If you are born today or expecting a child before May 20 then Your child too will be born with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Taurus. A natural surrealist.

Do something surrealistic today in honour of Salvador. Where a Dali mustache.


 I think Lady Gaga used Dali as her muse.

wear something surreal


Have a Tarot reading using  Dali’s Tarot deck

THE FOOL the High Preistess the High Priest

 Sit on a surrealistic pillow, listen to some vintage Jefferson Airplane, John Cage, or Frank Zappa. 

see the world through Dali’s eyes.

Surrealistic Pillow 60's psychedelic

Have a Surreal Day

and P.S. Happy Birthday to MAy 11 to fellow Taurus,Eric Burdon lead singer of 60’s band of the Animals and War.
SPILL THE WINE , such a Taurus sounding title            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3i0DMbCKnAg

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