Super Moon Full Scorpio monty aftermath, it was gorgeous by Tara greene

how was your 5 5 5?

The amazingly huge super Moon brought a spectacular display all over the earth

I went down to Lake Ontario nearby to where I live in Toronto and we watched waited and were wowed.

We took lots of photos. here’s some spectacular ones i gleaned on FB for you.

 the Super Moon over Coit Tower San Francisco super Moon MAy 5 2012

and more

very spectacular Jesus resurrected

very spectacular Jesus resurrected in Scorpio death and transformation Super Moon in Rio De Janeiro Brazil

Hellenistic super moon

Hellenistic  Super Moon rising over the Parthenon in Athens Greece

super moon over temple of Poseidon/Neptune

I love this one!
The super Moon rising over Poseidon’s/Neptune’s temple. Very watery, Scorpio is water sign as is Neptune rules Pisces

super moon in phoenix

super Moon and jogger in Phoenix Arizona.

Scorpio ascends to become the Phoenix, transcending death and re-birthing itself 

super moon over sequoia park

this is one of the most amazing!

Super Moon rising above Sierra Nevada Sequoia National Park California

It takes a Super Moon to mirror and reflect to us how beautiful a place the earth is.


The numerology of 555 is all about listening to your HIGHER SELF.

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