Dreaming Monday Monday, Pisces moon, Neptune, Mars, Chiron Astrology dreams from Tara Greene


Pisces moon dreaming Image

dreamy moon

Moon enters Pisces @1:38 am EDT -18th   It’s dreamy time!  All is ONE!

Busy MOON CONJUNCTS her Pisces ruling planet NEPTUNE right away @ 3:25 am PDt /6:25 am PDT

The Neptune Moon conjunction  intensifies the effects. Very romantic. Very delusory, watch out for anyone slipping drugs in your coffee.  Neptune conjunct the Moon at its highest level is the Soulmate signature. But it can also be the drug addict pretending they are a millionaire who needs a loan etc etc… all smoke and mirrors… totally fuzzy around the edges… Unreal, spiritual, beautiful, harmonious,

This MOON NEPTUNE IS great for  forgiveness foregiveness  forgiveness…

Peace and Love, practice radical acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty under this aspect.

 So watch your dreams carefully, they are always a wealth of information on Pisces moontime. They should be rich, lucid, prophetic, occult, metaphysical, deep, karmic…. I work with people’s dreams   led dream groups for almost twenty years.  I can do psychic intuitive readings on those puzzling dreams… helping you to unlock the healing there.. http://www.taratarot.com/id78.html

Moon opposes Mars @ 5:44  / 8:44 am EDT a bit of a shock for those California dreaming ones.

A  bit of a bash in the head, a rude awakening at the very least. The Virgo Pisces tug of war makes for nervous anxiety ridden mornings . This can bring clashes with men in general, Pisces day dreaming will bring fast, decisive, aggressive reprisals on on the job or from old boyfriends or whoever is out to get you for not being perfect. 

Moon conjunct CHIRON the wounded healer @ 2:35 pm PDT/ 5:35 pm EDT

This conjunction will bring up tears, vulnerability, old wounds as Pisces is the last sign. Feeling ultra -senstive as if everyone is poking their fingers in the wound is how it feels. It is healing if one let’s go and gets right into it. Chiron symbolizes a great healing. a washing away, a flowing into the oceanic consciousness of forgiveness, going back to the eternal womb of the stars, where all is one.

MERCURY enters Aries  AGAIN 3:42 pm EDT/6:42 pm EDT

There’s always a 2nd time, 2nd chance, etc. So Mercury once again starts us up and running, what you started and couldn’t make any headway with when Mercury was retro in Pisces takes off now…everyone’s  thinking speeds up, but mind and emotions ar ein two different elements. Emotionally we will feel like we are in over our heads, in the deep waters, inthe fog, the daydream etc. until Moon enters Aries on Wednesday. That’s oK enjoy the dreamtime.

Moon squares Venus later this evening

so that insouciant Venus in Gemini yakketing I made that word up, away doesn’t mix with the sensitive retiring shy Pisces moon, so expect mixed signals.It’s probably a good evening to go home early, do some yoga and meditate, take a nice hot soak with some lavender oil and get to bed early and really embrace those dreams. Get a good night’s sleep.

Tuesday is a very lite day. Moon sextiles Jupiter in Taurus, I can just see her chucking the bull under his chin.

Taurus New MOON UPCOMING sAT. the 21


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