Serious Karma because you need balance, Astrology psychic Tara Greene, advice

Saturday & Sunday April 15 -16 will feel heavy because Saturn, Mr. Leaden, Lord of Karma, the cosmic cop is opposite the Sun Xact April 15 @ 11:27 am PDT/.2:27 pm EDT

You’re not quite ready to GO DIRECTLY TO GO.

Especially for you fiery Aries peeps you will definitely hear Saturn blow that karmic whistle. Driving with the breaks on.Of course Libra’s are biding their time….perfecting the deal, the balancing act….

Don’t fool around with the Law, run red lights at any time, or break any rules this weekend especially as you are super susceptible.

Saturn restricts and he is also retrograde and we all want to move forwards now that Mars is direct, yay!

 The sign Aries is always ruled by Mars ,and we thought it’s all systems go. bUT NOOO…

The phrase that came into my head for this aspect is Manic depressive Pictures Presents…. A famous Danny Kaye scene from a film called Up In Arms,  from 1945.  the link is at the end

Aries, New Life on all levels, especially bosses, innovators, firemen, gun dealers etc.  are ready to fire away after being held back since Jan 23.

Aries people, who don’t have the word  PATIENCE in their vocabulary, will feel especially  frustrated.

The aspect is also hitting those born these days and those with planets at 26 Aries or square to this, Cancer born July 14-15 and Capricorn born Jan 14-15.

The Libra’s born Oct 14-15 will be the sober hard-hitting ones holding things back. On the other hand those Libras are ready to make serious commitments. Especially those born in 1982-mid 83. This is their first Saturn return and those born Dec 52-53 are having their 2nd Saturn return.

Saturn opposite the Aries Sun means we all need to refine the deals, put serious final touches on the plans. That’s a good thing.

Dont be too hard on yourself.

CAn also be realized as difficulty with authorities, parents, the boss.

Saturn in Libra is a blessing in Libra as he is exalted.

Her’s the Link to Danny Kaye amazing Lobby Number

If you need Astrology advice, I have 20 years experience

P.S. Mercury enters Aries on April 16 @ 3:42 pm PDT/6:42 pm EDT so hang in there…

Moon enters Aries April 18 @ 8:59 am PDT/11:59 am EDT  things are starting to move faster


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