March 31 OGB, Anonymous Hackers,V for Victory? Tara Greene Astrology predictions


anonymous hackers

anonymous hackers V for Vendetta masks

March 31  OGB, Anonymous Hackers,V for Victory? Tara Greene predicts

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ANONYMOUS  the V for Victory mask wearing Hackers group opposing SOPA/PIPA WALL STREET et al threatened to shut down the ENTIRE www on Saturday March 31.

They intend to nuke the net by attacking the 13 “root” DNS servers.

March 31 is the day before APRIL FOOL’S DAY is this just a jest? A joke?

The infamous hackers sport Alan Moore‘s V for Vendetta masks in homage to the graphic novel, later a movie, which was set in a 1984- ish Margaret Thatcher era brutally totalitarian Britain. “V” the hero. bombs the Parliament buildings and the people are free.

 I will scrutinize the Astrological aspects to see if they can pull this off or not.

The energies are building as I write this Thursday Morning 4:13 am EDT

I had just tweeted at around 2:00 am Thursday the 29th

‎3/29 Sun sq. Pluto @3:56 pm EDT wild Heavy power,explosive,markets may rock.Born today #Aries & #Capricorn born @ Dec 30 UR world will rock

#Fri30! Intense day. #Cancer Moon sq. radical Uranus,Moon opp. #Pluto=power 2 the people @ 1:49 pm EDT then moon sq. #Aries Sun. Xplosive

I got into a conversation with a friend on FB this evening who replied that she had just gotten evicted because her landlady wanted the apartment she was renting for her daughter. She remarked how stressed everyone seemed, how everything seems very erratic unexpected, whacked out, with people acting out. I said yes it is very intense.

So what’s the planetary portends for March 31?

Anonymous Astrology Tara Greene

march 31 2012

T-SQUARE # 1 MOON PLUTO URANUS                         click on the chart to enlarge

Moon is in CANCER her at home sign @ 14 degrees which is conjunct the U.S. Sun which is conjunct to the Fixed Star SIRIUS, the star that the Ancient Egyptians worshipped. Freemasons created the U.S. Constitution, they had it on July 4th to coincide with the rising of Sirius,seriously. The Moon stands opposed to PLUTO, planet of Death & rebirth, refuse, transformation, power & control issues. Pluto is secretive, underwordly, deceptive, Lord of the Underworld, Hades. PLUTO is still a Planet in my, and a lot of Astrologer’s books.

PLUTO is the collective unconcious and the MOON is the people’s moods. Pluto Moon contacts mean volcanic emotional atomic eruptions. The Moon and Pluto are in square, a 90 degree angle hard aspect, to the Sun at 10 degrees Aries. URANUS is at 4 degrees of ARIES in conjunction with the Sun. Conjunct planets’s energies are combined, in union more powerful.

Uranus is the planet of revolutionaries, sudden change, freedom. The planet URANUS rules the Internet itself. Inventive, freedom loving, quirky individualist, hive mentality, thinking outta the box Uranus is electricity itself, its’ symbol two  horizontal lightning bolts one surmounting each other, symbolizes that intense power. Uranus’s element is Air although most people think of it as water, Air is mental capacity, thinking, communications, swords of discretion, battle weapons.

PLUTO and URANUS are looming up to make exact squares to each other in June which reoccur seven times until 2015. We can clearly see the power struggles between the Old establishment, the old boys network  in Capricorn, the Plutocracy the super rich, the handful of men running the world’s business and the square to that by the Internet of Uranus, in warrior mode in Aries.

ARIES is the 1st sign, the  sign of new life, fire, the WARRIOR sign ruled by aggressive MARS, abrupt, competitive, independent, self-starters,who own their own authority and bow down to no others, Aries in the Tarot is the Emperor, or King Trump symbol.

Put them all together and how can you miss this?


The other main configuration in the sacred geometry of the planets this day is an other T-square, with MARS ruler of ARIES, in retrograde motion now opposite to NEPTUNE planet of dreamers, illusionists, false prophets, real yogis, geniuses and madmen, photography, images, the media, glamour, drug addicts, bliss and oneness, conjunct to CHIRON the wounded healer, whose symbol is a key in PISCES and they all SQUARE the NORTH NODE, and an asteroid called JUNO, which means the  Feminine form of wisdom or genius, The North Node is the Dragon’s Head, that which creates eclipses. It is a very formidable point, feared by many ancient cultures.

The North Node is at 6 degrees of SAGITTARIUS, the fire sign of  truth, justice, and the American way,  free spirited energy, adventurous, honest, transparent, naïve, teaching, inspiring, internationalism, humour, preaching. The North Node represents the highest spiritual goal or evolutionary direction. Sagittarius is the teacher, the constellation at the Center of ther Milky Way Galaxy. The North Niode also has a symbol which looks like what some say is a toilet brush but I think it looks like a magic wand twinkling and it symbolizes  an asteroid called JUNO, which means the  Feminine form of genius, because genius is the masculine form.

The chart doesn’t show this square in red lines but it is there. The chart shows the square peaking on VENUS at 26 degrees of Taurus, which is a bit wide. Venus rules Taurus And she is practical, sensual, you feel Venus in Taurus,She rules money, the economy.


Makes even atheists quake in their Nike’s.

VENUS is quincunx  to Retrograde SATURN at 27 degrees of LIBRA {dotted green lines connecting the two planets} Saturn also known as THE DEVIL is also quincunxed {a 135 degree angle, a square 90 degrees + a semi-square 45 degrees put together= extra irritating} by Retrograde MERCURY at 24 degrees of PISCES. You see the dotted green lines pointing to Saturn.  The twin trajectory points of the quincunx’s are acalled a FINGER OF GOD aspect. Sounds fearsome? It is. The culminating planet Saturn in this case is the KARMIC finger on the trigger. Has all the power, controls the situation. SATURN is in  Libra where he is most diplomatic and after all it is very polite to give the world fair warning. SATURN rules CAPRICORN. MERCURY rules GEMINI and VIRGO. MARS rules ARIES.

3 AMIGO RETRO’S             

Three amigos

Three amigos three retrograde planets


All 3 of the Retrograde planets are involved. Retrograde planets are very powerfull, they are close to the earth, and even though their retrograde motion certanly slows things down and creates inumerable frustrations in many matters and certainly snaffus in communications. The Retro Trinity  now form a menage a trois of tumescent troublemakers, angry hornets,buzzing bees.

One more thing the nice blue lines in a Pyramid shape are forming the GRAND TRINE which we’ve been hearing so much about the last few days with the nice romantic one between Jupiter Venus and the Moon.


This GRAND TRINE’s main 3 players are PLUTO, Lord of Destruction, MARS the war Lord himself, Retrograde and JUPITER King of the Gods, th elightning thrower at 13 degrees of earthy practical TAURUS. Mars Pluto and Saturn are considered to be the GREAT MALEFICS. Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches for better or worse. Jupiter is over-the-top, risk taker, gambler.

Every planet is involved. Which means all things will be affected.

MY prediction: YES! V for VENDETTA! V for VICTORY for the ANONYMOUS Hackers.

A very big practical over the top aggressive, massive shutdown. Pluto rules atomic energy and so does Uranus, Uranium is asimilie  to Uranus. But it may not last very long with all that Retrograde Mercury Mars and Saturn energy. 


Regarding all the angsty planetary energy my friend menioned earlier I said Remember!

This is the SLOW period now!

With Saturn, Mars and Mercury Retrograde not much is really moving forwards.  Wait till the planets get the green light!

Then all hell should break loose after all the interminable frustrations held back like a race horse ready to scream outta the gate, similar to blue balls tension or practicing coitus interrupt us, a cliff-hanging held back orgasm, makes you want to scream!

Mercury goes DIRECT April 4, Mars goes Direct April 13, and Saturn doesn’t turn direct till June 25!

So try to take it easy now, because we’re being propelled into cosmic consciousness. If you feel dizzy and off kilter and aren’t sleeping much, these are the tell tale symptoms that something very different is happening here, Mr. Jones.

Need help? I can guide you through the chaos: Link:

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