Whitney Houston RIP; Tara Greene psychic and astrology updates, her death in the stars



The  beautiful and talented Whitney Houston’s death on Sat Feb 11 in Los Angles saddened so many people as she had been a very popular singer in the 80;s where she was Reigning Queen of Pop. I wanted to look at Whitney’s astrology chart to see what it had to say about her life and her death.


Whitney Houston, born Aug 9 1963 at 8:55 pm in Newark New Jersey,came from a famous family of singers, her mother Sissy Houston and her aunt Dionne Warwick


A LEO, Whitney was a natural performer, someone who can hold the spotlight and loves to be center stage. Leo is the sign of the actor, the drama queen, big-hearted, and also a childlike innocence. When Whitney was born she had the sign of Pisces on the ascendant, she projected as a Pisces, the sign of all creative peoples, all artists, sensitive, moody, unboundaried, spiritual people. Whitney was a gospel singer as a child. Pisces ascendants like Pisces,are also prone to addictions, drugs, alcohol, emotional addictions and these Whitney had plenty of over her life. She was ultra sensitive and an unrealistic romantic dreamer, someone who was in love with love. Pisces can be incredibly geniuses, the highest of the high and the lowest of the low.


Her Regal Leo Sun is conjunct Venus in the 6th house of work and service to to others. She was a real living Goddess,Venus conjunct the Sun in Leo is STAR POWER and gives incredible Queenly riches, charm, talent and Venus’s Goddess gifts of allure and charisma, as well as a huge heart. The down side of this can be megalomania, vanity, and desire for power.


Whitney’s Moon is in Aries at 17 degrees in the 1st house conjunct a Retrograde Jupiter.  Whitney could light up anything she wished,had tons of energy, could be arrogant, selfish, bossy. Jupiter conjunct the Moon exaggerates all of her feelings. Everything was big, over the top, a huge fount of feelings this was great in her singing. She had close ties to her mother and other women.


Jupiter Retrograde indicates that success would come and go. In Aries it shows a burn out factor, in Aries, like the famed Icarus she flew too high took too many risks. She definitely had the power to amaze people with her original talent. Jupiter and the Moon trine that Regal over the top Sun and Venus so Whitney was a star who would shine very very brightly and always be remembered highly.


Whitney had Mars in Libra, in the7th house of marriage; she would never leave a relationship even if it was bad. She had difficulty making u p her mind. She also has a powerful Pluto Mercury conjunction in Virgo on the Descendant giving her soul power to communicate with people directly from hers to them, and everyone felt it. She also had Saturn in Aquarius Retrograde opposite her Sun and Venus indicating difficult karmic past life issues with men, her father, authorities, work and underlying health issues, she wasn’t as strong as she appeared.


Saturn is in the 12th house of karma and self-undoing, Whitney definitely came into this life with many skeletons in the closet of her psyche. Saturn was called the devil in the old days. The Saturn opposite sun Venus also reminds me of selling your soul to the devil for fame beauty and fortune. Like the old Robert Johnson song “There’s a hellhound on my trail”, I believe this was a feeling tone which haunted Whitney’s nightmares all of her life.


Whitney also had Chiron {symbol looks like a key} close to her Ascendant,in the first house of self, opposite Mercury and Uranus. She embodied the wounded healer through her music, her unique talents and gifts. Her singing was a love balm,a spiritual gift.


Neptune the planet of spirituality, dreams, illusions, glamour and addictions is in Scorpio the most intensely soulful of all the signs. Neptune in Scorpio is the highest planet in the chart and carries great weight and is the apex of a T-square of Saturn Sun and Venus. Neptune is the crux, the cross she bore, shows her addictions to drugs, fame, bad relationships, low self –esteem {Saturn in the 12th} incredibly romantic.


Whitney was in love with love, her songs reflected this, very romantic, self sacrificing. Her songs The greatest love is about inner strength and this I see reflected in her chart as Neptune conjunct the infamous LILLITH. Her need to be herself, independent was her big struggle. She was bound up in a karmic struggle of male authority, which wounded and crushed her own autonomy the more helpless she felt the more she needed drugs.


Transits on Feb 11 2012-02-13


PLUTO still very important to western Tropical astrologers and is one of the main indicators of her death occurred now. Pluto Lord of Death at 8 degrees of Capricorn is exactly in square to her natal Mars, This is traditionally a very malefic combo. Pluto is also on the last degree of her house of fame and career status the 10th house indicating an ending to her fame.


The Sun itself, vitality had just crossed Saturn the day before. Which lights up all the natal aspects in the chart.Sun in the 12th house is endings, the last curtain call. Retrograde Mars in Virgo is approaching a square,a difficult aspect to her MC her career. But the other most important factor in Whitney’s death is Chiron the wounded healer,at 4 degrees of Pisces in the 12th house, of karma, ending, self-undoing, addictions, water. In an exact opposition to her natal Uranus at 4 degrees of Virgo on the cusp of the 7th   house this indicates Sudden unexpected, health issues as Virgo rules health, and Chiron makes one very vulnerable.  Neptune also figures in here at zero degrees of Pisces, meaning an unexpected wound through water, Pisces,as well as Solitude. Whitney died of a suspected drug overdose in the bathtub in a hotel alone.






4 thoughts on “Whitney Houston RIP; Tara Greene psychic and astrology updates, her death in the stars

  1. Yes astrology is so graphic.I should have known,of course she was a Sun/Venus!!!–I have not seen one Sun/Venus who was not loaded with a special kind of grace and charm.It is like it is their mission to just be lovable and adorable,always having loads of admirers.Blessed with talent and grace,the warmth just shines through.They are usually the favorite child,the teacher’s pet, just natural charmers.Everyone loves them.Throw in Neptune/Lilith and that just adds to the overall allure.She was a fiery woman,with all that Pisces and Leo,but you could really see the Pisces in there.
    I saw Whitney’s last interview in November and she just looked wonderful,just gorgeous..She mentioned she had ‘matured’ and was really in a good place and was looking forward to some good ‘full’ years as she called them.
    I tend to associate death with sickness and failing health,and Whitney just seemed to be so vibrant and peaceful in her last interview—–


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