Happy Groundhog Day,Imbolc,Candlemas, St. Bridgid’s day,Mary’s Purification from Tara Greene, Tarot Psychic Astrologer

Not just that great movie playing I got You babe by Sonny and Cher over and over and over about deja vu,life being infinite  starring Bill Murray and Andie McDowell.

Feb 2 is a very powerful cross-quarter day in the wheel of the Year. Celebrated since the dawn of time by our ancestors and still observed by Pagans, Wiccans and Catholics who had to add the ancient holidays into their own traditions transformed into a Catholic shade as The Feast of the Purification of Mary.

It is a holiday of the element of Fire celebration.  Clean out your old hearth or wood stove. Think about your passions. What are you passionate about?  Light a new fire, signifying a new action, inspiration, passion.


It is good to plant real seeds, or a bulb, a spring flower perhaps, as a symbol of your new life emerging at the Spring Equinox. Ritally imagine your intent for whatever it is you wish into your seed, put it in potting soil and water it and put it in a dark place,keep an eye on it,keep it moist but dont let it rot, Keep praying, blessings and mediating with your seed. Watch it slowly sprout and emerge as Spring draws nearer and nearer.


Brigid is the Goddess of poetry smithcraft and healing. Do something creative, read poetry,suspend your critical mind and allow your left brain consciousness to take over and allow apure stream of consciousness to write a poem. Sing,dance, appreciate fine art and crafts. Dedicate a future work to Her.

Make new comitments on this day.

As a Purification Day

Use water and salt to purify yourself. Wash your hands and face in salt water. Sprinkle salt water which you have blessed makiing it charged, sprinkle it in every corner of your home. Brigid governed wells, their is a holy well in Ireland where she is workshipped. Water is the most important element. Water transmutes all hardness,breaks down anything over time. The waters of the earth these days needs our help and intentions. The oceans are polluted from the atomic reactor breakdown in Japan last year, from oil spills, toxins being poured into the rivers and lakes. Send your intention to see the earths waters running clear pure, cleansed.

Let them eat Crepes

Traditional grains were eaten to celebrate the growth of future grains. Serve crepes pancakes, cakes,breads. Put out a loaf of bread on your windowsill like they did in Ireland traditionally on Brigid’s day. An ear of corn was also set out. Wheat stalks are woven into X shaped crosses to serve as charms to protect the home form fires and lightning.

Traditionally a corn dolly or last sheaf of wheat or grain from Lammas or Autumn Equinox was dressed in a bridal gown an dput in a basket made for her,called the Bride’s bed. A wand,candle or other phallic object was laid across her, and Bride or Birgita was invited to come. It is a fertility time.

Ewes are birthing their young and lactating. Milk would be flowing and the people had more security. 

It was Spring in old Europe, these days freeZing and stormed in what with earth changes and weather patterns going crazy. This would be the day of the first ploughing of the earth. What old earth are you going to fertilise? to till? What practical things will you nurture? As Jupiter is in Taurus right now, earthly, practical, sensual, plodding, stick with it ness will be easier this year.

CANDLES, as a festival of light

Light up your Life  as the days grow longer. Mucho candles everywhere should be lit. Traditionally candles are brought to a church to be blessed, which is then brought home to be used as talismans for protection.


this day is called the Blessing of the candle of the Happy Woman. In Poland Feb 2 is called the Mother of God who saves us from thunder.

As there is huge snow storms and freezing weather in Russia, over most of Europe, snow in Venice Italy and Corsica even this year.So far 90 people have died in the last few days. Let’s all send the European’s in the deep freeze some warm weather. Also Alaska and the North of Canada has seen -66 degree temperatures. They need the heat mass that Candlemas is all about. Light a candle, Do a meditation and breathe warmth on the northern part of the world. Visualize the world in the palm of your hand and breathe your hot breath onto the northern part of earth.

Last but not least SPRING CLEANING!

Time to clean up your act in all ways. A bit early to start an actual spring tonic lceanse for your liver. Clean and enew your mind, scrub out the old ideas that have gotten cobweby. This is actulally abetter time to commit to a new exercise routine than Jan 1st. The light is getting stronger, days are visibly longer, you will have more energy.

The lesson of the brilliant movie Groundhog Day was not to be stuck in a karmic rut of repeat the same old patterns over and over and over and nauseum. Character traits and old habits like  being stubborn callous, cranky, selfish,blaming, addictions, stuckness, giving up,  lower self  routines over and over and over, but make of your life something amazing , help others, grow and learn as much as you can. Give love and find love.

It is  a very special time this year 2012. cosnciousness is expanding. JOin in.

Blessings, TARA

If I can help coach your new roots and shoots along, just ask. email taragreene@sacredartscentre.com



1 thought on “Happy Groundhog Day,Imbolc,Candlemas, St. Bridgid’s day,Mary’s Purification from Tara Greene, Tarot Psychic Astrologer

  1. Hi Tara,
    Fascinating insights on a day that has interested me for years…2/2 is the birthday of my mother, who was my first inspiration as a writer. Along with the candles to Brigid I’ll be lighting a candle in honor of what would have been her 90th birthday this year.
    Thanks for connecting on SoulPaths!


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