Comet Elenin,economy,spiritual advice interview byTara greene

Watch my recent interview for Evolving Beings TV Sept 2011

Many topics covered, let me know what you think

P.S. AfterI posted this I came across this site  which mentioned Jimi Hendrix prophesying this comet over 30 years ago. At first they quote Jimi Hendrix’s famous Voodoo Child lyrics. “‘scuse me while i kiss the sky.” Then a longer interview which you can read here.

The intersting part for me was, the synchonicity. Yes Jimi was ” a rock God” a musical genius, a very spiritual Sagittarian, a visionary. I adored Jimi and his music and I  had the priviledge to see Jimi play once or twice. My girlfriend and I met Jimi on May 3 1969 after he played in Toronto and spent the entire night talking with him at his hotel room at The Inn on the Park on Jarvis street. We didn’t know he had been busted. It made him relaxed to have us there and take his mind off his arrest. He didnt want us to leave.

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