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autumn equinox 2011

astrology of autumn equinox 2011

There’s an almost but not quite pentagram in this sacred geometry of this snapshot. The Autumn Equinox chart is the birth chart for the next 3- 6 months. So we can cast an over view of that time. The economies of the world, elections, Israel Palestine, revolutions, gold prices etc. are all in the news. 

The  Sun at ZERO degree of Libra is opposite the Zero point of Aries which is opposite Uranus still Retrograde at 2 degrees of Aries which is also connected to and involved in a T-Square to Pluto in Capricorn. This is the key signature of why the world looks the way it does on all of its manifestations.

This Cardinal T-square puts everything into a nutshell. Uranus in Aries is new beginnings, individual freedoms, breaking free from restrictions and Uranus rules Revolutions. Pluto rules destruction and rebirth  and since its entry into Capricorn sign of Big Business and patriarchal structures, we have seen the fall of the U.S. economy, Lehman brothers etc.  in Capricorn the sign of the World status, Pluto destroys  governments, big business whatever is outworn and thus we have the world picture of fluctuating economies, old structures, governments, dictators falling, institutions crumbling and the danger of fascist takeovers also building as a result of the calamity.

Uranus is key here because Uranus is back where it was 84 years ago in 1927 when it also entered the sign of Aries symbolizing new life and new beginnings. This is a similar set up before the great depression.  To anyone who follows astrology this is old hat.

VENUS in Libra, the sign she rules is also connected to the Uranian opposition in this chart. There will be much energy generated here. It is also a symbol of women being more closely involved in stating their power in managing money and earnings and of course its about trying to get to a balancing point while we are at a tipping point.

NEPTUNE ruler of Oil, debt, drugs, addictions, illusions, delusions, Hollywood, glamour, spirituality, is Retrograde back in Aquarius at 28 degrees which is directly opposite the place of Archangel Raphael’s Fixed star Regulus. I know Regulus Black in Harry Potter was named after this Star.

Neptune spent most of 2010 at this point with Chiron.CHIRON the Wounded Healer has moved back into Pisces and will be touring Pisces blissful sign of endings compassion, ashrams, the unconscious until April 20 2018.

That’s a whole lotta healing going on! 

Neptune and Chiron are still dancing cheek to cheek and are slowly leaning into the descendant { 7th house of relationships with others} of the chart. Meaning NEPTUNE  { illusions, delusions, debt, glamour, addictions,oil, drugs } is indicating where the spiritual= money, wound is and how it is connected to the vulnerability {Chiron,of  Greek mythology} of the entire situation. How blatant can it be???

Uh the Greek economy is bankrupt, along with Ireland, Portugal, and Italy has been demoted, devalued etc etc. Lloyd’s has refused to back any European banks.

 Its obvious that the economies of the world are very vulnerable { CHIRON}  , the US taken off its triple A rating as I predicted, is where the big wound is and people are still in la la la land about how bad it is.  As Bobbie Dylan sang a long time ago.  The Times  They are a CHANGIN’

Another interesting geometrical signature in this chart is the blue line running between Big Gunner Pluto in Capricorn to Chiron in Pisces. This 60 degree or so aspect is called a SEXtile. FYI, I can’t give you all the details but it’s a good thing.

Those dotted green lines in the chart criss-crossing like chem. trails point to the MOON and MARS also cheek to cheek in early degrees of LEO.

That formation Pluto to Moon/Mars and Chiron to Moon/Mars is called a QUINCUNX. The Leo Moon and Mars are the quincunxed twins and the whole shebang of a formation is called the FINGER OF GOD aspect.

As you can image bring up from our memory banks the feeling from your childhood when some superior large adult wagged their index finger at you how you felt.  So the impetus is on Mars/ Moon who are not really a happy duo to do something.

It looks like a gun symbol to me. And speaking of guns, How about the Big Guns?

In the news Israel/ Palestine.

I loved JOHN STEWART’S Line Palestine has to change its spelling to Palestein to be accepted at the U.N.

The Natal charts of  Israel and Palestine are 1 day apart. Here’s Israel’s

astrology chart of Israel

Israel astrology

 Israel’s chart is relevant because it’s Moon { the people}  is at 4 degree of Leo connected directly to THE FINGER OF GOD aspect in the current Autumn Equinox chart of Mars/ Moon  the same degrees. This is a Lunar return for Israel.  Israel’s Venus {economy, values} is at 4 degrees of Cancer directly opposite Pluto right now, and  also square to Uranus.

The people need to change, the Palestinian people demand freedom. The tension is building.

Here is the Astrology chart for the Proclamation of the Independence of Palestine from November 15, 1988 in Algiers created by Yasser Arafat. Nicolas Campion who is the expert on Mundane or World City horoscopes suggests this one as a good alternative to the 1948 chart.

Palestine Independence Proclamation 1988

an astrology chart of Palestine

This chart shows Mars the planet of action, defenses, war,at 1 degree of Aries, now conjunct Uranus.  Saturn is a t Zero degrees of Capricorn Squared exactly at this Autumn Equinox and it’s Neptune, its spirit and dreams is at 8 degrees of Capricorn which Pluto will cross in January,  June and December of 2012!

This chart shows its Chiron at 6 degrees of Cancer,t he wound, which Pluto will soon cross.

The North Node or highest spiritual growth potential for Palestine interestingly is at 10 degrees of Pisces indicating that compassion, merging, forgiveness and having no boundaries will help Palestine grow to its highest potential.Who’s? There own? The rest of the world? and Chiron will almost cross that point,in May and June of this year but won’t finally cross it till 2013.

Comet Elenin end of Mayan Calendar is NOW some say

In the meantime Comet Elenin, Comet Honda, the fact that if you follow Mayan archeo- scholar John Calleman, the last days of the Mayan calendar are RIGHT NOW and NOt dec 21 2012 which many argue are a fear mongering scenario. according to Callman’s’s  dating the mAyan calendar a 16 billion year old calendar will return to its beginning/ending on Oct 28 2011.

We are thus into a last days scenario replete with HOPI prophesies about the sighting of the Blue Kachina, a comet which will announce the end days of the old Dark Ages,for  those who live outside the spiritual laws and a coming together of Unity consciousness living in harmony and balance with Nature and the Creators natural laws of which each one of us and all of Her creations are equal.

So put that in your peace pipes and smoke it.

 I’m also tuning into the Return of Quetzalcoatl.  Q

He was an Aztec and Mayan God based on a real man who owas a Christ like sacrifice, he preached LOVE but Q. is  also a symbol of the feathered serpent, a symbol of fertility, a chthonic underground, unconscious power. The feathered serpent undulates as Kundalini energy, also associated with consciousness rising.

Kundalini rising chakras on fire
Kundalini rising/Galactic Center

The Doctor’s symbol of the cadeuses is the same feathered serpent’s symbol of antiquity. It means healing. A popular theme here. Quetzalcoatl is also connected to the Galactic Center also very prominent in Mayan codex translations. Venus  was very closely tracked by the Ancient Maya and she  passes in front of the Sun on June  6, 2012  considered a very significant cycle in her 243 year cycle.

So I can feel time speeding up. I am sensing the galactic consciousness rising.
The return of Quetzalcoatl, is considered to be a metaphor for Christ Consciousness. Rudolph Steiner wrote about this. Stuart Wilde also talks of this in  different terms.
It’s all very exciting, time to clear out all old ways of thinking, doing business,
running the world. We are merging into one consciousness and more empathy.
I am optimistic.
I am a professional Astrologer and intuitive. I consult for individuals and businesses,on all types of issues. Personal financial, health, timing of events.
i will post horoscope’s for each sign on  my website. http://www.taratarot.com

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