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 Summer solstice 2011

SUMMER ARRIVES as Sun enters Zero degrees of Tropic of Cancer creating voila SUMMER at last in Northern Hemisphere and WINTER in Southern Hemisphere!

The chart shown for my location Toronto Canada arrives at 1:20 pm.   Officially SUMMER BEGINS @ 10:17 am PDT,  1:17 pm EDT Washington DC. and  17:16 GMT

THE LONGEST DAY OF LIGHT OF THE YEAR arrives Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at 1:16 AM in Beijing CHINA

Cancer solstice or LITHA to wiccan pagans is the Crowning of the Sun King who embraces the Queen of Summer and begins his slow dance of death with Her. The longest night of Light in the North! Summer harvesting begins, Revel in the Light, especially up here in Toronto which saw the wettest and coolest May on record I think, and especially after a terrifically long winter which became cold last October 2010 FGS.

Our organic garden is coming along nicely now with some heat. We;ve got purple beans, snow peas, lots of tomatoes many varieties, Brussel sprouts, cabbages, artichokes! my big experiment! cuces, potatoes, celery, 2 kinds of lettuce, chard of rainbow colours, green onion, rapini, dill, basil, rosemary, chives, tarragon has come up again very nicely and asparagus gets bigger ever year.  I love my little garden.

CANCER is all about Nurturing, nourishment, watery, emotional, sensitive, MOTHERING, MOTHER EARTH, home, security, privacy, family.

ON SUMMER SOLSTICE we always do a ceremony to mark the next main quarters of the Year. Pagans, earth/nature worshippers  mark 8 stations of the year.


Smudge, use incense, high quality, natural. Clear a space. Cast a circle. Begin in the EAST always. EAst is Fire spirit, the SuN.

call Spirit of the Sun to be present in your circle. Always move CLOCKWISE!  NExt to SoUTH, call in WATER ELEMENT.

MOVE WEST, call in EARTH element,add earthy adjectives,  move North call in AIR ELEMENT. – see Air ceremony below-join me Grail Springs Spa

Once centered call in the “As Above, So below, so within”  YOU.

Give thanks to Grandfather Sun for being directly overhead, for shining the longest, for casting the longest shadows on this day,

Give thanks for all things you love about summer, rapid growth, greenery, fresh food, swimming, sunbathing, relaxing long days, the cottage,

fireflies, beers, cold drinks, whatever it is you like about summer, pop songs, whatever… “In the summertime when the weather is fine….”

Deeper symbolism of Cancerian lead Summer is emotional security, safety, coming home. Cancer is water and water is emotions, why we are here on this earth plane, to feel, everything.

Imagine feeling, as Cancer is the deep security need of unconditional mother love, totally loved by the Great Mother Goddess in all her aspects but especially emotionally.

See, sense and feel the earth’s waters, her oceans as nourishing and sustaining all life on this planet. You are 70% water, the earth is 70% water.

Know that you are emotionally safe, protected, nurtured and loved. Sense this, feel it, know it as the blood flows through your heart and veins and arteries. The great mother pours through you in your blood, your tears, as sweat, as sexual secretions, urine as all bodily fluids. Your essence is love.

Now as the earths Pacific ocean is being radiated with Pluto- ruled Nuclear fuel from the Fukushima plant we need to send healing energy to the Ocean.

We must give back to the mother goddess. As Japanese Dr. Emoto shows our minds can move change and heal matter, especially water.

How interesting that a Japanese Dr. brought out these findings years ago almost unconsciously knowing that we would need them now.

So send your intention to heal the Ocean, the fish, dolphins, whales, krill, seaweed, all life, as all life is dependent on the ocean which we came from.

Ironically the seafood rich diet of the Japanese will protect them against some radiation. The Japanese have long been enemies of the ocean plundering fish stocks, fishing out tuna, dolphins, whales, outside of international treaty waters to supply the Japanese and the world with SuSHI. Ok now we have fish farms but the balance of life in the oceans is off, too much greed for seafood in the rest of the world now.

Honour your inner sun, the light within, the light that you are, feel the Inner fire, your inner heat, Kundalini energy,

You are a micro- sun. It is YOur turn to shine brightly now. As above so below. Your turn to En- LIGHT- en yourself!

Turn on the light to everyone else. The light bring consciousness to what is in the dark. The light brings warmth, heart.

Be thankful, be grateful. Vow to be en LIGHT ened more and more.  Light has triumphed. In the Tarot the SUN is the # 19.

Meditate on the Sun, the source of all life on this planet. Nothing could live on this planet if the Sun weren’t 83 million miles away, very close. A perfect distance.

Meditate on the perfection of the Universe, That all is Light, even the darkness is part of the Light, that the Universe is  UNI =one.

Place your hands on your heart, meditate on one Light, One LOve. Yeah yeah it’s a Bob Marley song.

I will be more conscious, as consciousness is Light, Illumination. Vow to LIVE THE LIGHT. Live  Lightly on this planet. Let your Light shine! Live your light!

BE still and meditate on Light. When finished thank the directions from East to North for being present in your ritual.

And dismiss them into their directions with love and light. Then dance, sing, Here comes the Sun, In the Summertime, Summer in the city, summertime, I like New York in June, who doesn’t like Gershwin?  etc..

Grail LAdy FAire 2011

Lady FAire at Grail Springs Spa Tara Greene

I will be calling in the Air element at a ceremony at GRAIL SPRINGS SPA http://www.grailsprings.com/Events-Grail-Lady-Faire  Come and Join me and hundreds of amazing women! THE ENLIGHTENED WOODSTOCK FOR WOMEN!

SUMMER SOLSTICE 2011 is CARDINAL SQUARE TIME  Be here and be square now! It’s hip to be square!

In the chart for this  super summer arrival. Sun is in CARDINAL SQUARE to Revolutionary URANUS, STODGY COSMIC COP SATURN at 10 degrees of LIBRA,

and OPPOSING  PLUTO @ 6 degrees 22 mins RX of Capricorn.

The BIg TRANSPERSONAL generational planets Uranus and Pluto with Saturn create HUGE societal ch ch ch ch changes. The big 3 were in a very famous opposition in 66-67 which was then Uranus Pluto conjunct in Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces, which detonated, what?  WOODSTOCK, SUMMER OF LOVE, STUDENT  RIOTS, FREE LOVE, MIND ALTERING CONSCIOUSNESS RAISING, BE HERE NOW, ESALEN, THE BEATLES, TUNE IN TURN ON DROP OUT, YOUTH CULTURE, HIPPIES,  The 60’s!!!

Now 44-45 years later what begun then, was the seeding era and NOW, NOW the action begins!!! This is the mid-life or Mod { modern}  Life Crisis for all those born at that time.

We’ve already seen big changes Middle EAst, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Tunisia, etc. still ongoing. THE  SCREWS ARE TIGHTENING.  something’s got to give.

Everyone is feeling super stressed from all the intense energies plus 2 eclipses and the next one  July 1st- more about that sooner.

Mars just entered GEMINI yesterday. So mars in Gemini will make mouths minds tongues fly even faster. Duplicitousness is on the rise. Fickle, upbeat, chatty, gregarious, light-hearted, Peter Pan, dual-natured, Hi projection time.

ENJOY THE summer or Winter folks down UNDER! and stay Cool

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