Happy Father’s Day. Birds and the Bees and the Ants.


Papa Hawk at the HAwk's Nest

Father’s Day, watching the babe like a hawk

Fathering isn’t for the birds you say?  Let me tell you ’bout the birds and the bees… We’ve been blessed with a pair of red Tail Hawks  nesting atop a huge evergreen tree next to our backyard in downtown Toronto, Canada. This is quite rare, he is so huge Papa Hawk that we thought he was a Golden Eagle at first. We’ve been watching them daily as much as we can since late May when we first spotted the pair.

MESSENGERS OF SPIRIT – HAWKS are Sacred animals to Native Americans

It is such a blessing to have the pair nesting  directly in our line of view so close. The pair seems have a very close bond the mother and father hawk. It is fascinating to see a starling who sits on the branch of the tree below the Big Daddy hawk, who seems to twitter the news to him for hours on end during the day. The starling and hawk  seem to have a friendship a symbiotic relationship of sorts. It is amazing to watch their “culture.” I am so impressed with their intelligence, strength, compassion. It is an incredible reminder of how much we need nature, we need to preserve nature for them as well as us. I always thought of hawks as being away from the city, away from the noise, microwaves, cars, airplanes, etc. It is astonishing to me to feel that we live in the same ultra urban environment. I pray for their baby every night, for its safety and wellbeing. Apparently red tail hwks mate for life, live about eight years and will hopefully come back every year to the same nest.

As Hawks are considered to be sacred messengers of spirit we are doubly blessed for this sign and reality.

 Hawk Daddy is so vigilant, he sits for hours every day guarding and protecting his one baby as he is pecked and assaulted by gangs of blue jays,and dive bombed by seagulls. He is Mr. cool daddy-o. Here is the proud papa and his beautiful fluffy white-headed baby taken yesterday. To all the father’s out there, Happy father’s Day.


Men with hats and Men Without Hats  

I am a very big DEVO fan! Have been since, you know the beginning. We had the opportunity to go see Mark Mothersbaugh and co. that is D E V O perform at the NXNE festival in Toronto at Yonge and Dundas plein aire tonight June 18. They wore their famous trademark red art deco upside down flowerpot hats. Played Whip It, DEVO, etc. Mark lost his voice but I loved it. They were preceded by Men Without Hats, the SAFETY DANCE crew from Montreal.

THE  10 ANTS  


It is realing, reeling back the years time these days, { I’ve got music in my head who did that song?} I know.  My husband, artist Napoleon Brousseau is prepping  ant sculptures, ten of them, similar to the originals and brand new improved renditions of his famous 10 ants sculptures that have faithfully adorned The Cameron Hotel on Queen Street West in Toronto as landmarks since 1984 when he first created them.  The latest 10 Ants will adorn the MOCCA and environs of Queen West for the “This is Paradise” show opening Friday June 24.  The show will bring together a whole whack of early 80’s Queen West artists who founded the art scene in Toronto mainly centered on The Cameron Hotels and Art Bar’s influence. Stay tuned for more..

We have also been collating old old 35 mm negatives and slides and scanning them uploading them to the computers, so it is like a deja vu back to Ontario College of Art, childhood memories, fun. Seems like lifetimes ago.

And I leave you with a DEVO song for Father’s Day It’s A Beautiful World




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