Bobby Kennedy’s Funeral,Eric Clapton, Rock Star memories by Tara Greene,

Eric Clapton, Tara Greene June 8 1968

Eric Clapton and Tara Greene

Photography and writing © Tara Greene

The picture of Eric Clapton and I was taken at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto on June 6, 1968 I think. I had seen Eric play with Cream the night before at Massey Hall. I went to visit Eric at the Royal York Hotel and we talked about the US. politics watched Bobbe Kennedy’s death being reported on TV. The funeral was two days later. 
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I have finally located some of my quite precious, to me anyway, original Rock Star photo collection.  My house is a treasure trove of eclectic piles of stuff, papers, notebooks, crystals, items, posters, art, mementos, memories. In one of my present-past lives I was a rock star groupie of the very innocent kind. I loved rock music.

My first rock & roll concert was The Beatles! Where do you go from there?

I saw just about every rock band that came to Toronto since the mid-60’s. It was so easy then, my girlfriends, both named Linda and I would call the hotels, ask for the particular rock star- like Mr. Hendrix or Mr. Morrison by name. We would get their room numbers and go to the Four Seasons Hotel on Jarvis Street and go to their room, knock on the door and voila.  No security anywhere!  I also had  a teen reporter pass from some American magazine like Tiger Beat or After Four or both and so I could get in pretty much anywhere backstage if I intended to. I looked older than I was. Most of the photos were taken with simple Kodak camera. 

Sorry to say that I never fooled around with any of the stars. Although Robert Plant infamously ripped my sheer black lace shirt off backstage at The Rock Pile, The Masonic Temple, now home to MTV Canada, which was witnessed by a bunch of people who were present. A number of other famous rock stars wanted to get it on but I was having none of it. 

 I was really interested in finding out who they were, as people. They really appreciated me and my friends being non-aggressive, non-falling all over them. We’d sit and talk, ask questions, thank them and leave. Most of the time I didn’t bother to ask for embarrassing autographs or photos. I wanted to be totally cool and un-demanding.

Just for curiosity sake I pulled up the astrology chart for June 8, 1968. Set for New york City where Bobbe’s eulogy was given by Ted Kennedy at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. 

June 8 1968 Bobbe Kennedy Funeral

Astrology chart for June 8 1968

The outer planets as they are today June 8, 2011 are shown in green. 

Interestingly enough the Big planets which Astrologers attribute to creating all that Cultural Revolution,which John Lennon wrote a song about, amongst others….shows URANUS the Ancient God of Chaos, Freedom, revolution, Higher consciousness, presently at 4 degrees of Aries, conjunct to Chiron at 3 degrees of Aries when Bobbe Kennedy was killed.
Neptune planet of the Big dreamers, spirituality, compassion, martyrs, like Martin Luther King, John Lennon, etc. was in Scorpio in ’68 and had been Trining Saturn in Pisces in 65-6 when the very tight opposition occurred between Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces which done the whole thing to start! 
Yes the times they are a-changin’ as Mr.Dylan sang in 1964, the prophet of the coming Ch Ch Ch Changes as David Bowie picked up in the 70’s which transformed into Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from Mars.
” Eric Clapton is God”
I just remembered that Eric Clapton was once known as God. As in Eric Clapton is God scrawled in graffiti in the deep ’60s by some guitar aficionado.
He is still a great musician and humanitarian, he founded Crossroads drug rehab centers, wrote his Auto-biography, a fly fisherman and a renewed father of a bunch of girls living in Ohio.
And so it goes wrote Kurt Vonnegut…. and so it does go.


My very dear old girlfriend Lynn St. John who I knew since Grade 11 passed away suddenly May 26. She kept mentioning to me to put these photos up on Facebook and whatnot. I have two versions very big ones and a few grouped together. I have been trying to upload since yesterday, and as Synchronicity would have it. Today June 8 is the 43rd anniversary of that very sad day of Bobby Kennedy’s funeral. Seems like another lifetime and not all that long ago. So here it is Lynn, for you and everyone else who happens by.

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