R U a Boy or are you a girl? Gender freedom, gender blender, Born this way,Lady Gaga 2 x’s. Gender neutral? by Tara Greene Tarot Psychic Astrology

What’s all the fuss about? Born This Way Lady Gaga’s anthem to gay, bi, transgender, monsters, freaks,anyone who doesnt fit the mold of “normal”s anthem shot its way into the stratospheric heights with 1,000,000 donwloads in 2 weeks.

Related news. A Toronto Canada couple decides not to gender label their baby as He or She, naming the baby a neutral Storm which  ends up raising a Storm of controversy. Only in Canada you say? The Local newspaper, The Toronto Star  has had this article becoming their biggest story ever. People get so riled up about the unlabelled sex of the child. Gender shadows! Wow this really pushes lots of peoples’ buttons. Many traditional names are gender neutral, Robin,Francis, Dakota,Taylor, Jessie, Quinn, Casey, Phoenix, Harley, Rowan, Lark, Jadyn, Peyton, Skyler,River, Sage, Lyric, Reese,etc.

  ARE U a BOY  or R U a GIRL?


ALso check out these amazing geneder blender, gender blur, BORN THIS WAY paintings by Napoleon brousseau http://www.napob.com


Born This Way - gender blender are you a boy or are you a girl?

Napoleon Brousseau's painting of a gender neutral being, is both


So why is the gender issue such a hot topic these days?

Astrologically speaking it is Uranus the planet of Revolution in the sign of Aries=which I will translate from the Astrologeeze,- a brand new smokin; hot, firey new life force energy, of Revolution, change, unexpected upheavals, fredom, indiviudality, Aquarian idealism.

And speaking of Aquarian Idealism another Lady Gaga item – ” I am my hair.”  “This is my prayer, I’m as free as my hair.” “I am my hair.” “My hair I am.”  The famous philosophy ” I hair therefore I are.” 

What about bad hair days?

Its an Aquarian{ Uranian}  reiteration of Give me a head with air, love the Unicorn piano, my little pony piano, I am my hair, what about bad hair days? gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair, shiinin, gleaming, streamng, waxwen, flaxen, HAIR’s redux. redone,the new dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

And so here we are back with  Aquarius, Uranus, Revolutionary freedom. 

 What do you think about all this? Its all interconnected.

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