Taurus New MOON May 2-3 Things get ARIES! by Tara Greene

o.K. I admit it. I’ve been up all nite again writing. What with Uranus planet of higher thinking that’s been sitting squaring my Mercury at 27 degrees of Sagittarius for months now. and besides time is now moving 20 times faster so .you know how fast it’s going.

Now its the North Node perched on my Mercury wouldn’t ya know it right at the Dec 21 2012 end date on the GALACTIC Center

Neptune is singing his tunes right on my I.C. which is Astrologeese for my most private parts of my chart. Dreams, inspired, spiritual, creative, imaginative. I don;t do any drugs or drink so no addictions here except for this one writing late at night. THus explaining any spelling errors or reversed astrology points I may have missed.

Got an inspired inspiration to go into the Future and predict what the TAURUS New MOOn will look like and illustrate it through a video:

Please note:   Neptune enters PISCES  on April 4 a huge new cycle

Neptune inPisces will thoroughly change all religions. All those Light Workers may be correct. We may go into other dimensions completely now. My basic one size fits all prediction is that Everyone will become telepathic. If you need some lessons on how that will feel an dhow to cope with it. Ask me, Ive been comfy with it this entire existence.

the Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination:

Do you think I-tunes will change its name in honor of Neptune planet of music inspiration art?

The TAurus new mon shows Uranus Venus Mercury Jupiter and MArs all in Aries with Venus Mercury opposite Saturn in Libra.

Her’s what the song is:

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