Cancer Full Moon, Critical Time to Nurture & Be Nurtured by Tara Greene + Jan 22 – Beginning of beginning

This is the 4th of five full Moons in a row that occur at the LAST DEGREE of a sign.
Full moons are a culmination of the monthly lunar cycle, the fullness, and heavy, fertile.
The Moon’s gravitational pull on the oceans and on our bodies and emotions is at full tilt!

At 29 degrees of Cancer the sign ruled by La Luna Herself we find ourselves symbolically
Engorged with emotion, awash with feelings, engorged with the need to nurture and be nurtured. 29 degrees of Cancer represent the ultimate Home coming/coming home.
It symbolizes the nourishing unconditional love of the Great Mother, whose cosmic Milk spurts across the heavens always and our very own galaxy is named for her Milk of Human Kindness- the Milky Way.

At the Full Moon reflect, a Cancerian image of the Full Moon on still waters,on your birth, your beginnning, the Breast, nurturing, how you were nurtured and how it affects how you nurture.


Feel the Heavenly stars, the Milky drops of the Mother always in the Heavens nurturing you. You need never feel hungry. Tune up the sensual volume. Make it real. Taste the sweet warm milk flowing into your mouth, feel the great mother’s arms around you holding you always safe. Feel filled with warm, love, kindness, bestowed upon you simply because you are. It is your divine birthright. If everyone really got this image, like the Madonna with child, the world would change.

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