HH Dalai Lama in Toronto, Full Moon, Election for mayor the whole kit n’ kaboodle by Tara Greene psychic astrology

HH the Dalai Lama is blessing Toronto on a Full Moon Oct 22- 25 with his Enlightened presence. The Full Moon happening at 29 degrees Aries/Libra. The beginning sign of Aries and Libra relationship, karma, balancing sign. Very fitting.
Sun enters Scorpio Oct 23 to bring Death, regeneration, rebirth, Transformation.
Mayoral Election happens Oct 25. I predict it will be very close race if not a tie and a split decision as Moon enters Gemini on election Day. Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, in Scorpio conjuncts Venus in the early am. A hot heavy intensely emotionally heated unscrupulous election day it will be! Who will be put to death? I wish I could find George Smitherman’s birth data but it is very vague can’t even define an exact year. Secretive. some Scorpio energy of his own there? Rob Ford who is being touted as leading by the conservatively held newspapers is a Gemini. It may be too close to call.

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