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I was out in my backyard this evening, Aug 30. It is very hot here in Toronto again, 26 degrees celsius at 3:30 am and very humid. I was thinking yesterday about how many awesome and amazing weather induced events have happened so far this year, starting 13 days into 2010 in Haiti with the giant earthquake. Then the explosion of the unpronouncable Volcano in Iceland -OK. it’s Eyjafjallajökull on April 14th. From April 15-20th no planes were flying over Europe and in MAy too. The BP Oil spill which also began in April. The extreme floods in Pakistan now and in China; extreme heat causing massive fires and deaths in Russia,wild fires in Northern BC.
Tis all part of the CARDINAL CROSS of the planets! Pluto in Capricorn, tearing down old outworn economies, big business, the old Plutocrats fight back hard. Saturn in Libra trying to bring a little balance into the picture, and karma for any imbalances. Uranus the Revolutionary awakener is partnering with Jupiter in Aries, the sign of kick ass lets get the life into this party Sign. OK. Jupiter in Aries is MUCHO CALIENTE on its own.
Those Big Player planets are all in early degrees of Cardinal signs- new beginnings. These planets were instrumental in creating the 60’s revolution. Uranus and Pluto in Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces in mid- 60’s. Now, we’ve got these planets at their first major square. Its the Mid-Life crisis for that entire generation, the first ones to be conscious as a culture change factor. Not to mention Neptune and Chiron doing their thing for the last year in late Aquarius/early Pisces added to this mix.
2010 is going down so far as the hottest year on record. 

These are the EARTH CHANGES I remember hearing about 30 years ago!
They are meant to be WAKE UP! ALARMS sounding to all of humanity.
The alarm inducers I was told came from various sources. Higher Spiritual Entities, Pleiadians, ET’s. Jesus, the Great Spirit, Kali, Melchizadek, the Ancient of Days, through Alice Bailey etc.
For the Christians, these changes tie into The Second Coming of Jesus, the End of Days and Aramgeddon, and Revelations.  According to Hindu sources the Kali Yuga, the end of the Dark Spiritual Age that we are currently living in won’t end for another few thousand years. The Hassidic Jews believe the Messiah is coming, for the first time during our lifetime.
According to Dr John Calleman, a huge consciousness shift, beyond dualism, a Galactic Cosmic Unity Consciousness is what we are in the process of experiencing. Dr. Calleman is a Mayan Heiroglyphic scholar, Archeo- Astronomer scientist. But don’t quote me on that. 

 The Mayan Calendar shows the beginning of time as 16 Billion years ago.  According to Dr. Calleman the 9th level of Consciousness the penultimate climax to the last 16 Billion years of conscious life form evolution,comes………………………….. on Oct 28 2011. 
Not Dec. 21, 2012 as Dr. Jose Arguelles goes by.
So the world is not going to end, “it’s the end of the world as we know it.”
Our consciousness of the world and ourselves will shift dramatically.  So sing that REM song.. and ” I FEEL FINE. ” they were visionaries, all the info is right in front of you right now, always has been. Let them with eyes, SEE.  ” I feel fine” a song by the Beatles, I feel fine, means the opposite of I feel gross ,like grossly materialistic. 
The illusions will fall. Maya will reveal herself in her stark naked lovely beauty. Depending on your ability to be open in your mind and loving in your heart, you must have  your mind be still as smooth as a crystal clear lake… Maybe it’ll look something like this…
In the garden tonight the whole garden was alive, pulsing, I felt like I was in a totally natural but also hallucinogenic state. I hadn’t ingested anything, I dont do drugs.  I sensed all the different dimensions, and saw “other-wordly” magical beings flit in and out of view, morphing quickly. There were very dense blobs of black material sitting inert on the ground. These felt like former evil energies that had somehow been “taken-out” their power was gone, they were dead remnants of a negative consciousness, like shells. The Kabbalah refers to evil spirits as “Shells”.
I felt like I was in a tropical rainforest in Brasil! The whole atmosphere felt amazingly magical, as if I’d just unknowingly stepping through the looking glass or fell down the rabbit hole but didn’t remember doing so! It was fabulous, ecstatic and a little bewildering.  I loved it, Its the way I always aspire to live so to have the magic light up my night again like that felt like I was back to being my Self.  All I did was pray today for that simple feeling to return. And so … it did of course. 

I understand how suddenly stumbling upon that sort of experience in consciousness shifting  might make some people very scared, to just have alternative realities come sliding across and  interlacing into yer usual everyday “reality sandwich.”  Well,,,, I suddenly feel the need to …. brush my teeth! ok we’re getting to that part 
I remember reading something by one of Stuart Wilde’s visionaries, Tom Lishman.  He felt like a thoroughly lovely man, I met him in Las Vegas last year.   I am a bit wary of mentioning Stuart Wilde in an article  now, for the last time I did, someone came down on me, accusing me of all kinds of horrible things because he didn’t understand what the heck old Stuie was going on about in his usual visonary scallywagging way. I am merely attempting to transport you into my experience and give you a future,perhaps whif of what’s coming down the pipes. This is part of what I feel my job is folks. Presca Vu you.  

He wrote that he had an experience that the Spiriti of Gaia would release DMT through people’s own brains so they could really experience “reality” ALL THAT IS, a kind of personal chemical from the inside out, brain trip, hell world/heavenly world, Aldous Huxley – doors of perception like awakening of consciousness, can be a five alarm fire, aka Kundalini awakening.
The “Organic All- Natural Warm Pineal Acid Test” in my words. As opposed to that 60’s Tom Wolfe, you know.
So pray my dears, and it shall be answered.
Perhaps its also Neptune directly on my I.C. right now? I.C. is Astrology shorthand for ” the midnight part of my chart” the 4th house cusp. {Chiron’s there too of course} 

Enemies of Consciousness- Fluoride!

Whiter Teeth, No cavities vs No Visions



I always believed that Fluoride was like messy extra seemingly useless off shoots from chemical productions and someone figured out how to sell it to Municipalities for huge profits and through dentists because one offshoot was that it stopped carries. But many years later all your bones fall apart thus necessitating hip and knee replacements and mucho dineros for the Dr.’s and drug companies who run the worlds largest businesses. 
FLUORIDE blocks and calcifies the Pineal Gland which is the THIRD EYE- all seeing Eye
psychic awakening center.  The Pineal releases DMT at birth and at death, {Ecstacy does the same thing apparently. Ayahuasca, mescaline, etc.}  That’s why people who have NDE’s all experience the same kind of Into the Light vision. It is a chemical release in the brain.

Pineal Gland 3rd Eye

3rd Eye, All seeing Eye, Pineal Gland, DMT

As we enter, so we exit.” ” ” Stage left” – Snagglepuss.
a toothpaste by any other name…
A Cheshire Cat smile is much preferable.    

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat

Whiter Smiles


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