aug 16- 17 is the 23rd Anniversary of Harmonic Convergence what’s changed in your life since then? asks Tara Greene Intuitive psychic

If you weren’t even born on Aug 16- 17th 1987 were barely a twinkle,or one with a tear attached to it, or barely outta a test tube then you can imagine whatever it was or remember it on a molecular level.
That date is very profound for me. I got the message- the “messengers” rang the bell in my head loud and clear when a neighbour told me about Sedona in 1986. My ex and I wanted to travel. I wanted to go to Bali desperately, we had had affirmations from business advisers we’d met on planes telling us what a great opportunity it was for business, especially our litte crafts business as the Balinese have great eye hand co-ordination and a very artistic culture.. The ex thought it would be too strange, too distracting, too exotic. Sedona is what rings the bell. we arrivein Sedona on Spring Equinox in 1987. Then we find out about the Harmonic Convergence and the 10,000 consciousness raising seekers, space cadets, UFO junkies etc, that are about to converge on this small high desert town of 7,000 back then. This event, was a life defining event for me. Created by Jose Arguelles who also started Earth Day, Jose now believes he is the re-incarnation of Pacal the Mayan King who was buried in the pyramid at Chichen Itza. Jose is a big believer an dpromoter of Wave Spell and the use of the Mayan lunar calendar,a spiritual calendar and the Dec 21 2012 as the end date and THE consciousness raising opening of the BIG ROAD to the Galactic Center. It was 23 years ago today. I just saw Paul McCartney sing Seargent Pepper live so the tune is in synch here. So where were you? Did this event have meaning for you? Look at how much has changed since then. What was alt is now normal. The word Goddess was never uttered and now attached to ladies razors. No one had heard of alternative healing, reiki, neti pots, barely had heard of Oprah Winfrey unless you lived in Chicago. There was no grunge rock, rapping was in its infancy. Who had cell phones? Micro wave ovens? MTV was new.
there ws still a U.S.S.R. to Get BAck to. How the heck did I get into Beatles’ song puns! Who went to chiropracters or had acupuncture treatments? CD’s? Vampires? Reality TV? Wasn’t life way simpler back then?

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