Weddings, bridal showers, stagette entertainment Tarot Psychic Future readings by Tara Greene 416461 1999

The most popular month for WEDDINGS is almost upon us!
416 461 1999
Wedding showers are all about celebrating a woman’s most treasured future event.. The perfect match for any bridal shower is Tarot readings,
 Astrology, Tea Leaf readings, Numerology
gifting the Bride to be with accurate, fun,  insightful, light hearted,
 visions of her  future. 
Tara Greene  provides psychic pampering  with invaluable insights
on this very special celebration
Psychic Tarot and Astrology bring visions
of the Bride to be’s dreamy, perfect future.
What could be a better gift than that?
Guests and family also included!

“You did a fantastic job. The girls really enjoyed the readings and it gave us much to discuss and think about! Thanks again. I would highly recommend Tara’s readings for every bachelorette.” -Cristie Sept 09

You can book Tara Greene, the #1 Fortune teller, and her hand picked professional Sacred Arts Centre Entertainers in Toronto, the GTA,
across Canada and the U.S. A. 

Providing enlightening entertainment
showering the Bride to Be and her entire retinue of guests
with awesome insights, + Wedding Receptions specialty acts
Since 1991 Tara has organised and supplied Enlightening Entertainment for thousands of events.
Tara Originated Psychic Tarot Readings for Corporate
and private parties.


Tara’s services always include EXCLUSIVE Astrology readings

Each Bride to Be receives a special one of a kind Astrology reading with her unique Birth chart as a gift. The reading is an interactive fun reading everyone can watch. Tara’s interpretation of the Astrology chart becomes an amazingly precise character analysis. This reading alone will be a future “Kodak moment” a totally memorable addition to the special event.

Everyone adores having their Tarot Cards read!
 at your wedding showers, stagettes, bachelorette party’s,
girls nights, bridal teas and spas too!

Tare always appears in a one of kind costumes, bringing a sophisticated mystique to your shower,cocktail party or wedding reception.

Tara always brings an array of real crystals with her, which she uses to tune into each person she reads for.


Tara and her Sacred Arts Centre Guild of talents will amaze you and all your guests.

Your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED!

Tara is THE expert in Psychic Party Special Events Entertainment.
Tara is the original Special Events Tarot Card Reader. Tara created the unique blend of Tarot cards, Astrology Numerology.
Tara reads Crystals and Tea Leaves too.

Tara has personally organized thousands of events and parties for corporate clients and has read for over 22,000 individuals.
See website with Clients List of Fortune 500 companies
True Testimonials from hundreds of satisfied customers.

Tara and her plethora of Psychics and Specialty Entertainers
Booking is simple.  Please book as early as you can.


For larger parties, weddings as well as multiple date and location events, Tara works with many other professional talented psychics, palm readers, Astrologers, aura readers, psychic eye readers. Also caricature artists, magicians, henna, musicians, tatooists, photographers, etc. Just ask.
One stop shopping

TRUE TESTIMONIAL from Satisfied Customer:
“I only have wonderful things to say about your services for the bachelorette in Richmond Hill .
I highly recommend Tara’s services.  You read for 17 ladies. You’re a complete professional. I was very very impressed.
I really really liked how you handled everything. Tara, you read for many of my friends who I know very well and I was amazed that you were able to read them so accurately and guide them and give them what they needed in the party atmosphere. I am very glad I picked you. There were other people I spoke to. I had a good feeling about you, there were a number of reasons.
Please ask anyone for a recomendation from me for a bachelorette, personal reading or Astrology reading. I will be very happy to recomend you. – S. Hussein April 2010

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