Libra Full Moon March 29-30 and more from Tara Greene Astrology Updates

Libra Full Moon March 29-30 & More Astrology Updates

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The 1st Full Moon this spring is at 9 degrees of Libra
7:27 pm PDT/ 10:27 pm EDT March 29 and at 2:27 am GMT March 30th

The First Full Moon of Spring 2010 marks the first night of Passover for Jewish people. For thousands of years the families gather to retell and commemorate the ancient story of being slaves in Egypt under cruel Pharaoh’s rule for three hundred years. It’s the story of Moses, his vision of Yahweh as a Burning Bush on Mt. Sinai, telling him how to lead the Jewish people to freedom. In the story/myth Yahweh sent plagues against the Egyptians, allowed the Jews to cross the Red Sea, finally the Pharaoh relented when God slew all the first born sons of the Egyptians including Ramses own son; the Jews wandering in the desert for 40 years, the Ten commandments. This story I’ve made a very general telling, has been repeated at Passover for two nights always on a Full Moon for thousands of years.

What does this story have to do with this current Libran Full Moon?

The Enfulled Moon is in Libra sign of the Balance. The Scales of Justice, Law, is what Libra is all about.
In other words, Karma, cause and effect. The balance of any duality, opposing forces, male, female, new vs. old, dark vs. light, etc. On this Full Moon we see our emotions {the karmic glue itself} for the entire scope of Humanity in the Balance.

Saturn, Lord of karma, is now Retrograde at 00 degrees 39 minutes of Libra, and Uranus the planet that breaks down whatever Saturn creates is at 27 degrees of Pisces. The old guard {Saturn} and the Revolution as symbolized by Uranus the freedom awakener have been in a close opposition ever since Election Day in the United States in Nov. 2009 when Barrack Obama won.

The Passover story is one of wandering in the Wasteland, in the dry desert Enduring trials and keeping the Faith. We are at a concurrent phase in our lives right now.

SATURN will re-enter Virgo on April 7th and remain there till July 21st so this gives us time to finish up any old Hermetic Virgo like business during this time period. Be very meticulous in all work related health and business during this time. Saturn is the cosmic cop and any unfinished business will be in your face, one more lesson to be dealt with.

Saturn was last in Virgo October 29 2009 so whatever you were dealing with then will be back if you didn’t do your entire home work! This applies to nations and individuals. It can be a GRACE period to, all Retrogrades bring us time to rethink, rebalance.
There maybe major déjà vu’s financially during this time period, also related to food recalls, missed details on assembly lines. We are already seeing the Health { VIRGO} bill recently passed by President Obama going back to be re-voted on.

PLUTO, at 5 degrees of Capricorn Squares this Moon, highlighting our shadow materials, our deep unconscious drives which no longer serve our greatest growth and regeneration. Pluto’s energies are strongest now as Pluto is moving v-e-r-y slowly about to go Retrograde April 6th. Individuals born at the beginning of the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, the Ingresses of the seasons will feel the effects the strongest. If you know your chart any planets at these important stationary points are also under the mighty sway and influences of major changes.

MERCURY AND VENUS are within 3 and bit degrees of each other in Aries at 24 degrees Merc. & 27 degrees Venus, indicating fast and fiery Aries independent thinking, new consciousness { Mercury} new ways to communicate. Venus in Aries is in her Amazon phase, independent, passionate, defensive.
Put ‘em both together and what d’ ya got? Women speaking out, Feminine values initiating new changes and growth; warrior mentality; falling in love with the quick tongued mercurial one, being too hasty, fools rushing in. Initiating changes too quickly with the resulting defensive mindsets.

Have we spent too much too fast in promoting these growth incentives in government do ya think?

MARS, ruler of Aries, males, agression rules the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aries right now. Mars  is slowly regaining ground in Leo and is at 2 degrees. Things are beginning to move forwards. Mars is Quincunxing Pluto an irritable aspect, so tempers are very excitable right now. Lots of fire element equals threats are made in haste, may be regretted afterwards. War thought are being generated, doesn’t bode well for peace talks at the moment.

JUPITER at 16 degrees of Pisces { already!} asks us to have compassion, compassion and more compassion. Bliss out, don’t space out, don’t escape.


URANUS at 27 degrees of Pisces is squaring the Galactic Center at 27 degree of Sagittarius. The G.C. is what all the 2012 end of the Mayan calendar date is all about. Its’ the Sun crossing at the xact midpoint on the winter Solstice 2012. See what else I’ve written about the Galactic Center at

Uranus is the revolutionary, Freedom, Break through Consciousness, the Big Picture, Galactic wiring, Humanitarian Collectives, new inventions.I don’t know about you but I am sure feeling my brain on overload. I am so wired. “Don’t need no coffee in my cup” as Van Morrison once sang.
If you missed it when Pluto was conjunct the G.C. in 2007 or id you want to tune into new dimensions of reality now’s the time to really break open your head.


Neptune is the oceanic Pisces version of I Tunes of course. The planet that rules Pisces and the Wounded healer continue to their airy liberating, healing dance, cheek to cheek at 27 and 28 degrees of Aquarius now. Let go, let go let go.


CHIRON will enter 29 degrees of Aquarius – “the critical degree” March 30/ April 1st.
Did you know that the word Critic and its derivatives comes from the Indian Kritika, the Fates who measured out your life. The Centaur Chiron Wounded healer will be at the last degree only till April 19th when it enters Pisces the last and most spiritual signs ushering into an entire new level of alternative, spiritual, chakra, Shamanic, dream healing, energy healing and balancing programme.


After being in Aquarius for almost five years we’ve gotten a little used to Chiron in Aquarius. Chiron the Wounded Healer will retrograde back into Aquarius from July 20- Feb 8, 2011 before settling into a sign that enhances Chiron’s nature. Chiron’s time in Aquarius has made us aware of reforms needs in health care, civil liberties, management, inclusive communications, technology where we connect more fully with each other.Chiron in Pisces will heighten everyone’s sensitivity, deep feelings, compassion, helping us to know our innate interconnectedness with Spirit and the All.

Many, many many more new changes coming very soon so stay Neptuned in.
– MAny Blessings TAra

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