February 13 –14 NEW MOON, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year,

February 13 –14th NEW MOON, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, put a Tiger in your Tank, Uber Romantic, Wounded Healer, Angel Gabriel, Big Love, SOUL MATE’S  all rolled into one & More    copyright  Tara Greene 

This looks like its stacking up to be a gallimaufry’- look it up, as it combines the most amazing Aquarius New Moon/Chinese New Year, Valentine’s day ever!  

New Moon arrives Feb 13th @ 9:53 pm EST/ 6:53 pm PST  Feb 14th  @ 2:53 am GMT   

CHINESE NEW YEAR begins Feb 14 @ 10:52 am in Beijing 

 The Metal White Tiger Year roars in under the dreamy beams of many planets which I feel are auspicious. This differs from most traditional Chinese New year analysis.

Neptune the planet which rules spirituality, dreams, illusions, delusions, escapism, drugs, art, poetry, Soul Mates, Hollywood, Bliss, oil, the Oceans, endings not necessarily n that order. Neptune continues to conjunct the however they classify it these days, Wounded Healer Centaur- Chiron, who wisely shows us our wounds, pain and vulnerability and helps us to wholeness and healing through those very wounds- think of the original St. Valentine’s in who’s name we honour the day, stuck with a lot of arrows, a Piscean type, a martyr. 

Valentine’s Day will be especially over the top SOUL MERGING what with Jupiter in Pisces {Big Foot} conjunct Venus Goddess of Love Herself, which is also conjuncting nudge, nudge, wink, wink the Fixed Star called Fomalhaut. This Fixed Star is one of the 4 Royal Stars and Jupiter King of the God’s presence here makes it “REALLY ROYALLY REGAL”  

As one of the Watchers of Heaven, the Watcher of the South, in the Tropical {Western} Zodiac. The Stars current position is 3 degrees 52 minutes of Pisces.  It is visible in the Southern Hemisphere.  It is classified as a Venus/Mercury/Neptune type of star. Also referred to as one of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse mentioned in Revelations! The Star marks the position of the Archangel Gabriel who blows his Trumpet on Judgement Day when the dead arise.   

Fomalhaut rules Magic, fame, the occult, faith, addictions, undesirable associates and is also The Star of Alchemy, which means it also turns Lead, turns into Gold. 

 Which brings us to the Tarot Trump Card #14 Temperance or ALCHEMY. Which is aka the SACRED MARRIAGE symbol. The sybolic stew thickens. 

I feel to have the Goddess of Love, Venus Goddess of Beauty Harmony and Balance, Values and Luxury directly on this Angelic star with Jupiter surely points out to the Most magical Opportunity and Heavenly Blessings to boot {Pisces} for creating that Alchemical Marriage Made in Heaven both Within and Without, as above so below, The knowing will hear a victorious triumphant blast from Gabriel’s horn resonating throughout their entire hearts and beings, the way that the pure of heart and spirit are reborn with a blast. 

Chiron and Neptune conjunct at 26 degrees + change in Aquarius are only 1 degree away from the Sun and Moon. I feel this is another Sacred marriage symbol.  Neptune rules the spiritual, compassionate, visionary sign of Pisces, the waters of spiritual consciousness, endings, yoga, the ashram, and Bliss. 

Chiron discovered Nov. 1 1977 was an Archetype, which the Ancient Greeks revered. Half-mortal Centaur he was rejected but he overcame his early wounds to become a healer so great he healed the Gods themselves. Chiron in the sign of Aquarius will be within 10 degree of Neptune from 2007- 2014 allowing all of humanity a seven year Saturn cycle to get its collective wounding together in order to heal itself together.  

Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius represent the archetype of Unity Consciousness. The two planets join only once every 57 to 80 years, they last rendezvoused in September 1945 at 5 degrees of Libra. Their previous conjunction was in 1879-80 at 11 degrees of Taurus. Neptune was discovered in 1846 at 25 degrees plus of Aquarius. This conjunction with Chiron now only one degree away from Neptune’s discovery point re-awakens humanities spiritual ideals and also shows us where and how we are hurting by blocking the humanitarian and spiritually expansive impulses to unite in consciousness as a whole. 

So go with the flow at this New moon. Allow yourself and your loved one to be rapturously rappin’ Blissed out, walking on clouds, wearing rose coloured glasses, uberromantic, inspired and idealistic on this New Moon. 


 Alchemy means turning lead into Gold. Saturn is lead, the devil, negativity, limitations, and reality. The Sun is GOLD.  Saturn Retrograde at 4 degrees of Libra and Mars retrograde at 4 degrees of Leo {Mars is considered to be the depositor or final ruler, the one who has the last say, of the Sun at this point because it is in the Sign the Sun is most at home in} both form a Quincunx {a 150 degree angle} to the Venus Jupiter conjunction in Pisces. Two quincunxes form what’s known as a YOD.  

A Yod is referred to as a finger of God, a complex configuration pointing to and mandating a shift in direction and attitude. So we have a golden opportunity to Review, Rewind the moves {Mars} and the movie, {Saturn}. 

Jupiter, Venus and that Star of the Archangel Gabriel form the point that the BIG FINGER of God/Goddess is pointing at. The limits and structures of reality {Saturn} and the desire defences and actions {Mars} point us to Love, Compassion, Bliss, return to the Source. That’s quite the finger wagging! 

 Saturn and Pluto are still in a square aspect. Uranus in Pisces is moving up to Square the Galactic Center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. Remember that this point, the G.C., the Big Black Hole at the centre of our Galaxy is what all the kafuffle about 2012 concerns, the Sun exactly crossing the Galactic Centre according to the Mayans.  

 I sense and I was told about a particular day in time occurring in the short distant future March 10-13 2010. I sense some very important and strong shifts possibly big changes, coming very soon, really use this New Moon to let go of all your ancient programming limitations and non-essential baggage.  

 Its time to launch. Ask Angel Gabriel to come and Bless, cleanse and protect you. He is very powerful. I have been working with his energies for many years. He came to me once in a very powerful dream in the early 90’s. 

The cosmic interdimensional portals are very open and very powerful right now. Go very deep and you will access the knowledge your birthright, you do create your every reality. So start co-creating. 

MEDITATION for AQUARIUS Sacred Marriage Alchemical NEW MOON 

Set some time aside before the New moon is exact. In your area. Dress in red as is customary for both Valentine’s Day and Chinese New year it is the symbol of the heart of blood of luck. Sit comfortably and begin to breathe with awareness.  Set up 8 corners for all the 8 directions of Powers. The 4 main directions and elements are in this order, East, South, West, North. Always move clockwise as the Sun. The other 4 directions are called Non-cardinal. The Southeast, the South West, and then northwest then North East.  

Call upon the 4 elements to be with you in the ceremony. Begin with the East; do all main cardinal directions first then the non- cardinals beginning with the South East.  

Visualize the meeting of the Sun and the Moon as the symbol of the masculine sun and the feminine moon in union. Sense the connection with the ancient Chinese New year celebrated for over 5,000 years.  

Bring in the raw power of the White Tiger a very sacred animal. Also send prayers and protection out for real physical very endangered wild tigers in the world. Call upon Tigers courage to protect you. Next call upon the powers of Neptune the Higher Octave of Love. Sense Neptune’s subtle energies, Neptune rules the Spiritual world itself, Higher Love, Union, Bliss, and Oneness. Call upon the Wounded Healer Chiron to open your wounds your heart so that you may acknowledge the pain. Take as much time as you need, to cry, scream, roars whatever it is you need to do to let it out and let it go. Call upon Neptune’s power of Healing to heal the wounds now. 

Hold your arms out at your sides and slowly bring them together at your heart chakra as your breath and physically marry the two polarities. Breathe in the energy of their intermingling, their love, their sexual energy, passion, and their interconnectedness within YOU. Call on the blessings of Venus in Pisces for a Sacred Spiritual union, and Jupiter to expand your heart. Whatever needs to be forgiven should be done now. Jupiter and Venus in Pisces signify forgiveness, compassion. Bask in the Bliss and Ocean of Love within your soul and all around you, Sense love imminent with in every nano atom of all the Multiverses. Take as much time as you need. 

Call upon Saturn in Libra sign of relationships to help ground and center yourself.  Whenever you feel ready thank all the elemental spirits and directions for being present in your circle. Starting with the North – East go counter-clockwise backwards to release those spirits back to their own directions, ending with the East where you began. 

May the circle be open but unbroken. 

Celebrate, dance, sing, make love its Valentine’s Day. 






























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  1. First, thanks to your insightful post. I like your blog and find it especially instructive. I admire your ability of pointing out (by blogging) little things that other people do not take any time to mention. I discovered it by doing a quest on Google as a consequence I sure will come back here when I have more time.Thanks


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