New Year 2010 Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse Retro by Tara Greene

WOW!  It’s been an incredible year, 2009. An 11 year, a Master Year, as in 11 = Master #’s, relating to Strength in the Tarot, and Justice and memory, the High Priestess and the Hermit # 9 Himself.

Capt. Sulley’s landing on the Hudson stands out in my memory as one of the highflying Highlights for me and the wave of Hope that Pres Obama’s inauguration ushered in. A  re-mix of Camelot in the 21st Century.

 So Astrology wise as 2009 ends which flips into the birth of 2010- in the

AS ABOVE SO BELOW- Mirror world of metaphor and literal symbols of this event what do we see?

Quite a send off! BLUE MOON- {there was a Full Moon in Gemini Dec 1st/2nd} so this 2nd Full Moon in one calendrical month is what makes the Moon, Blue, an ancient metaphor for a rare event- A New Year’s Blue Moon hasn’t happened since 1990 {so think back to what changes occurred then} and won’t happen again till 2028. So that’s pretty rare, although Blue Moon’s do occur regularly, ever 2- 2 ½ years. The next ones will be in 2012.

 This New Year’s Eve also has a Partial Lunar Eclipse in Cancer at 10 degrees 14 mins, occurring at 2:14 pm EST/ 11:14 am PST/ 7:14 pm GMT.

The Eclipse won’t be visible in Toronto where I reside or in most of North America, although Newfoundland may see some of it. The Eclipse will be visible from much of Australia, Asia and Europe and most of Africa.  Europe, Africa the Middle East sees/feels the Eclipse on Dec 31st.  Actually there won’t be much to see on this eclipse anyways, only 7.5% of the Moon will be in umbral, fully dark.  In India and Central Asia the Eclipse begins in 2009 and ends in 2010. That’s a long eclipse for them. The Eclipse occurs on Jan 1st in China, Indonesia and New Zealand where none of it is visible from N.Z. The Eclipse has max effect where it is the most visible-the Eclipse path.

 This is also what’s called a Super Moon, when the Moon is closest to the earth and in line with Sun and earth.


A Lunar Eclipse amplifies the Full Moon’s pull to the max! I predict that it will be a very Xtremely EMOTIONAL NEW YEARS, very sentimental, overflowing with tears of joy and happiness, and sadness for what has passed as befits a Lunar Eclipse in the Sign of Cancer.

Lunar Eclipses interrupt the solar and lunar electromagnetic flows when they occur. This helps us to release old patterns, in this case most definitely old security/insecurity issues, family ties, home, mothering, nurturing, food, stability, the nest, the womb, the unconscious, the ocean, the Goddess, the Divine Mother, Gaia, the Earth Herself.


The Sun, Mercury- Retro, Venus, Pluto and the North Node are all lined up in earthy Capricorn at this Full moon/eclipse. So we will stay very grounded as that entire practical Earthiness can absorb all the overflowing water from the emotions, and the tidal pull of the Moon.

 RETRO NEW YEAR  & RETROSEXUALS –a new type of sexuality is being birthed for men!

May feel kinda Deja Vu-ish what with the Retro energies. Out with the old and in with the New- under 2, count ‘em Retrograde Planet’s Influences-

Mercury and Mars are the planets in question doing the backward rumba. Many people are aware of and fully cognizant about the detriments and joys of Mercury the Messengers Retrograde phases and its obvious effects on all communications. 2009 saw Venus Retrograde this year too, remember that? and a lovely Venus Mars Conjunction on June 21 at Mid Taurus.


Mars is Retrograde in Leo- see my article Mars retrograde for more on this subject. So all you Drama Kings & Queens, Leaders, Royalty, those who feel entitled of this world, {and everyone has LEO somewhere in their Natal Birth Charts} you’re off the throne for now, and for a good 7 months in total. Mars Retrograde gives the guys a break from the daily grind, breadwinner, rat race scenario and urges them to put down their guns, let down their {Samson} hair, put their tired feet up and stop being HERO’s for awhile and Relax, reflect, re-act, reform, re-late, rest, all those nice Rx Prescriptions that All Retrograde backwards motion planets do.

Never mind Metrosexuals, this gives the guys the chance to be RETROSEXUALS. An opportunity to recreate the Archetype of the Masculine. Is he the Wild Man, the shaman, the father, the wise man, the thinker, the cad, the tycoon, gangstah, business guy, geek?

Hopefully we’ll have enough time to figure out how to turn testosterone into some kind of useful fuel for something better than fighting and cussing and making wars into something more life enhancing and positive. Yah we need the ying yang, I know, but wanton killing for political power and pure ego trips ain’t gonna make it these days.

 THE PLANeTS, TELL YOU how to plan it – STAY SOBER!!!!

Planetary wise, this is a heavily squared ordinary full moon if it was an ordinary full moon but it ain’t. Saturn the Lord and Planetary ruler of those 5 aforementioned Planets, Sun and Node, is Square {a 90 degree, get your ass moving aspect} to all of them from his current position in Libra the Sign of Holding the Opposition of the Duality, saying lets all co-operate here, but through a hard, but socially gracious looking “nice” Libran kick to those infamous Capricorn knees.

Mr. Saturn is also giving La Luna a tough square dance kind ‘o thing time too, [90 degree angle} because of course she is directly opposite the Sun and connected to the South Node in Cancer, which is why this eclipse can occur in the first place.

Saturn in Libra Square the Moon in Cancer is a SOBERING kind of E-Motional Reality check.

Be advised not to over drink or be forewarned you’ll be crying into your beer/champagne flute well before midnight, over dear old Mom or Dad {Saturn reps the Father} and the bitter divorce, or long forgotten memories of Her or His neglect/abuse of you, or singing along with I’ve got Tears in my ears and the Song of the Night is Most definitely BLUE MOON.

And Dear old ARIES Lord of War, aka Mars Retro or no retro is Opposing Chiron, the wounded healer, and Neptune and maybe a wide angle to Jupiter all in Aquarius of course.

We’re temporarily experience an off the hook from the Saturn Uranus opposition but that will resume shortly.


Heads up for the BIG SOLAR Eclipse Jan 14 –15th the same day Mercury turns direct.

Jupiter enters Pisces Jan 17th.

We’re moving into the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar.

More sooner….


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