MARS Retrograde- RED ALERT!!! Tara Greene Tarot Reader, Psychic

Imagine, John Lennon Yoko Ono Give Peace a Chance

imagine peace John Lennon Yoko Ono


MARS  goes retrograde in Leo – Sign of Kings and royalty   DECEMBER 20 2009 

 Mars turns Direct Motion -March 10, 2010 

Mars Attacks!… like Tiger woods,.. the Queen, the Pope… 

On Oct 17  this year Mars entered Zero degrees of Leo of its own shadow phases where he will appears to move forwards then backwards then forwards from. 

I believe we have alrady seen the foreshadowing of  Mars in Leo- with the Tiger woods scandals- too much libido- and off with your head!!! 

 Mars is all about action. It’s the male libido, the life force, energy. Mars rules the motor nerves, ladder and adrenal glands, the head and face, red blood corpuscles. 

Mars is the energy that helps you go for it, win that race, it’s all out there, extraverted, aggressive, competitive, anger, war like, defensive. 

Every 2 years Mars decide he needs an R & R period, and he goes retrograde. You should be aware by now of the effects of Mercury Retrogrades and the recent Venus Retrograde experienced this past spring. So what happens when Mars goes Retrograde?  

 It’s like.. there ain’t no viagra anywhere to be found. 

LEO’s motto is  I WILL! Mars Retrograde in Leo –is I WON’T.  

 I Want a slow hand.. would be appropriate music. 

 SLOW DOWN, REST, put down your guns, stage a Bed in like John and Yoko to protest War. 

 Eat molasses. Go on a Macrobiotic diet or become a Vegan- less aggressive. 

Learn how to dance the waltz. Practice moving in slow motion. 

 It’s like -Do not pass Go! Everything comes to a big grinding halt! All that extraverted energy goes underground, can be vindictive, secretive, calculating and covert, can become self-destructive akin to underground mines. 

All things happen for a beneficial reason, so lets look at how we can use Mars retrograde in a highly life enhancing way. 

 With Saturn in Libra urging us to balance out everything we do, Mars Retrograde makes a perfect compliment as the Martial energy is held back, instead of impulsively jumping into the fray, we weigh out our options in a more clarified well thought out way. Its more Taoist Art of War, never wasting any energy, conserving, balancing, harmonizing. Instead of haste making waste, pausing makes growth. 

Mars will turn retro in Leo on December 20th just before the Winter Solstice, when the Sun, ruler of the Sign Leo enters the zero degree of Capricorn Cardinal point we were talking about earlier.  That section of your Natal Astrology chart where Mars is going retrograde is likely where you will feel the most inertia before the retrograde starts. Loss of recent gains, or rehashing of plans will happen during the retro mars phase. 

Your energy will be lower. You will be entertaining thought so why bother to try so hard? Questioning what that EGO thing is that drives you so hard, and for what?   

I think this Mars Retro is so aptly and Cosmically timed right now. This is just what the Dr. ordered! 

Our collective karma is being weighed, the culprit, the major Duomo THE EGO- this is Leo remember, is deflated, seen for its false super shiny, glamorous selfish, insecure scared self. 

 Everything Martial, the army, war, men, competition, boxing, fighting, explosives,And everything Under Leo’s domain- leaders, stars as in Hollywood, media,Children, drama, self-expression, will power, Generals, the queen, the Pope, assassins, terrorists. Arsonists, will power. All of these matters will be Re-considered, reflected upon, reviewed, renounced, reformed, Realigned, re-assessed. 

 Everything will slow down, its as if the world will be feeling a large Intermission on the collective world stage of Life, and all the actors and actresses are sitting in their dressing rooms, rethinking their roles, their whys, with the ability to question and detach from the play itself and se it for what it is. 

 Mars Retro gives you time, a very precious commodity. Slow down and breathe, appreciate the now, no need to go faster.  Complete old projects. Enjoy the now. The wheels of progress grind to a slow halt. Life becomes simpler, less rushed, simpler. Leo types may be grump and out of their element trying to stir up the old drama games, but not many takers. 

Mars goes Retro Dec 20 @ 19 degrees of Leo 42 mins. The Sabian Symbol for that is Leo @ 19 degrees. “ A houseboat party!” Describes a bohemian, entertaining, free flowing energies, escape from routine activities.   

Mars Turns Direct March 10, 2010 @ Zero degrees Leo19 minutes.The Sabian Symbol for that Zero degree of Leo is “Blood rushes to a man’s head as his vital energies are mobilized under the spur of ambition.” Describes a fiery kindling, of Solar Fire, into the Head. At its most spiritual this is a soul/solar realization, a Solar Logos awakening. 

 Mars enters the retrograde Shadow {a foreshadowing of the later Direct station} on October 17th 2009 at 00 degrees of Leo 19 minutes. 

 Mars totally leaves the Retrograde shadow where he first stopped and went retrograde { 19 degrees Leo } on Dec 20 2009, on May 17, 2010. 

and that’s 7 months spent in the chrysalis stage. 

the queen may indeed step down from the throne. A scandal will rock Rome and the Pope involving more child abuse. Shame shame shame. 



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