The conjunction of Jupiter Neptune & Chiron very rare

Today was a very big day with a very rare, not like a steak,more like an ultra fine cosmic big glass of the finest wine with a haunting aftertaste, bitter sweet a.k.a. Jupiter  Chiron Neptune Conjunction or 

J.C. N. C. 

THIS VERY RARE EVENT – some say it is 2,900 years since the last such occurance of all 3 planets .  Jupiter and Neptune coincide once every 12 years, Chiron is a comet and has a 50 year eliptical orbit, discovered on Nov 1,  1977  the  cosmic wanderer symbolizes the Wounded Healer -a centaur, so there is a simila to Sagittarius energy, but he is considered to rule the Sign of Virgo, the Sign most concerned with health, healing service to ohers. 

Chiron is half mortal half human, Jupiter / Zeus helped him, he was rejected by his Mother and became a great healer of the Gods and heroes of Ancient Greece but he himsel  had a wound that he could not heal and gave up his Immortality to die and release the pain, he was them immortalizes for his great help and skills.  Chiron is a very powerfull Archetypal energy, we all come into this life wounded, it is part of the journey what we need to heal in our lives. 

And to make it more interesting and more powerfull 

Were you born between Sept 1954 and Feb 1955? Between July and September 1966? Between Feb and August 1956? If you are then the May 2009 Neptune-Jupiter Chiron conjunction will be within 2 degrees of exact opposition to your natal Pluto! and that’s soulful stuff added to the mix, that’ll get to the roots of Hades and what ails ye! 

Chiron and Neptune do not form their exact conjunction until February 17, 2010, but they are virtually conjunct each other when Jupiter conjoins Neptune on May 27, 2009 at 26°29′ of Aquarius.  Chiron at 26°14′ of Aquarius on that day is a mere minutes away. Two days later Neptune goes retrograde on May 29 and Chiron goes retrograde on May 30, which means both are moving almost stationaryand  considered to be extra powerful before they both go Retro  during that week of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. 

3 STages of this unfoldment- 

First Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Aquarius with Chiron occurs on May 27 (Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron at 26 degrees) , 

July 10 (Jupiter-Neptune at 26 degrees with Chiron at 25 degrees and the Moon at 20 degrees) 

December 21 (Jupiter-Neptune at 24 degrees with the Moon and Chiron at 22 degrees! 

Dec 21st also being Winter Solstice and marking only 3 short years to the BIG ONE  Dec 21, 2012! 

I really feel that this Alignment is the peek into the Future, where we go to look around the corners of reality, As always there is a high and a low side. 

Neptune the planet of DEBT,CREDIT CARDS, as well as Higher Love, Soul Mates, Fantasy, Delusion, Illusion, Drugs, Escapism, Addictions, institutons, oil, prisons { Pisces} Bliss, Spirit, Oneness, Cosmic, Ashrams, endings, Romance, artistry, drama, karma conjuncts with 

JUPITER -largest planet of them all-OK so now we know he’s all hot air and a big gas bag, that’s Yahweh, Zeus,Santa Claus, happy, optimistic, the proverbial “red rubber ball of the Zodiac” ruler of Sign of Sagittarius-the archer, truth seeker, philosopher, metaphysician, centaur, gypsy, religion, judgements,higher learning, the Master Teachers live on Jup! a ambler, a James Bond type, a hunter, loves the chase, inspiring, I’m one of those- 

also rules the Sign of Pisces- the last of all the signs. the ending Omega and the beginning Alpha, PIsces 12th house, confinement, imagination, Bliss, spirit, compassiuon, martyrdom, illusion, fantasy, drama, darma, you read it right, karma, charmeleon, didn’t Boy George  have a hit osng called that? I wonder if he’s a Pisces? OIL, 

Hey didn’t we just read this list? Yes, Jupiter and Neptune co-rule the Sign of Pisces. Jupiter is the Ancient ruler of Pisces and sagittarius becuase in the old tradition and in the current old ancient Vedic Tradition of Astrology in India, there were only 7  known planets used and these relat to the 7 chakras, and only the Sun and the Moon each had rulership of one sign only. 

The Sun- rules Leo, 5th house 

The Moon- rules Cancer, 4th house 

and all the other known planets ruled both a Masculine and a Feminine sign which is altogether much more balanced whole, yn yang, It just goes to show you how imbalanced technology has gotten us. 

Mercury rules Masculine Air Sign Gemini & Feminine Earth Sign Virgo 

Venus rules Feminine Earth Sign Taurus & Masculine Air Sign Libra 

Mars rules Masculine Fires Sign Aries & Feminine Water Sign Scorpio 

Jupiter rules Masculine Fire Sign Sagitta & Feminine Water Sign Pisces 

Saturn rules Feminine Earth Sign Capricorn & Masculine Air Sign Aquarius 

The newly dicovered outer Planets 

Uranus is said to be a Higher Octave of Mercury and rules Aquarius 

 Neptune is said to be a Higher Octave of Venus and ruler of Pisces 

Pluto is said to be a Higher Octave of Mars and rules Scorpio 

Symbol of Chiron

Symbol of Chiron


WHere the degrees of the conjunction 26 degrees of Aquarius fall in your chart is where the healing help wounding dreams wishes hopes and dreams are happening this affects your Love Life, your Debts, Ideals, romanticism, endings, Bliss 

Need advice? just ask

6 thoughts on “The conjunction of Jupiter Neptune & Chiron very rare

  1. My ascendant is 26 degrees Gemini and so the conjunctions form a semi-square to my ascendant. I have nothing in Aquarius nor the 10th house where it falls. Can you tell me what the conjunctions will mean for me and where (the healing will occure – if it occurs at all). Thank you.


  2. oh wow…with a 6/21/1951 birthdate this big transit is trining my natal mars/mercury/sun (rolling conjunction and quincunx my natal Saturn (oh yeah…the big second saturn return is revving up to!) Are things settled in my life? No way! We are retiring (going to the next stage)-moving – downsizing and decluttering – selling our house and who knows what the external world will toss my way…This is a BIG One…kind of like a Spiritual 8.0 EQ!


  3. I’m just wondering what you think the future holds after the next six months are up? It seems like a lot of loss right now, but again I agree with you that it feels hopeful. Will the awful truth hit hard or is there hope? hummm just wondering.


  4. My spouse has a birthdate of 3/17/1956 …he seems to be having alot of medical problems and job problems because of his knees and arthritis. Is anything going to change for the good or just get worse? Any advise on what he can do to improve the situation? Please advise. Thanks.


  5. My question is this conjunction on July 10,2009 hits some signs harder than others. (Taurus being one of them thru May 19th..)
    I am a cusp Taurus born May 20, 1950 born US cancer moon Libra asc….being that close yet so near another sign what does that do to cusp born people?
    We seem to get left out a lot when astrologers try and predict sun signs. Thanks, Jeanine


  6. I liked your article and it made sense to me coz of my current situation.I lost my job in october 2008 and what that meant my debt kept on rising.home loan credit cards etc etc every one chasing me for money.
    The healing came on 14/05/09 till 13/06/09.then again 10/07/09-22/07/09.When i say healing i realy “mean it”. i paid off alot of my debt during this time .I am a virgo so i wanted to know was that the affect of triple conjunction and when does it start in december.Is it when jupiter conjuncts chiron or when jupiter conjuncts neptune.


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