Terrorist Economics by Tara Greene Astrologer, psychic

        Federal Reserve /Terrorist Economics / U.S, Financial Meltdown                                       

Uncle Sam wants you to pay

Uncle Sam wants you to pay



So Mr. BU ll SH it came on TV tonight Sept 24 08 to plead with the ordinary American folks { read suckers}  that America needs their tax dollars to bail out the “Securities” companies/Banks read LOANSHARKS who foisted on the World those shady loans-no money down, don’t pay a cent till…. No credit no problem deals or else the U.S. Economy and the rest of the World re China, Europe etc. etc. who bought into it the swill  will Go Down the drain in a cesspool of a depression. Been ‘dere done ‘dat before, like, 79 years ago.


Before he “leaves the building” supposedly in Jan 09 he’s making sure all his buddies get a high stake of the $700,000,000,000 yep that’s 11 zero’s. Hah! Those little hard workin’ “honest” folks, who probably don’t have enough extra cash to play the markets, mutual funds, hedge funds etc. in the first place now get to foot the bill of the money managers. Will the people get to vote on it? Probably not because this is a state of FINANCIAL EMERGENCY! Ding! Ding! Ding!

This is Financial TERRORISM!  Just like he said after 911 everyone has to “keep shoping” everyone must have credit cards, shiny new cars, and keep America going ever and allways into debt.


Shoudn’t the mafia brokers have to pay from their own pockets? Didn’t they make a bundle? Are the C.E.O.’s being fired for bad management?  This in my opinion is worse than Enron, the Valdez going down, Watergate and 911 put together.


If you have a mortgage at a bank, the bank owns your house. But if the Feds own the banks and your mortgage the government owns your home. Talk about “homeland security.”  Does this give them the right to do whatever they want? HAs anyone read the fine print?


There’s trouble my friends, right here in River City, Trouble with a Capital T,

that rhymes with P that stands for Paulson and the U.S. Treasury Department.


And what about the Federal Reserve? You know it’s a private bank, it is not part of the Government. It’s the Rockerfeller’s, you know the Billdenberg’s  and the secret rich who run the whole shebang anyways. This is the 2nd act after 911, the Secret Financial Government is planning to take over everything. I’ve even read that Obama was outlining volunteer programmes, like the make work programs in the Depression, for all those unemployed people who’re going to be growing real fast.


Looking back in History over the last 18 years- a Lunar cycle since 1990 a BUSH was the Pres. The Clinton for 8 years, the BUSH again. We’ve had 12 years of being Bush wacked by the New World Order preparing for lockdown now.


Obama McCAin it doesn’t matter it’s all the same. Only Ron Paul seems to have any sanity and he’s a Republican I believe he’s running as an Independent in this Election. And how quick we are to forget that there’s been no democratic elections in the U.S. for the last 8 years so why do you think there’d be one now? Duh…


The Feds taking over the banking system, securities system etc. is not socialist communist or anything like that. It’s Fascist it’s New World Order. YEs they want all the nations to get together to figure out how they’re all going to work together making way for One World Fascist Order or

O.W.F. O. { it’ll be owfo for most people} whose motto will be



” run by the few for the few, on the backs and sweat of the very many.”


America is moving fast towards a Fascist violent “Democorruptic” nation, playing “bankrupt.” The old boys at the top have so much money in their secret coffers they probably light their cigars with $10,000 notes. Which if you didn’t know is worthless anyways as it is not backed up by gold.


If you want to understand what Dollars really are- read this very interesting article. 




Sounds like a knock off of a U.S. car that was made in Yugoslavia in the Soviet Era.

And anyways they have to bankrupt their Economy to pave the way for the AMERO,

How come NO one talks about this in Canada or the U.S.!  It’s already been minted in Denver of all places. Sometime soon Canada and Mexico-I thought they hated Mexicans in the U.S.- will join hands in a lovely tri-country holding tank with one currency, O.K. so we’ll be the North American Union facing off with the EU.

And what happens to the U.S. debt when all 3 countries merge? I’m a Canadian, not crowing about being a Canadian because that’s not the Canadian way. We rub about 8,000 km’s of shoulder against the U.S. They’re only 100 miles away from Toronto where I sit writing this..

What happens to the value of a “loonie?” That’s what Canadian $1 coinage is affectionaly referred to up here, because there’s a loon embossed  on it.


So I decided to take a look at the Federal Reserve Birth Chart 


Federal Reserve Astrology

Federal Reserve Astrology



 The Federal Reserve was voted into being by Congress on Dec 23 1913 I’ve used Noon as I do not have an accurate time and this is commonly used for Hi Profile Public events and persons.

When I saw the chart with the current transits i was blown away.


The Federal Reserve chart has the Sun at 1 degree+ of Capricorn- the Patriarchal, status quo, all business, corporate, seniority, earthy sign –  1 degree away from the Winter Solstice degree, the power gate and World Stage point.

It has it’s Pluto- Pluto is lord of Power, Control, Secrecy, Death, Rebirth directly opposite it’s Sun at ZERO degrees of Cancer {Retrograde} That is also the Summer Solstice Point where the sun is at the Highest point in the Northern Hemisphere June 21st. These 2 points are 2 of the 4 major Solar turning points of the year. And what’s the Sun always been symbolized and associated with?


The placement of these 2 “planets” in Astrology terms is amazing enough. If the Sun is actually a huge atomic furnace, Pluto rules Atomic energy. The opposition of these 2 is like the Sun and a mirror of the sun a “Black Sun” as it were. It’s a counterbalance of the Source of all Light and the Source of Death. That is the Federal Reserve chose consciously or unconsciously to symbolize Birth and Death, the ALpha and Omega, the Be all and End all,as it were and thinks that way about itself!

The current Transit of Pluto-Lord of Destruction and Resurrection/ Recycling/ waste, is sitting directly on the High Noon of the Fed’s birth chart at 29 degrees of Sagittarius right now.  This is of course conjunct the Galactic Center making me think that what author Stuart Wilde’s been saying about the ” fat controllers on earth being given orders by trans-dimensionals” may not be incorrect.

The Mid Heaven or High Noon position symbolizes the World’s stage. So, the Fed Reserve is perfectly poised to take total control of the U.S.’s  riches, through destruction, waste, poverty, did I forget to mention secrets?

Amazingly enough the Fed Reseve is having Pluto opposite it’s own Pluto right now. This is a Power balance.

And if that weren’t enough Pluto is also exactly Square to the Fed’s Ascendant/ Descendent exactly at this moment. SO Pluto is in control all the way through this right now, demoted or not, I think that everyone gets their marching orders from the top, who funds Astronomers anyways? SO downplaying Pluto diminishes, and makes Pluto seem less powerful.


The Moon in a chart represents the People and the hapless people are in Scorpio, being manipulated ruthlessly {ruled by guess who? -Pluto in the 8th house, natural house of guess what?- Pluto.

Mars the drive, action and defenses of this chart is in the 4th house, which usually represents the home, security, safety, protection and nurturing. Mars, symbol of everything Male traditionallr rules-guess which sign? Scorpio. Mars is in Cancer, the Sign of the U.S.  Mom apple pie, etc.  

This is the war God Mars, in the Sign associated with home and security, this is like having a war in the house.  Mars is Trining { an easy aspect} the Moon, so the Moon, symbolizing the instincts, emotions, sentiment, the people are easy pickings for the warrior, read Mars the wolf in sheep’s closing.

Jupiter the planet of Royalty, doing it big, risk taking, foreigners, the law is in Big Business mode in Capricorn at 23 degrees.Jupiter is opposite Mars showing a Big Bucks Warrior in the 11th house associated with groups, humanity.


Neptune the “higher octave” of Venus, she who rules copper, money, beauty. Neptune rules fantasy, illusion,delusion, addictions, drugs, oil, glamour, ruler of Pisces it is the planet of martyrs, scapegoats. Neptune rules plastic money, credit cards. Neptune is in the 5th house {always of a Leo nature}of creative self expression, ME, the child, leadership, generosity, the actor, drama, also in Cancer.  Neptune is opposite Jupiter, oppositions fuse the 2 energies,so BIG FANTASY,

about money, glamour, big homes, delusion, illusions, martyrs. Get the picture?


The Fed’s North Node  {glyph looks like headphones}or highest goal, usually your spiritual goal, but there is none behind the Fed’s, is at 18 degrees of Pisces in the 12th house. Pisces and the 12th house are Neptune’s territory once again. The 12th house is the house of karma, secret enemies, endings, institutions, fantasy, delusion, self-undoing, addictions, etc.


And Uranus the planet of “Expect the unexpected” and revolution, just went over that exact degree in March and will stop Retrograding and move direct a few minutes from that degree once again on November 27th  {a day after Pluto enters Capricorn till 2023. Planets changing direction are extra powerful. Pluto entering Capricorn the sign of Big Business and Corporations for the next 15 years look like Power for the rich, the Plutocracy.


Saturn is in Gemini in the 3rd house of communications and Retrograde. Retrograde planets are karmic. Saturn is in Gemini sign of the twins, double-talk, ambivalence,

Communications, so Saturn sounds mature, reasonable, and businesslike but in the sign of Gemini it’s double-speak.


Saturn Lord of Karma, obstacles, delays, responsibilities, tests, limitations, Capricorn, {and Aquarius traditionally] rules depressions, poverty, restrictions, prisons will reach 18 degrees 27 minutes and 59 seconds of Virgo shortly on Oct 30th and precisely conjunct the South Node of the Fed’s chart and exactly opposes the North Node.

Saturn is practical it’s the reality slap in the face. What you sow you shall reap is Saturn’s motto. So what the Fed’s have sown-they’ll reap in spades now through fantasy glamour, illusions, delusions, addiction to consume more, did I mention manipulating oil prices? at the expense of the All.


Transiting Saturn is also just now Squaring {a 90 degree angle} its natal position. This is a high-pressure signature and a nailing down of Corporate business heavies, requiring the humans, and those in your immediate neighborhood  {3rd house and Gemini is a human sign} to carry the lead weight of a financial coffin, deficit.


So, this is a warning, the gov. is going to strangle all the poor folks with this debt load. Don’t buy into it. Uranus is also the planet of Revolution and freedom, rise up Americans! Don’t take this lying down. I’ve heard from Alex Jones and his ilk that they’ve been building massive prisons all over the U.S. Prisons are also a commodity on the U.S. stock exchange, meant to make investors a profit. They need prisoners, so also be careful because if you do take to the streets that’s exactly what they want, you to fill up their prisons.

Usually I write on a very high-inspired spiritual tone. But I am also aware of the dangers. If I offend some here, I am willing to take that risk. I’m trying to wake people up from their slumber. You don’t need to live in debt, if you can’t afford it don’t go there. Simplify your life. Make do with less. You’ll have to anyways.

Don’t be a slave. And if you’re a Bible Belter, a Sarah Palin  supporter, well didn’t Jesus throw the money-lenders out of the Temple? Your home is your temple, and now the money lenders are throwing you out of your homes.  Don’t believe the we’re doing it for our “America’s better interests and the World’s. I’m not an American I can’t really do anything directly to affect your countries policies, but your policies will affect my countries, so get up off the couch, stop caring what Britney Spears is doing, notice what wool is being pulled over your eyes now.  
















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