ASTROLOGY UPDATES-the buck stops here by Tara Greene





Hi Y’all,

Sorry for disappointing you in not writing regularly since August it’s true. I needed a vacation and my family and I drove to the beautiful Maritime Provinces of Canada, visiting Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island, which are very beautiful.

I am under a pretty heavy Saturn transit these days, with Saturn presently just past squaring my Natal Moon in Sagittarius. Saturn is of course the great tester, teacher, maturer. So caring a big lead weight around is kind of what its felt like. On the exact hit of Saturn to my natal Moon at 12 degrees+ of Virgo my Uncle passed away.

I did write quite a lengthy piece on the recent CERN firing up in Geneva on Sept 10-cee CERN page.  SO let’s get you all up to date and running. We’re almost at the Autumn Equinox so I’ll include that too.




Sept 15 PISCES FULL MOON 2:14 am PDT/ 5:14 am EDT 9:14am GMT



THE FULL MOON at 22 degrees of PISCES marks an ending of a cycle. This seems very appropriate as we are but a week away from the Autumn Equinox which begins another cycle in the quarterly turning of the year’s seasons.


THIS FULL MOON has renegade planet URANUS conjunct the MOON so emotions will be scattered, electrified, high wired, with the ability to see the Big Picture and access

Breakthrough Consciousness. EXPECT the Unexpected to turn up on your doorstep and you’ll be prepared.  Emotional eruptions, high tides, unexpectedly large amounts of rain,

electrical storms, hurricanes-as we see from Gustav et al are currently in the rotation.


This is the Harvest Moon and in Pisces it encourages reflection, meditation, flow, and have compassion for what was and hasn’t yet been completed since Spring when new seeds were sown. Imagination runs high and wild on this Full Moon, it’s time to Revolutionize and vote for freedom at these times.


All three of the outer planets aspect this Moon as they did on the Aug 16 Lunar Eclipse.

NEPTUNE  at 22+ degrees of Aquarius Qunicunx’s {150 degrees away} the Sun at 22+

degrees of Virgo whilst semi-sextiling {30 degrees} the Moon.

Qunicunx’s and semi-sextiles are considered to be minor aspects but take on greater significance when an outer planet is involved which moves more slowly, and these effects are intensified by the electromagnetic pull of a Full Moon. These aspects are like cattle prods, annoying us just enough to make subtle but significant shifts in attitudes.

Neptune is the ruler of this Pisces Fullness so the Final Dispositor of it as well as Trining Mercury {consciousness} which rules Virgo where the Sun is, strengthening the opportunities now to combine thinking with feeling, the head and the heart with faith, and to help make dreams {Pisces} reality {Virgo}.

URANUS of course, opposed the Sun {ego and identity} Uranus is akin to the FOOL in the Tarot, a Cosmic Wild Card attempting to wake us all up.

PLUTO now moving direct since Sept 8th is at 28 degrees + of Sagittarius, but still   within range of the Galactic Center’s massive Black Hole. Pluto is prepping to head for Capricorn on Nov. 26 where he will remain till 2023!

PLUTO LORD of the Underworld, the shadow and Unconscious SQUARES the Sun and Moon. . Pluto is almost at the very last “Critical” degree of Sagittarius {which it will occupy as of Oct. 22nd} considered the last stand, turning point for any sign. Pluto at the Galactic Center has always been a harbinger for scientific discoveries, so the CERN start up is totally in tune with that timing now.


Pluto extends the duration of the strength of the Sun-Uranus Opposition {in effect since Sept. 12th} to a few days after the 20th, when the Sun forms an exact Square with Pluto.


Pluto is generating a mutable T-square to Uranus the Sun and Moon now. This is a high-powered octane fuelled rocket ride into a new world. If you have natal planets in mid to late degrees of Gemini Virgo or Sagittarius and Pisces you will feel the impact more so.


A PLUTONIC square such as this one, in these degrees, and especially with Uranus and Neptune involved make us act. We cannot ignore our shadows no more. We know consciously or unconsciously what does not work, what is decaying, rubbish, refuse, garbage, no longer serves our Higher Selves in all aspects of life. Pluto is the harbinger of truth, and the great recycler, culling the old to make way for the new.

We see the shadows of our projections, our fears, our scapegoating everywhere in politics, the Russians invading the state of Georgia, racism, sexism, consumerism, cheating, lying,

Speculating, etc. etc. WE must own all our own shadows, nothing truly exists outside of ourselves that is not within us.

WE need to change or we will be changed, If you aren’t a conscious agent of change for the betterment then you will be left feeling like you’re a victim. We all carry our stories, our woundings, that “they” did it to us. To be aware, awake and free we have to take responsibility, choose our power, to back up ourselves in spite of whatever damage we have suffered, lest we keep unconsciously inflicting it on ourselves or others. It’s time to wake up from the Sado-Masochistic Nightmare. The buck stops here.

I always find it funny how world events, literally give us their deeper meanings if you look for it.



Well, unfortunately for millions of former homeowners, financial institutions, shareholders and investors, Lehman Brothers etc.  THE BUCK LITERALLY IS STOPPING HERE.

Pluto represents evolution and Uranus revolution. These 2 planets are approaching a square to each other, within 8 degrees, heralding another unprecedented era of social, political and global transformation.



Just like the tumultuous 60’s, which Astrologers attribute the outer planets Uranus and Pluto’s three exact conjunctions in 1965-66 at 16 –17 degrees of Virgo to be the tripping off point of the tripping that followed, with the two planets remained a few degrees apart throughout much of that decade.

Saturn will be reaching 16 and 17 degrees of Virgo by mid October, galvanizing the karma of what was seeded in the 60’s. Saturn was then in Pisces opposing Pluto and Uranus at 11 to 15 degrees, and Saturn is now also approaching the opposition to that time period.

In 1978-79 Saturn was in Virgo covering the same ground as now.


Children born during 65-66 are now approaching their Saturn opposition, as well as having just had Uranus opposing their Natal Uranus Pluto conjunctions.

and those born in the late 70’s are having their first Saturn return.


NOW the 2 planets will make SEVEN exact squares to each other between 2012 and 2015 at 8- 15 degrees of Aries and Capricorn.

By 2009 in the summer Uranus and Pluto will be within 6 degrees of a square and by 2010 they will be 4 degrees apart, by 2011 less than 2 degrees away from that square- each year pushing on the collective to manifest the visions of the 60’s.


Fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


Sept 15

Moon enters Aries @ 2:38 pm PDT/ 5:38 pm EDT

Sept 16

Moon opposite Mars @ 10:46 pm PDT/ Sept 17 1:46 am EDT

Watch out for accidents, emotional outbursts and flaring tempers.



Moon is busy today. After opposing Mercury in Libra at 1:55 am PDT/ 4:55 am EDT


MOON OPPOSES VENUS @ 4:11 am PDT/ 7:11 am EDT opening the groundwork for the beautiful


VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE @ 6:59 am PDT/ 9:59 am EDT

This is the best most delicious romantic, dreamy, hi fallutin creative and forgiveness filled day.

MOON TRINE PLUTO @ 3:26 pm PDT/ 6:26 pm EDT then goes V.o. C.

This one is good for emotional cleansing.



Emotions get grounded and feelings are practical, esthetic and sensual for the next few days.





This should be one hell of a day to get a great massage, enjoy a big meal, party hearty with friends, ask for that raise, and generally be up. Be careful not to promise more than you can deliver.

MOON TRINES SATURN @ 5:08 pm PDT/ 8:08 pm EDT

And it can be real!



SEPT 19Moon Squares Chiron @ 1:02 am EDT

This one will get you feeling very vulnerable. Did you do something embarrassing or let loose with the foot in the heart of the mouth when MOON trined Jupiter?



Ouchy grouchy. Irritable, slipping n banana peels, accidents! Etc. Be mindful.


It’s my Dad’s Birthday! And my artist friend David Fischel in Sedona!


MOON ENTERS GEMINI @ 8:17 pm PDT/11:17 pm EDT

Up and at ‘em. Talkie, moving, quick paced, action for the next few days, tongues are constantly wagging.



Lovely for romantic conversation, especially with Mercury in Libra speaking the language of love, if you’ve waited for inopportunity to propose do it now. Watching movies, a spot of yoga, meditation, listening to or making music, art or drama is especially easy and enjoyable now.

But beware of the silver-tongues devil, illusion, delusions, too much drinking drugging and falling into the arms of the wrong person, or bad business proposition are also highly likely.


SAT. Sept 20

MOON SQUARES SATURN @ 7:52 pm PDT/10:52 pm EDT

Sobering us up a bit after that Neptunian trip to the 7th Heaven –world may be just what the Cosmic Doctor ordered. Kay low and get grounded.

SUN SQUARES PLUTO @ 8:43 pm PDT/11:43 pm EDT

Moon Squares Pluto at the Galactic Center. The mask is torn off; the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes. Ego is revealed to be naked, a jester. Sun in Virgo helps us to assess reality from the depths and make disciplined efforts to re-align ourselves with our own unconscious processes.




A very busy and positive day.


Trines are easy, breezy in Gemini aspects and it is easy to forget our troubles come on get happy now.

MOON TRINE MARS IN LIBRA @ 8:35 am PDT/ 11:35 am EDT

Good energy to get things done, take a martial arts class, let out some anger

MOON TRINES NEPTUNE @  9:09 am PDT/ 12:09 pm EDT

Loving the world and everything in it

MOON TRINES MERCURY @ 10:05 am PDT/ 1:05 pm EDT

This is a double Gemini very airy breezy mental emotional duality.


Last but certainly not least a beautiful end to all these Grand Trines today and it’s been a big week of them. Loves all there is. Spend time with the people you love and or doing what you love.

MARS TRINES NEPTUNE @ 7:57 pm PDT/ 10:57 pm EDT

And to further the energy Mars kicks in to bring Strength, vigor, libido to your DREAMS

Expect males, and the masculine drive in you to be very amorous, demonstrative and not easily dissuaded from the passions of their dreams.


MOON OPPOSES PLUTO @ 8:20 pm PDT/ 11:20 pm EDT

This is always tense, as the Moon is also preparing to SQUARE THE SUN in a couple of hours exact at 10:04 pm PDT/ 1:04 am Sept 22nd EST


Sept 21- Sept 22

MOON ENTERS CANCER @ 10:48 pm PDT on 21st

SEPT 22 Moon enters Cancer @1:48 am EDT

Head for home, and climb under the covers, security, family, nurturing, women, children, parents, your home, the needs of your stomach and especially emotional needs are all in focus over the next 2-3 days.


SEPT. 22 AUTUMN EQUINOX @ 8:45 am PDT/ 11:45 am EDT/ 3:44 PM GMT

The wheel of the Year turns and we begin the season of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere or Spring if you’re Down Under. Either way this day is Equal day and night.

The Archetype of Libra is Balance, fairness, Equality between the Masculine and Feminine. As ruled by Venus values, relationships, fairness, and peace, social relations, beauty and the arts are the predominant factors.

This is a new season.

MABON PAGAN/ Wiccan Festival

This is the time of harvest, and thanksgiving. What we have sown has grown ripened and will feed us through the upcoming Winter.

This is the season of the WEST of Introspection and intuition of turning within.



This is the time of the Bear, the West is the Clan of the Thunderbird. The West is Feminine ground, the body, the givers, the plants and trees, the rock and stones, the crawling animals, and associated with the color BLACK, and the Black races of people.

The West is the home of Magic and the Raven.


Venus sextiles Pluto @ 3:22 pm PDT/ 6:22 pm EDT

Love and soul blend easily. Speak from your depths, from your heart.

Moon opposes Jupiter @ 8:47 pm PDT/11:47 pm EDT

Get practical about your emotional needs.

MOON Sextiles Saturn @ 11:12 pm PDT

Another reason to just do it.


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